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Readers Respond: Thyroid Patients Share How They've Successfully Lost Weight

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Updated May 22, 2009

My Hypo Lifestyle

I had been very thin all my life - no matter what I ate I never weighed more than 115. Then I developed hypothyroidism and gained 20 pounds in less than 2 months, was bloated to the point of looking pregnant and overall felt swollen and tired and sick. Luckily, after 6 months of feeling crazy, my condition was diagnosed and I am now on synthroid and happy to say that I have lost almost all the weight that I'd gained. But I will say this - it required me to completely change my lifestyle. I eliminated gluten from my diet and started exercising regularly (yoga and running in particular). It was rough at first, but the results were so great that I don't mind the sacrifices. My advice for other: - Don't eat anything with soy, calcium or iron for 4 hours after you take your medication -Try eliminating gluten/wheat products -Avoid cruciferous veggies and unfermented soy products (like tofu) -do yoga - it's a godsend -avoid refined sugars - try using maple syrup or honey instead
—Guest Allison

No Sweets

Thank you to everyone for sharing your story. After 6 months I've lost 25 pounds - first 4 months, the weight loss was ridiculously low and very discouraging. I now exercise at least an hour a day on the treadmill and I do some weight lifting. My goal is to work off 500 to 700 calories per day. I've also eliminated sweets, which has made a tremendous difference. I missed them at first, but I no longer have any cravings. 25 pounds still to go, but I now believe it's possible.
—Guest Lorrie


I'm 18 years old and have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for about a year and half. Literally no one knows how to balance me out. I've just recently come back from a different endocrinologist and they are telling me now that I'm hyperthyroid. Regardless of their labels, it is nearly impossible for me to lose weight. I did a 1200 calorie vegetarian diet, water only along with two-a-days in the gym and lost 7 the first week, then gained back 15 the next. It is seriously miserable to try so hard with no results, and even worse that that is having people doubt your efforts. liothyronine and armour never worked for me, neither did fasting or the Atkins diet. Thyroid disease is a silent monster.
—Guest thissucks


I have been hypothryoid for 10-12 years and have been on 300 mcg of Levothroxine and 20mg of Liothyronine daily taken in 4 increments. I am also diabetic. I have had outstanding success with the SHAPE RECLAIMED diet. I lost 17 pounds on my own, kind of got stuck, then discovered Shape Reclaimed, not to be confused with the many HCG diets out there. I averaged 1 pound per day loss for a combined loss of 60 pounds. I feel like a new person. Eliminated a diabetes tablet, insulin went from 136 units daily (had been at that level for 2 years) to 40 units of Lantus daily! Blood sugar is nice and steady and in range. Cholesterols are all mid-range, blood pressure is down, etc. Shape Reclaimed program uses an all natural FDA approved homeopathic solution + doctor supervision. I went through the Fibro Doctor, Dr.Rodger Murphree (metabolicresetnow.com) one of about 200 natural/alternative doctors doing this in the U.S.
—Guest Dan


I have always been thin all my life, even after giving birth to my 3rd daughter. I have always gone back to 125 pounds, but by the time I got pregnant with my 4th child I was diagnosed with hypothyroid. The weight kept creeping up. After 4 years of gaining weight, I went up to 181. I do blame myself and always made excuses about having a thyroid problem. When I went to my last appointment the doctor confirmed that I had high cholesterol. That's when I decided to change my life style. Key word " life style" diets don't work. The whole family is eating healthy now. My meals consist of veggies, fish and fruits. I made a commitment to the gym 6 days a week and 500 calories burned with lots of cardio and weight training. I've lost a total of 13 pounds in 5 weeks, which is amazing if you have a hypothyroid problem. I'm so happy and obsessed with the gym! 20 more pounds to go. Wish me luck and the best of luck to you. If I can do it anyone can!!
—Guest Hope


Avoid high calorie-low nurititon foods, like fast food because it doesn't give you much nurititon value. Fast food doesn't help your body, it just makes you full and gain weight. Instead, eat oatmeal often and fruits and vegetables. I bought a juicer and it has done me wonders.
—Guest WxzNEEfCNITu

Changing Lifestyle

I had hypothyroidism and high cholesterol (261) and high LDL (179) in 2008-2012. I weighted 154 pounds. My doctor told me if I cannot lower my LDL by changing my lifestyle then I will need to start taking a prescription. I have been walking for 1 hour 5 days a week and eating a low fat and low carb diet. I'm 48 and weigh 130 pounds. My thyroid and cholesterol problems are gone and I feel great!
—Guest Zussa

