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Readers Respond: Ideas to Help Resolve Dry Skin

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Updated February 11, 2011

Many thyroid patients -- including people with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and autoimmune thyroid conditions -- experience dry skin. Here is a collection of ideas from thyroid patients featuring their best dry skin tips and ideas, products that have helped, and approaches that can help with uncomfortable skin issues. Share Your Tips


Great product, I have been going nuts trying to figure out how to stop this constant itching I have been experiencing. This has really help me and thank you for this tip. If i find any other tips regarding dry skin will definetly share!
—Guest karen

Olive Oil is Fine

You don't have to kill animals (Emu) to get relief, just use olive or nut oils (avocado, almond).

Severe Dry Skin

I have had Hashimotos for some time now but in the last 3 weeks it has really affected my skin particularly on my face. I look 20 years older!! have heard that Emu Oil is a god send. Have bought some today and will let you know how I go!
—Guest Jenny

Olive Oil or Mineral Oil

What about plain old olive oil? I wonder if anyone has thoughts on Mineral Oil? Right now I am using Bag Balm, but it's very gooey and sticky.

Baby Lotion and Argan Oil

My skin has been very dry. I really love Johnson's baby lotion I apply it after a cool shower while I'm still damp. I also use Josie Maran argan oil and her argan moisturizer, sunblock, foundation and hydrating finishing powder...a nd drink lots of water. :)
—Guest Donna M

Dry Skin and Acne... UGH

I have Hashimoto's AND Graves disease. Talk about a rare combo. So, lucky me, I get the worst symptoms of both worlds, I guess. LOL! Lately, I noticed my skin on my hands and feet look dry, flaky and almost aligator-y? What's up with that? So, I'm slathering on some Eucerin heavy duty cream and got a foot cream as well by a different company. I can't put oils and moisturizers on my face! I'm 31 with acne! I'm freaking out! I don't want to put stuff on my face and give myself a bigger chance of having even more breakouts. On top of all of that, my hair's falling out, I gained like 20 or 30 pounds in 3 months, I have a goiter, my thyroid hurts my neck and jaw, I'm tired all the time, have arthritis and just got diagnosed with carpal tunnel (severe) in both hands and am facing surgery. So, I don't even know if the dry skin is stress related or not, but it would make sense, right? How can I have dry skin like everywhere, but an oily, acne prone face? I don't get it...

Blue Goo

I bought this stuff called Blue Goo that is Emu Oil and Beeswax for my feet. They were so scaly, rough, cracked and painful! It works like a charm. It only took 3 applications before it started keeping my feet smooth to the point, I don't even have to exfoliate them anymore.
—Guest Guest Dry AZ


My heels used to crack and they were so dry. I really have problems with skin dryness all over, but my hands and feet were the worst. Dermatologists recommend Aquaphor for severely dry skin. So, I slather it on my feet and hands, wearing gloves and socks to bed. It helps so much! I put a light coat on my dry lips at bedtime as well. I have noticed that it is also good at helping scars to diminish. While Aquaphor is a bit expensive, a little goes a very long way.
—Guest cjs4jc

Threshold to Soft Skin

Always use moisturizer after a bath. Try to make sure you apply moisturizer to your hands, feet and whole body and completely massage into the skin in the presence of a good humidifier to hep with dry skin.
—Guest beautyarchives nigeria ltd

Remedy for Dry Skin

Castor oil is a great remedy to help with dry skin. Its importance cannot be over emphasized!
—Guest beautyarchives nigeria ltd

Dry Skin

Just for three years I faced the problem of severe foot skin damage. I use so many things, but just after leaving the treatment the problem persisted again. One day it happened and it happened all a sudden. My wife was taking calcium tabs and during that period I too felt knee pain. I ate the same pills and felt releef only after. I continued the treatment for a few days and I found my feet got better day by day and also the dryness went off slowly.
—Guest Reyaz Ahmad Dar

Natural Oils

I have very sensitive skin, I like argan oil especially Josie Maran brand 100 % argan even if it is pricey. I also like 100 % cold pressed safflower oil which is dirt cheap. Emu oil is wonderful is as well.
—Guest Kieran

Udder Cream and Fish Oil

I have been using udder cream for years and it works great. I think it is like the bag balm that others have mentioned. I use it in the morning and at night before I go to bed. My skin stays hydrated and is so soft. I also have been taking fish oil. My facial skin has never looked better.
—Guest Jen


I use O'keefe's Working Hands & also their Healthy Feet. Each jar is about 3.4 ounces. Nothing works as great as these. They fix your overworked hands and feet like nothing else you ever tried.
—Guest carol

Bag Balm

My doctor and I agree that this is the best for cracked skin on heels. A few days, applied pm and am with socks gives perfection. Do not use on face...it may cause break outs. When my parents lived in NM's super dry climate, my dad used it all the time.
—Guest Julie

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Ideas to Help Resolve Dry Skin

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