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Readers Respond: What is Causing Thyroid Disease?

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Updated August 26, 2013

The Food We Eat

I believe the diet we eat puts excess stress on the body leading to thyroid problems. Excess wheat consumption with today's wheat in the U.S.A. being primarily genetically modified versions. High glycemic index and modified proteins in that wheat may be wrecking havoc on our ability to process them effectively.
—Guest jtcircus

Health is the Goal

I, like most of the others here responding, have been struggling with various health problems due to one or a myriad of autoimmune diseases. I feel the answers are not simple and don't stem from one singular cause, most likely the process begins with the body being made susceptible to illness or poor function through bad life choices (poor diet, stress, injury, etc.) then couple that with environmental triggers such as many of the things mentioned by others, add Frankenstein foods that do not properly interact with human systems and we have a recipe for disaster. Listen folks its worse than we think, now Western civilization is having a hard time reproducing. 1 in 3.5 couples are infertile. Why? Why not in poorer more polluted nations? (Perhaps because their basic grains have not as yet been altered by genetic modification?) At this juncture we can only speculate, but what we see as being possible causes are sobering and so far reaching that the situation is fearful to say the least.

Radioactive Iodine

As a young medical technologist in the 70's, I handled I-125 and phthalate esters (plasticizers) with no gloves, basically no safety precautions. I spent decades with brain fog and other mild symptoms before my hypothyroid diagnosis several years ago.
—Guest Kathleen

Low or No Salt Intake

I think many people are stopping or limiting their Iodized Salt intake because of high blood pressure thereby causing some level of an Iodine deficiency which effects the thyroid. As for myself, after using 'only' a Iodine Free Kosher Salt for 5 years, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I beleive there is a very strong connection between Low or No Iodized Salt Intake and Thryoid problems.
—Guest Jean D.


I think it is being caused by all the modifications in our food supply. I have noticed that the majority of the people that I have met with thyroid disease turn out to have either celiac or gluten allergies.
—Guest lisa

What is Causing Thyroid Disease?

I work as a flight attendant and am constantly exposed to Jet A fuel toxins in windy areas of the gate area. I believe the combination of the wind and fuel toxins contribute to those who work in and around airports, including ramp agents, ground and gate personnel and passengers who travel frequently.
—Guest Diane A

Food and Stress

About 10 years ago my husband was waiting for me in the doctors office, he was reading an article in a medical journal and it stated that Synthroid was the most prescribed drug in North America! Would this not be recognized as an epidemic level? However, imagine if there was a cure, how would this affect the drug companies?
—Guest LW

Colon Cancer

I definitely know that the chemo and the radiation during colon cancer treatments caused my thyroid problem.
—Guest nikkii989


Stress, stress and stress that affect cortisol and adrenal production levels which finally affect thyroid production leading to hyperthyroidism.
—Guest N/A

Chronic Stress/Adrenal Exhaustion

Chronic stress can cause adrenal exhaustion, which can trigger an auto-immune response. Many people with an autoimmune disorder have suffered some kind of trauma. I myself had PTSD from being assaulted and tests indicate adrenal exhaustion in my case.
—Guest Svasti

Vaccines Fluoride

With so many vaccines being promoted and many still contain damaging chemicals, I am sure they are part oif the issue and fluoride and chlorine in water supplies are also a risk.
—Guest Valharley

Cell Phones a Danger

Cell Phones communicate by a UHF signal. This is microwave energy. A definite danger even though it is covered up because of this huge money industry. Tesing to become an Amateur Radio Operator confirms this.
—Guest Frank

Thyroid Causes

Flouride (in our water and dental care products), chlorine, in our water, as we drink it and bathe in it, and bromide in all the white flour in our foods; these all inhibit the thyroid hormones' uptake. A radical change in eating and lifestyle, eliminating these has proven one of the best remedies for those who have done this.

Exposure to Radiation

My mother, an 83-years-young RN with an active license, thinks the thyroid epidemic is from continued exposure to radiation. At first brush one might be not convinced, but she has been right about so many medical mysteries in the past that I have to take notice. Regular nuclear testing began around 1951 and continued until 1992 (other countries until 1996/1998/2009 and the Japan power plant meltdown). Radiation damage can take 5 - 10 years to appear. The thyroid cancer rate has nearly tripled since 1980. I'd be interested to look at graphs from nuclear testing dates and then thyroid disease stats underneath... my mom is pretty amazing!
—Guest Catherine

Irradiation of the Gland in Dentistry

Dr. Boris Catz identified that I have a genetic component as evidenced by my left pinky finger being shorter than the right. However, he also identified radiation from X-rays since I had extensive dental and orthodontic work as a teenager. The lead X-ray blanket they throw on you should have a collar to protect the thyroid gland. Now I know...
—Guest MensaBarbie

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What is Causing Thyroid Disease?

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