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Readers Respond: Thyroid Patients Share How They've Successfully Lost Weight

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Updated May 22, 2009

HCG Warning

I'm 61 years old, 5'3" and 270. I was never fat until my 40's and anti-depressant medications. I came off the antidepressants and then, I started menopause and quit smoking three years ago. I keep reducing food intake, adding whole wheat, eating salads, not eating candy, ice cream, sweets, or soda. Nothing helps! It took me 18 months to get my doctor to give me a natural thyroid medication and I also have Hashimoto's. I finally sent away for the HCG, that was supposed to come with a 1200 calorie diet. My doctor, (Veterans Affairs Endocrinologist) has never heard of HCG drops/diet, tells me to 'stop eating', and believes a TSH under 10 is OK!

Losing Weight

Ok, here is the deal. First off, a diet of 500 calories a day will kill you. Short attainable goals with a nice reward is what I have come up with and it works. I eat 3 meals a day, snack if I am hungry, and do 30 minutes of cardio or walking. I only eat green things after 8, which is also important since I am just on the outside of Type 2 diabetes. Bringing down blood sugar when we have thyroid issues (mine was burned with radioactive iodine) is hard, but I did it and will do it again! I ended up sick and gave up working out for 3 months and it was a bad idea. Try and keep up some sort of routine. Anyway, my reward system worked like this. When I lost 10 pounds I got new shoes, 20 pounds I got a new purse. By the time I was done losing I had a whole new outfit. Then, just go out and rock the town!!

Weight Loss Success... Finally!

I have Hashimoto's and take T3 and T4 daily, for over 10 years now. I have tried everything and nothing worked. I finally found a program called ViSalus and I have gone from a size 20 to a size 10/12. I didn't exercise at first, now work out about 5 times a week. Don't give up! Something will work for you too! Everyone's different. Now my doctor has the fun task of figuring out my dosages all over again because they're TOO HIGH now!!!
—Guest Andy

Get the Right Medication

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's just over a year ago. I've since tried a few brands of medication and had my dose adjusted several times. It was only once that I got the medication so right that I could realistically consider diet and exercise. I have been so exhausted! Working out for an hour a day has seemed impossible and diets make me sleepy. I finally received support from a naturopath whose advice was invaluable. There is not enough room here to explain all of her advice, but I will say that magnesium really helped my aches and pains. In my experience, it is only once you have the right medication and supplements in place that you'll be to diet and/or exercise successfully. I've cut wheat and gluten based on food intolerance testing. I didn't lose weight with this step, but my stomach pains and vomiting stopped, making exercise possible. Eventually, correct medication in place, I have lost weight with Slimfast, but I really think it's worked because the underlying regime was finally in step for me.
—Guest Stoimenova

Weight Loss

I have Hashimoto's and have tried for years to lose weight. Even when I exercise I gain weight. This past summer I joined Weight Watchers and with their Points Plus I am doing great. I have lost 28 pounds in 6 months. Some might think only 28 pounds? For me though, seeing I couldn't even lose 1 pound with anything else I will take the 28 pounds!!! I highly recommend Weight Watchers to anyone.
—Guest Jennifer

Lost 37 Pounds

I am on the HCG Diet and have lost 37 pounds in 35 days. I feel great! I am not tired or out of energy. I am taking the drops. I talked to my doctor's office and they use the HCG shots. So talk to your doctor and see if they can help you!
—Guest Lee

Sounds Familiar

I think I have been through every one of these situations. I was diagnosed with Grave's 15 years ago (hyper) and my thyroid was killed off. Anyway, I felt good for years until I thought I would be proactive about a year ago and start taking calcium with my thyroid pill. I did not realize it was a blocker. I could not even bend my legs. I had been on the medicine so long that I had forgotten what not to do. For the last year I have run 3 miles every other day and watched what I eat and I have only lost 10 pounds in the entire last year. It is a struggle! I am hungry and tired. I know if your medicine is correct, you'll feel good and lose weight. I know that. I have been there. If your medicine is off, you'll be off. Simple as that! Best thing you can do is keep track of your symptoms. I now take my pill at 6am and go back to bed for an hour. I'm hoping I'll get better too, but it's very frustrating.
—Guest Rhonda

Weight Loss Secret

I began drinking a lot more water and avoided gluten and sugar for two months. At first the weight came off very slowly, but when I added more water it has started melting away quickly. I am amazed.
—Guest gnnmi

Genotype Diet-Lost 21lbs.

