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Readers Respond: What is Causing Thyroid Disease?

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Updated August 26, 2013


I think endocrine problems can stem from any number of things that cause imbalances in the body. This can be stress, viruses, gut dysbiosis, environmental toxins, poor nutrition, fluoride, another autoimmune condition, etc. I think keeping our bodies in balance with today's "loads" on it is a challenge. Too much sugar, caffeine, inferior vegetable oils, and packaged foods with all of their chemicals and additives are all detrimental to us. Then there are external assaults such as stress, x-rays, fluoride, chemicals we are exposed to and other environmental toxins. I'm sure it is a combination of factors.
—Guest Michelle


I believe the hormonal upheaval of pregnancy and the subsequent use of birth control pills was the start of my thyroid issues. Like someone else stated I believe the added stress was also a contributing factor.

Poor Western Diet!

I believe thyroid disease is a combination of precipitating factors. The first is a long-term poor diet (few vegetables, lots of sugar and carbs) followed by lack of sleep and stress. All of these things destroy our endocrine system. I also have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It all started with me not eating well over the years, eating on the run, not sleeping enough, chronic infections and loads of stress.
—Guest Diane


After years of Fluoride use, its health implications need to be evaluated.

Thyroid Cuases

My mother got Grave's disease during an extremely stressful time in her life and I got it several years later during an extremely stressful time in my life. I definitely think stress breaks down and permanently damages the immune system.
—Guest Cindy


My brother and I are hypothyroid. We were both given fluoride PILLS by our dentist when we were young because we had well water and were not getting the fluoride in our water. Now I read that fluoride is suspected of causing thyroid problems... hmmm!
—Guest Sandy

Aspartane and Toxins

As a former Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi addict I really believe high levels of aspartame played a part in my thyroid/Hashimoto's ordeal along with many of the environmental toxins we are exposed to each and every day.
—Guest Sandy Schmoe


My autoimmune system is being compromised from years of chronic pain.
—Guest Valerie

What is Causing Thyroid Disease?

Don't forget about all the fluoride in are water. Fluoride was once used to treat hypothyroidism.
—Guest ncmare


I believe too many years with a domineering husband and a wipe out of any self esteem may very well be a factor in my Grave's disease.
—Guest Neena


I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease after my father's death. It was a very stressful time for me and within 45 days of his death, I had a goiter the size of a golf ball on my thyroid. I have a picture that was taken of me and my siblings the day of my father's funeral and there was no sign of a goiter at that time.
—Guest CherylC

Antibiotics and All of the Above

I believe that all of the above mentioned are factors in the increase of thyroid disease. I would add that the use and misuse of antibiotics coupled with way too much sugar/carbs and not enough probiotics in our diets has affected our gut's ability to process and absorb nutrition as a huge possibility. A healed gut and getting as many toxins and processed foods our of our diet could be a solution for many of us.
—Guest Lori Mayberry

Thyroid Cuases

I believe in could many toxins (mercury, pesticides, plastics, any chemicals were not meant to take). Possibly even some of the foods we eat (GMO, hormone filled meats). Our bodies were created to eat seeds, nuts, vegetables and all whole foods (notably organic) and animal meat that eats the same things we do. Very simple concept. Healthy foods, healthy bodies.
—Guest 2s

Smoking and Soy Products

I was diagnosed with low thyroid within 6 months of quitting smoking. I personally think that the smoking was masking the condition and may have been for some time. I also was attempting to go vegetarian and had consumed a lot of soy vegan products for about three of those six months. All of a sudden, I had the diagnosis of a low thyroid. I was 50 years old and was also just entering into menopause. It is interesting how many people develop this condition just after quitting smoking. Today, I avoid flouride and soy products as well as certain vegetables like broccoli. I always ask for a thyroid collar when I get any x-rays. I also take a natural thyroid prescription with T3 and T4. I feel energetic and pretty healthy most of the time. It took about 5 years to get to where I am today.
—Guest Kim

CT scans with Iodide Contrast

It seems some people are developing hypothyroid disease after receiving the scans.
—Guest jane

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What is Causing Thyroid Disease?

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