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Readers Respond: Ideas to Help Resolve Dry Skin

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Updated February 11, 2011

Lubriderm Sensitive Moisturizing Lotion

I've tried everything mentionable. Nothing had the effect like the inexpensive bottle of Lubriderm. Great stuff! Stops itching too.
—Guest Rae

Fish Oil

I did not feel much difference until I took liquid fish oil. Get top quality brands like Nordic Naturals or Carlson. They taste fine.
—Guest HT

Dry, Cracked Heels

I experienced cracked heels for the first time last summer. It did not help at all to exfoliate. What I did was use castor oil, yes, the stuff that people used to drink to be "regular." Well, it's the best moisturizer and it heals. I put it on every night, put on socks, then went to bed. I also put it on in the morning for a while before I went to work. It only took about a week and they were back to normal!
—Guest Pat

Healthy Feet

I bought a product fron O'Keefes called Healthy Feet and it has worked wonders on the cracked, split bottoms of my feet.
—Guest Linda


I take lots of fish oil as an anti-inflammatory so that likely has a positive effect on my skin that wasn't intended. I also find coconut oil to be wonderful, but the best moisturizer EVER has been squalane. It moisturizes beautifully and is absorbed by the skin in a few minutes without leaving any greasiness. I get the unscented kind.
—Guest Anna

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk and Lotion

I work for the brand and have Grave's Disease (Hyperthyroidism)-- Milk having lactic acid (in this case goat's milk) and all eats up the dry itchy skin - whilst the nourishing lotion soothes and moisturizes --- keep the lotion in the fridge and add on cold if you are feeling hot, and need moisturizing relief!
—Guest Guest Paula

Itchy Dry Skin Relief

Safflower oil is a miracle product used not only for cooking, but works great on dry itchy skin. It's best to apply it right after you shower. It helped my skin tremendously.
—Guest Aldys M.

Tarocco Nourishing Moisturizer

I'm very sensitive to scents in lotions, most help to dry me out further and doesn't help my alergies either. A sample of Tarocco Nourishing Moisturizer at a hotel I stayed at in Palm Springs worked wonders. It is olive oil and blood red oranges, smells wonderful and is expensive but well worth it.
—Guest Lonniew

dry skin relief

I have fair, dry and extremely sensitive skin. I have tried hundreds of products over the years. The one that works best is Avon's Moisture Therapy. It may not be natural but it works better than anything else. I use Clinique products on my face.
—Guest Vicki

My Own Formula

A friend recently gave me a recipe for a homemade lotion and I like it pretty well. It is: 1 jar of Vitamin E cream, found at the discount store, approximately 5 oz. petroleum jelly, 2 bottles of baby lotion or non-alcohol-containing lotion. Put all contents in a large bowl and mix with a handmixer until light and fluffy. I also added a few drops of tea tree oil as a natural disinfectant to combat eczema. I still use Eucerin Plus lotion, and I also like Vaseline's Clinical Therapy lotion, but sometimes I need to have a little extra moisture and this lotion is light and non-greasy, and my skin stays soft all day and night.

Dry Skin

I love DHC products! I use the Olive Oil Wash also.
—Guest Jean

Dry Skin

Taking oil of evening primrose tablets every night really helps both my skin and my hair. I drink a lot of water and use Eucerin lotion or Amlactin lotion, I have to be very consistent and use daily after my shower when skin is still moist. I use Sensitive Skin facial lotion by Oil of Olay for my face and Dove soap in the shower. It is a struggle to keep soft skin.
—Guest Michele

Olive Oil and Coconut Oil

I use olive oil and coconut oil - I struggle with weight with hypothryoidism, and some believe the fats in lotions absorb inside you. I just use food grade olive oil and coconut oil and I'm nice and smooth. :)

Shikai All Natural Hand and Body Lotion

I use the Shikai All Natural Hand and Body Lotion and it is wonderful! Very rich, very healing. From one day to the next much of my dry skin has healed. I put it on around the clock as soon as it has gotten washed off. My favorite scent is gardenia, but there are many others.
—Guest G. L.

Origins Reinventing the Heel

I struggled with dry patches on my arms and legs and badly cracked heels -- nothing worked until I found Origins product called "Reinventing the Heel." It cleared up my painfully cracked heels in no time, and I use it on my arms as well. It's expensive unfortunately. But a little goes a long way.
—Guest Bethany
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