I've always been interested in and incorporated some guidelines from Blood Type Diet. For instance, when I was 38 I realized I didn't digest red meat correctly (I'm blood type A). Then, Dr. D'Adamo published Genotype Diet, which further refines the recommendations he estimated in in his first and second books. Beginning in September of 2011, I began switching over to the Teacher Genotype Diet (there are 6 altogether). The first week, I made my breakfasts Genotype-friendly. Then, in each subsequent week, I switched lunch and dinner and finally snacks. At this time, I was walking 3+ miles three days per week to prepare for a 10K scheduled for October. Basically, Teacher Genotype is based on allowable cheese and dairy, plant-based protein with some turkey and fish, vegetables and fruits, as well as condiments, sweeteners, and beverages. I actually was losing weight from March onward by exercising 3 times a week )walking and tai-chi), plus a few diet changes. I lost 21 pounds in 8 months!
—Guest Lauren

22 Years Post RAI w/No Thyroid Function

Needless to say, not much has worked for me. I have gained an average of 2 -4 pounds a year. I have tried Weight Watchers, over exercising and nothing does anything to stop the weight gain. Finally I am with a doctor who looked for reasons why I was not losing weight. T3 reverse, heavy metal poisoning and adrenal insufficiency is the current diagnosis. I AM feeling better, but have not lost any weight, but I will keep trying!
—Guest Donna Harris


I have had some good results with HCG and nothing else has ever helped much. Increased exercise makes me feel generally better and stronger, but I don't experience any real weight loss. I lost 10 pounds with the HCG diet, but watched my carb intake more than trying to meet the really strict calorie goal. More importantly, I have managed to keep it off for three months - even through the holidays! I plan on giving it another round and hoping for similar results.
—Guest NanGreen

Turbocharging Has Been a Gift

This past October, I began following the guidelines contained in the new book, Turbocharged: Accelerate Burning Metabolism, written by Tom and Diane Griesel. I have been amazed at the success I have had. The program has been easy to follow and the exercise program has been easy to follow and effective. I have lost weight and body fat. Since starting I look great and have felt better than I have for a very long time. I have increased energy. Since beginning, I have lost nearly 28 lbs of body fat (16 scale weight lbs) and have gained 12 lbs in lean body mass. The mirror and my clothes show it! At one point, I felt like I was stalling and contacted them through their Facebook page and shared that I was hypothyroid and wanted to know if they had suggestions. Tom offered me concrete suggestions that have worked. I am continuing to follow the program and continue to do well. I am looking forward to continuing in 2012. Initially I was a skeptic. Now I am cautiously optimistic. I hope this helps someone!
—Guest pmbethel

Finally Getting the Weight Off!

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's back when I was in college. Weight has always been an issue with me. I would lose, then gain, lose then gain, you know the story. Recently, I have begun the medifast diet program and have lost 40 pounds so far. This diet is like none I have ever tried. It is a very low-fat/low-carb diet, you basically cut out the high saturated fats and sugars. I love that I'm losing weight, but what is even better is the fact that I don't feel that "addiction" to carbs anymore. For the first time in my life I am not craving sugars and carbs and I feel in control. I think this weight may stay off if I can continue to stay away from the refined sugars, that's the key in my opinion!!
—Guest cbro3

Diet Secret

I lost 20 pounds in 30 days with the HCG and that was with Christmas parties and a New Year Eve party! I feel great! NOTHING else has worked for me. Not Weight Watchhers, Atkins, South Beach, walking, but HCG WORKS! I am upset that the FDA will not approve this as a weight loss plan. It has worked for 50 years!
—Guest bailey08094

Hyper to Hypo

5 years ago I found out I had Grave's Disease, which made me hyperthyroid. At that time I weighed 115 pounds. I had to take radioactive iodine 2 times in order to kill my thyroid. Since then, I have gained so much weight that I now weigh 192 pounds. I have never weighed this much in my life. I just got a new dose of thyroid replacement 4 weeks ago and I have already lost 6 pounds. I eat low calorie diet and work out 4 times a week. I really think when your medication is the right amount that with a healthy diet and active lifestyle you can lose weight even with a thyroid disorder.
—Guest McCoy
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