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Readers Respond: The 0.3 to 3.0 Range or Outdated .5 to 5.0 Range: What's Your Doctor/Lab Using?

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Updated March 04, 2011

Pregnant and Worried About High TSH

I had my thyroid checked by my GP about a year ago to investigate hives and tiredness. I found out I had an underactive thyroid. I see an endocrinologist now have been taking 50mcg Thyroxine for six months or more. At my last appointment I expressed that my partner and I would like to try to conceive in the near future. My doctor said although my levels weren't perfect he wouldn't be worried. Two months later we conceived and I am now nearly six weeks ( from lmp) I have just had a blood test and the TSH is 10.4 my GP rang to alert me. Seeing endo tomorrow but can't stop thinking and worrying.
—Guest Pis

Range- What Range?

To make a long story short(er) I have had Hashimoto's for several years. I ran out of Synthroid and could not get my doctor's office to renew the script or acknowledge that I or my pharmacy had called. I was off Synthroid for 4 months and my TSH was 270.328 as of last week. So now I'm starting all over taking 112 one day and 125 the next. My "dose" is somewhere in between according to my doctor. (This is based on tests done 1 or 2 years ago). I'd be happy if my TSH was down to double digits let alone below 3.0 or 5.0. But knowing my doctor he is probably still using the 0.5-5.0 range.


I have a high TSH but my T3 and T4 results are normal. I still have the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I am wondering where to go from here.
—Guest Amit


I visited my doctor 2 months ago. Since then I'm taking medicine. My first TSH test shows 150. Today the test shows 40.79
—Guest selvan.k

Neither One

I don't believe my doctors office used the .3 or the .5. My lab paper shows that they are using a .45-4.5 scale. However this was done at a gastroenterologist office. I am 29 years old and my TSH Levels were amazingly high which scared me after reading all these low numbers. My number is 276! You can see the cause for my worries. My doc basically told me my thyroid is not working at all. Which is also odd. I'm not a big girl, I have gained some weight that I can't get rid of, but I am also a mother of two children. So, this is all very bothersome. I do not know my T3 OR T4 levels, I am now on meds to control my hypothyroidism.
—Guest Miner08

Normal T4, Extremely Low THS

Lab uses .35 to 5.0. My T4 is up from .8 to 1.1, but THS is way low at .01. My dr says I have to lower Armour from 180 mg to 120 mg, which means I'll go back to symptoms. He has kept me low for such a long time - dx of fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist, dx of autoimmune induced polyneuropathy by a neurologist, serious constipation problem, dry skin, depression, etc. Most recently, high cholesterol.
—Guest Cheryl

Hyperthyroid Test Results

My daughter just got test results & something seems wrong with the measures. TSH shows 63.180 on test 0.450-4.500. seem like 2 different test measurements are being combined.
—Guest AW

too Much Synthoid

I was having chest pains and could no longer walk up the stairs. I basically was becoming handicapped and severe chest pains. Dr kept raising my synthroid. I finally googled "too much synthroid" and my symptoms appeared on the page . I then cut my synthroid pills myself until I felt better. I have come to realize I feel wonderful at around 1.5-3.0.My chest pains went away and I feel great. Synthroid must affect people differently. My new endo keeps me exactlly where I tell her I need to be to feel good. Is this common? Are others having such severe chest pains below 1.2? I feel like I had to heal myself and that I was just lucky to figure it out. I too was diagnosed Hasimotos.
—Guest cindi

Have Hope and Keep Fighting

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (hashimoto’s) after a bout of glandular fever/mono in 2008. My TSH at the time was 5.6 and I had elevated thyroid antibodies. I didn’t feel well (all the usual symptoms plus a lump feeling in the throat) but I didn’t go on medication by choice as I wanted to see whether I would feel better after recovering from the glandular fever. It worked. Because it was hashimoto’s thyroiditis, my thyroid levels did return to normal without medicine and then they even swung into a slightly hyperthyroid state (though I didn’t notice as I didn’t feel any hyperthyroid symptoms). Three year’s later, in early 2011, my symptoms returned with full force and they didn’t go away. I am 31 years old and female. I had been monitoring my thyroid levels with regular blood tests over this time in case this happened. I went to my doctor feeling terrible and got tested again. My TSH was considered to be in the normal range - my lab says this is .40 - 4.50 (my TSH from m
—Guest Tara

I Just Got My Thyroid Tested

I am really worried about my report for TSH which is 5.52 and the given range is 0.47-5.01 for adult and 0.70-5.70 for children.I have every possible symptoms as far I had understood. I am 18yrs old! I do have a family history of thyroid condition, my mom and my grandmom have it. It's really affecting my life. My free T4is 1.18.

Currently a Patient & Work in Healthcare

I have been suffering for 5yrs with feeling my hormones are out of wack an until recently I had my TSH numbers show above 5.0
—Guest dean-na 919


How about doctors examining and questioning the patient instead of just looking at lab numbers? There are other health issues that impact the TSH score: autoimmune diseases, inflamed hypothalamus polyglandular disorder, etc. It is dangerous to treat the patient as if the TSH or thyroid lab test number is the whole thing. How is the patient functioning?
—Guest ruth feldman

TSH Normal for Lab

My lab used .34 to 4.82 as normal. This was as of July 13, 2011. I assume over time, the lab may change their "normal" range.
—Guest WC

TSH Level at .20

I had a thyroidectomy in May of this year - 2011 and was placed on Synthorid 112 mcg. Recently had a follow-up TSH level reading and result came back at .02. My Endo says this is TOO high and has reduced my Synthorid level to 100 mcg. I have severe pain in my joints, have low energy and get exhausted after a 20 mile bike ride which I used to do without any issues. Now if the new referenced range is 0.0 to 3.0 or even the old referenced range of .5 to 5.0 range, why would he say my TSH level is TOO high?! This makes no sense to me and I'm now seeking a second opinion. This is so frustrating to say the least. I have come to the conclusion that Doctors are nothing but practioners - trial and error is what that translates to - and not an authority regards of the fact that they have a PHD. PHD just translates to "Push Here Dummy"...
—Guest BlazinMar!

LowTSH W/Perfect T3/T4 Numbers

I have had Hashimotos for 23 years and been takiing Armour for 11 years. During that time my TSH remained low but had no signs at all of Hyperthyroid and I felt good, T3/T4 levels between low to mid range. I now have a new doctor and my TSH is .006 as in the range it has been since going on the Armour and he cut 1/3 of my Armour dose that I had been taking for 11 years. I now feel terrible like when first diagnosed with Hashimotos. I read that Hashimotos is when your body attacks your thyroid gland and eventually destroys it. I am wondering if it is possible that my gland is not producing at all, thus the TSH readings. I just turned 70 this year and feel terrible on the lower dose. My body went into a tailspin. I checked all my labtests over last 11 years and the first one 11 years ago was 3.36 but my T3/T4 were both over the high range. Next year it dropped to 1.7 and levels were still over high range. Since then, they have remained in the .006 range and all vitals are excellent.
—Guest Carol Haley
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