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Readers Respond: The Best and Worst Holiday Gifts for Thyroid Patients

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Updated November 19, 2010

If you are a thyroid patient, what holiday gift would be just the perfect fit for you? What special gifts would be just right for you to find under the tree at Christmas or wrapped up as a Hannukah, birthday, or special occasion present? Share and read other's stories, and wish list items! But have you ever received a really bad or insensitive or ridiculous gift -- a Thigh-Master from hubby maybe? -- and feel obliged to share your story so someone else doesn't make the same goofy gift-giving mistake?! Let us know know by sharing your stories about the worst holiday gifts you've received!

Sweater Problems

One Christmas when we were first married, my husband bought me 2 sweaters. One was too large, the other too small. After that, I started giving him a "Wish List." I mostly wished that I didn't have to stand in the return line on 12.26. He he!
—Guest Appreciative Wife

Worst Christmas Gift

One year I received a pair of Tennis shoes for Christmas. Not so bad you might say, only that was it, the one & only gift I got.
—Guest littlek9

Best & Worst Christmas Gifts

My husband gives me things like a toaster (ours is on it last leg), set of pots & pans, car buffer with wax, travel mugs, car washing set (brushes and attachments that have yet to be used by anyone) or just nothing at all. He just does not even get it when the women at work tell him he is bad and should get me something more personal.
—Guest ThatGirl AnnMarie

"Do you even know me?"

I got a boys watch (it was dead) from my 17 year old brother in law. I'm pretty sure he picked it up off his bedroom floor (it had crumbs in it) and the worst part, he wrapped it in an old jello box. Really! My husband once got me a toaster oven (um, we have a regular oven) and yellow gold earrings. I only wear white gold but compared to what his brother gave me, they were perfect.
—Guest Mary

Sheet Happens

One "memorable" Christmas, while still a teenager, I received a fitted bottom sheet from a so-called family friend who should have known better. No, it wasn't part of a set--top sheet, pillow cases, etc. were not included--just a fitted bottom sheet. Oh, I suppose you could say the sheet was "special" since it featured the stamped artwork of Paloma Picasso. (Maybe I should have put on a stretcher and framed it?) The worst thing, perhaps, is that I actually wrote a thank-you note. Don't ask me what I said. All I remember is writing something undeservedly gracious. The giver, alas, was prone to this type of thing. She was my mom's age, had two girls of her own, and was known for being not just eccentric but controlling and dismissive. Bottom line, pun intended? We figured she must have had a closet filled with miscellaneous sale items and had found my gift during a give-or-toss-out rummage.


My boyfriend waited to buy my gift until the day before Christmas last year. Obviously, the stores were picked over. He found one last pair of down booties, and that's what I got. Not a huge gift, but they sure come in handy now that I am hypo & cold all the time! Highly recommend them!
—Guest JJ

Parade of PJs

When I was young, I always wondered why my Mom always took pills (thyroid) and never knew why until later in life. Fast forward twenty years and now the daughter (who has thyroid problems) is going through her own troubles after chemo and radiation. All the relatives were sending me awful gifts of lounging pj's. They ended up in the bottom of my drawer. I found them recently and gave them to Goodwill.
—Guest minglesmingle


The worst Christmas gift I ever got from my husband was a new toilet seat!!!!! And he could NOT understand WHY I was upset--after all, hadn't I told him the old one needed to be replaced? (He gave me a round seat--we have oblong toilets!)

Worst Gift Ever

The worst Christmas gift I ever received was a "Scum-buster" from my husband. This nifty gift was supposed to make scrubbing the bathtub, etc. much easier for me, since I had recently been diagnosed with a peri-nodular thyroid and was very tired all the time. Needless to say we went shopping after Christmas to find a real gift. PS: he's the one who uses it.
—Guest Helen

Best and Worst Christmas Present

It was 1986 - Denver Colorado. My husband - who in retrospect, thought he was doing what was practical for Christmas. To be frank, his gift giving talents were generally thoughtless. This particular year a friend of mine had recounted the lovely gifts she had received from her husband - beautiful jewelry (diamonds), warm jammies, cozy slippers, expensive perfume she loved, bath salts - the list was lengthy, and sounded wonderful. Then she asked "the question" - what had I received from my husband. I got practical gifts. A nice set of kitchen cutlery in a butcher block, and a cordless wet/dry Dustbuster vacuum. She was incredulous first and then exploded - I didn't know she knew the some of the words that came spewing from her delicate, freshly lipsticked, pout! After she came down from her rant - I explained that I felt the gifts he had given me were perfect under any circumstance. He gave me the means to kill him, and the means to clean up the mess.

Really? Really?

The worst gift my husband bought me for Christmas one year was (believe it or not) was a frying pan and wooden spoons! The frying pan was pink, so knowing I love pink, he thought I would love the gift. It did come in handy as I used the wooden spoons to hit him with! The best gift he ever gave me was my youngest son. He was born right before Christmas and came home from the hospital on December 20, 1995.
—Guest Nancy

The Best Gift

The best gift would be the biggest hug from the family. Seriously, at my worst - those hugs were the best support and so appreciated. Of course after the hug - unwrapping something would be good too!
—Guest Nikki

Best Gift

Sweaters: My sweetie knew I was always cold so he picked out all kinds of atractive sweaters for me. I mean nice looking ones, that were flattering but at the same time kept you warm. He also picked out thermal underwear that was not bulky so that no one could tell I was wearing it. Best gift ever.
—Guest Punk1977

Rah Rah Rah?

My brother-in-law once gave me an air horn, those loud things that people use at sporting events. He said it was so I could go to his hockey games and cheer him on. Not only do I hate freezing cold arenas but I had never even been to one of his games before. There was a bright side though: I won a radio call- in contest for "The Stupidest Christmas Gift." In the end I returned it to the store and bought a roasting pan.

For Cold Feet or Nighttime Leg Cramps

I get cold feet, and my legs tend to cramp up at night. I got a weighted blanket from cozycalm.com and now I sleep like a baby -- my leg cramps are gone and I'm much more comfortable. I go to sleep faster, too. The weighted blanket allows me to straighten and relax my legs when I sleep, and I don't turn over as much. I think a weighted blanket is a great gift for anyone who has a tough time sleeping because of leg cramps or cold feet.
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