Thyroid Issues Continued

I am now taking 250 mcg of Levothyroxine. I would love any weight loss suggestions!
—Guest veeashley

Thyroid Issues

Well last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as well a nodule on the left side. It wasn't until last summer that I was scheduled for surgery remove my nodule on my left side. When they got in there they realized that my whole thyroid including my parathyroid was infested with cancer. They removed both my whole thyroid and my whole parathyroid along with the nodule. I was 17 when this happened, now I'm almost 19. They told me that what I have is rare in people my age. I have papillary carcinoma. They put me on 50 mcg of Levothyroxine. I have gained 10 pounds since my surgery. before my surgery i was 145, I am now 155. I am short so I look fat!!! I want to weigh 125. I went through iodine radiation for 2 weeks. I was put in quarantine because I needed the higher dose. I wont know if i need another dose until this October. I don't know what to do to lose weight.
—Guest veeashley


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 11. I've been taking Synthroid 125 mcg for about five years now. My mother is a nurse, and when she noticed i gained 20 pounds in one summer she became worried and took me to my pediatrician. They made me go to a dietitian thinking I just ate too much, in reality I ate healthier than most 11 year olds. In the five years that I've been taking the medication my weight loss has been a rollercoaster. I've gained and lost weight, but I cut out dairy products and most meat and that has helped a lot. I feel better an I've even lost weight. Having any type of thyroid disease is frustrating, and having people to talk to that understand that you aren't just a lazy person that is blaming your weight gain on something "stupid," really helps. Good luck to you all!
—Guest vannah

Losing Weight

I cannot loose the weight. I have tried everything! I wonder if anyone has lost 20 kilos? If so, I would love for you to post your stories about how you did it as I am desperate.
—Guest Bernie

Exercise and Food

I am 29 years old, 5'0 and about three years ago hit my all time high of 165 and knew I had to do something. I dropped my calorie intake to 1200/day, drank only water and no fast food or sweets; I also walked at least one mile a day. Within a year and a half I had lost 45 pounds and was then diagnosed with Hypothyroid, which had been untreated for many years. I have continued my calorie regimen, though I do allow myself a bit more from time to time and have gained back about five pounds; that still isn't bad. My doctor was surprised I even lost the weight with untreated hypothyroid. I now also take 75 mcg Synthroid daily. I still have to work at maintaining my weight and probably always will. My only complaint is that I think my Synthroid alone is not enough, as I still have some emotional and fatigue issues. I hope my story can help you in some way and good luck and God bless.
—Guest Gracekat


I have always had allergies. Now that I have added low thyroid medications to antihistamines and all I do is sleep even when I take a non-drowsy version. I wish I knew what to do.
—Guest Barb

Suppressed TSH and Hyperthyroidism

Has anyone found that suppressing their TSH has actually had them gain excessive amounts of weight when it should be the reverse? I have gained 20kg since moderating my thyroxine levels since March 2011. I attend the gym 3-5 days a week for an hour of intensive workouts, eat relatively well and the only stress I have found is getting dressed into clothes that fit in the mornings. Does anyone have any advice or ideas that have worked for them?
—Guest FeeMcDee

Graves with RAI - Finally Down 30 Pounds

I am a former hyperthyroid with Grave's Disease. At my maximum weight loss, I was down about 20 pounds from my normal adult weight. I am 5'10", low weight was 105 lbs, "normal" weight at 125 lbs, and after thyroid ablation, 160 lbs+ and rising, even on high T4 and adding T3 supplements. Another point was 90% of the weight gain was in my torso area, giving me the "Buddha belly." When I looked in the mirror, I didn't recognize myself; 100% of my clothes didn't fit me anymore; and I was exhausted just carrying around that extra weight. This was over 3 years ago. I tried Atkins, Nutrisystem, and just not eating. I would lose a few pounds, and then it was back up the scales. The only thing that has worked for me at this point is 1) up the metabolism with green tea or coffee beans; 2) count the calories to an extreme - about 700-900 per day; & 3) a lot of cardio exercising - I am using the Billy Blanks PT 24/7 program with my husband, who is willing to motivate me even when I feel like crap.
—Guest KB AZ

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Thyroid Patients Share How They've Successfully Lost Weight

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