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Readers Respond: Thyroid Patients Share How They've Successfully Lost Weight

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Updated May 22, 2009


Just started using it. Nothing else works. I am down 3 lbs. the first week. Eating healthy and organic I feel great. What happened? My appetite-stat is not working overtime now. I was always hungry. I'm reserving judgment until I lose 15 lbs.

Update On My HCG Diet

I'm on my 5th day using HCG shots and eating small portions and no sugar, no fried food, and no carbs. I'm down 6 Pounds in 5 days!!! So motivating to wake up in the morning and the scale showing a smaller number by the day :D
—Guest Natalie

Want to Know the HCG Diet

I've been hypothyroid 50 years and have always been a little overweight but can not seem to get rid of it. Wondering if the HCG Diet may help
—Guest Helen

If I Can do It; You Can Do It.

My secret is that I take a multivitamin, Drink Lots of orange juice, eat full fat yogurt, take vit D, 1 tbs coconut oil, eat 100 calories of anything I want every day, which includes crackers and 70% dark chocolate, plus walk the dog 20 -30 minutes. I take 112 of synthroid so thought it impossible to lose weight. I did a cleanse for the first time Jan 1st and although have been losing slowly, I am losing. 20 pounds so far which is unheard of from me. I have set myself a very long goal date of another year to lose another 20 pounds so do not feel guilty when I slip, which is often. In fact, I have indulgence days then cut back the next day and I change my exercise program often to include different videos along with walking the dog. I just dropped my blood pressure medicines. I think the cleanse and the vitamins and exercise are the biggest help. I cut out adding sugar or sweetners of any kind. Good luck everyone. See yourself as thin as well - believe it to conceive it!
—Guest Sandra Girard

Hypo Thyroid/Diet

I had to do the radioactive iodine capsule in 2001 and it has been hard to lose weight. I did lose 40 lbs at one point but I had to do an atkins type diet to lose it. I gained 15 back and very frustrated. I take a thyroid supplement every day now.
—Guest geri

Very Stressed

I know how you feel. I have been struggling with 35 lbs overweight. It's very depressing. My husband says I am plump and that hurts.
—Guest upset

Eliminate Soy

I went to a nutritionist and she told me soy interferes with the absorption of thyroid hormone. I was drinking a soy protein shake every morning. I thought I was doing something good for me. I stopped all soy products (be careful it's in everything) and lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks.
—Guest Betsy L

HCG Diet

This is the only diet that has worked for me. I lost 2 5lbs. in one month. It is like it reset my metabolism. No matter what I eat I stay at the weight when I stopped the drops. It is now time to start the diet again. I hope to drop another 25 lbs in one month because my son is getting married in 6 weeks.
—Guest Melissa K.

Exercise & Weight Loss

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's more than 10 years ago and am now postmenopausal and struggle with my weight. I eat fairly healthy and have to exercise like crazy to lose any weight at all. I do 30-40 min of aerobic dancing, which I like and really makes me sweat. I follow that with 30 min of walking/running between 4.0-5.5 on treadmill. I've been doing this while tracking my calories, eating fresh vegetables, whole grains, and I don't drink anything but water. I've finally lost 3 lbs...it's been a struggle! I get discouraged, but I'm going to keep it up and hopefully it will work.


I've had hypothyroidism ever since I was about 4 or 5 years old. When I was diagnosed, I was skinny but them over time I became fat. I'm just gonna say it, I was fat for a little kid. Now, I've learnd that you must MUST control your eating portions! Meaning, you must watch how much you eat. If you can't stand watching yourself then you can do what I do, drink 1-2 cups of water before a meal. Since water is just water, you won't gain weight with it and you'll be much fuller than without drinking water. So yeah drink 1-2 cups of water before a meal. I did that and I've lost 4 pounds within a week! I think that's pretty good for me considering I didn't go to the gym.
—Guest Ann

I have lost 120 lbs

I lost 120 pounds by doing a low carb, low fat, high lean protein diet. I cut out sweets and processed foods as well. If you can't pronounce the words on a food ingredient label, it probably is not that good for you. Exercising is important as well, even if it is just parking at the back of the parking lot so you walk further to get places. Menopause caused me to gain back 40 lbs which I am in the process of losing now. My old diet did not work as well this time; so I am trying HCG which is giving me great results. Whatever you do, don't give up on yourself. Dieting is not easy, but when you finally discover the real reasons you overeat, or just eat the"wrong" foods (stress, comfort, anxiety, relationship, ect.) It does get a bit easier to get your perspective in line with your desired goals.
—Guest K.T. Chayse

Exercise is Key

I have a thyroid problem and it was overactive for years until I had to get radioactive iodine to control it. After that treatment I started gaining the weight and although I did not eat a lot I could not lose the weight. Now I work out 6 days per week. I walk some days and spin 2 days per week and one day per week I take a zumba class and this has helped me to reshape my body. I do portion control and eat as much as possible so that my metabolism is fired up.
—Guest Susie

Detox First

I stopped smoking 7 years ago and started picking up weight steadily even though I was doing strenuous exercise. I also was pre-menopausal as well being 50 years old and living through a life of being a slim and trim 64 kg was something I was used to. What a shock to rise in weight up to 80kg no matter what. So I started studying all about diet and changed my life completely....Did it work? The answer is a big fat NO! Nothing changed but I did find out I have a slow thyroid I also went into strict detox mode, no sugar, no white flour, no white rice and mainly salads, veges and fruit with chicken, turkey and fish as protein. I also joined a beauty salon and went through ozone detox in a sauna pod for 8 weeks as well as slimming pads and somehow that pudgy lumpy look disappeared along the way. I still weigh a lot and so can say do not worry about weight, rather lose fat, concentrate on chopping that soft lumpiness away and use oils to massage.
—Guest Melody

Do a Fruit Meal Replacement Smoothie

I am 23 and have two kids.. My friend got me started on this fruit smoothie in the morning and at dinner time. I was 200 lbs and at 5'4 that's considered obese. I have been doing them for about a month now and with regular exercise have lost 22 lbs. I spoke with my doctor and it;s totally healthy. I take my Levoxyl in the morning with a bottle of water and make a shake. If you're the type to procrastinate and complain than this isn;t for you. But when you see the weight drop it becomes addictive because you feel good and see the results! It works with vegaeables too!!!!!! Just make sure you add protein powder and it's awesome. Just know that if you are determined you will get there and dont give up!!!
—Guest Melissa

Phentermine Worked, But At What Cost?

Phentermine is the only thing that seems to have worked in the past. I have used it 3 times since diagnosis 12 years ago, and each time the weight slowly creeps back on. Now, I have some other health conditions that make it more dangerous for me to use Phentermine again and I'm at my wit's end. I watch what I eat and have recently stepped up my exercise. I have increased my cardio from 4 to 6-7 times a week for 60 to 90 minutes and follow with 30 minutes of weight lifting. All that seems to happen is that I lose and regain 3 pounds over and over! I need to lose about 30 lbs. to be at the upper end of a healthy weight for my height. I take Synthroid and live in the sticks where I can't get anyone to give me anything else. When I used Phentermine it was the only time I felt like my pre-hypo self. I was always energetic and naturally slim, now I'm just big and sleepy.
—Guest Susan

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Thyroid Patients Share How They've Successfully Lost Weight

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