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Readers Respond: The 0.3 to 3.0 Range or Outdated .5 to 5.0 Range: What's Your Doctor/Lab Using?

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Updated March 04, 2011

TSH Range

The medical group I go to is still using the old ranges and in fact resulted in a delay in my diagnosis of Hashimoto's disease.
—Guest Sonya Graham

Range 4

My doctor goes with the level of .4 as normal. My results 3 months ago, TSH 5. My doctor said, slightly high. Results one week ago is now 64.6 I am now being referred to a specialist in the endocrine field. I will post later what they are going to do. I have had extreme stress this year, so maybe stress plays a role in our levels.

How You Feel!

Everybody has common sense when it comes to knowing your body. Deep breathing and constant tuning myself to my body and loved ones around me have helped me to figure out I was being mistreated for Thyroiditis, which then turned to "Hypothyroidism" after having my two children. Since lowering my medication from 75mcg's to no medicine at all, I have felt a major improvement within myself severely. My heart stopped pacing and fluttering, I know longer have feeling of passing out in the shower. I have more energy than I did before and finally feel like I have peace within me. Now I do get harrased by my doctors saying I will eventually need to go back on this medicine, but for now I feel no reason to be put back on. My hair does not fall out, my skin is not dry or course (and I lotion my skin rarely), the only problem I do have is a hoarse voice but I was told, it is not thyroid related. Overall, I believe no one's thyroid should be over a 10-20 range, depending on the individual. Hope this helps :)
—Guest Sarah


My sister has TSH of 401. This disease can be very serious.
—Guest monu

TSH in France

Recent experience (June 2012) indicates labs use 0.15 - 4.5 as normal range for TSH testing.
—Guest graham

When TSH is High Then Back to Normal

My TSH was over 5 and doctor said I was slightly hypo, but the medications caused me to go hyper. Labs now say I'm in normal range. I wonder what's next.
—Guest TaraL.

Our Range

I work in Seattle and our hospital range for TSH is 0.5-4.5. This range is for people 5mo to adult. Newborns can be higher.
—Guest Victor

TSH recommended reference values

My lab uses 0.27 - 4.20 very different by most, guess it's in the range of the new 0.3-3.0.
—Guest Honolulu-Cate

TSH Reference Range

My T4 is .81. My thyroid test is 2.58. I've been treated before and it made a WORLD of difference. This doctor and his lab are stuck in time at levels from 9 years ago [.5 to 5.0]. So they call my levels "normal"and refuse to medicate me though I am not normal. I feel like hammered dog poo, have no energy, zero. I wear out at about 30 feet of walking. I am losing hair by the handfuls when washing it or brushing it, especially. I try to keep it in a braid so I don't notice it so much. I experinece dry skin, horrible sleep patterns that swing from one end to the other constantly. I'm mellow but still this is overcoming that and making me short tempered. I hate this, I have almost no quality of life at all. I can't imagine how bad it is for people who are worse.
—Guest jude


TSH W/REFL FREE T4 TSH out of range 0.11 T4, Free range 1.2 Am I now hyper instead of hypo. I take 60-65 mcg of Armour.
—Guest Beatrice Exelberth

Can't Control the Panic/Anxiety

About 3 weeks ago had a bad panic attack. My TSH came back 1.08, "normal". All the 'anti-anxiety' and anti depression meds in the world aren't helping. I think the anxiety is a side effect. I think my thyroid is making my 'fight or flight' mechanism go bonkers. I have always been happy go lucky and easy going - I have never felt the way I do now, can't eat, sleep, always cold. Starting to lose weight. Uncle has Grave's Disease. I told my doctor about this, but she says it's just "stress". I don't think so.
—Guest Hans

My lab is using .3-5

Guess they are covering all the bases! The lab is Centura Laboratory Services in Colorado.
—Guest Kate Camp


My TSH is 46 and I was just put on 25 mcg of Synthoid to start. I'm hoping it helps symptoms.
—Guest Melissa

I Just Don't Understand

I just don't understand how my thyroid level went from 3.8 to 1.8 in 2 weeks without medicine. The doctor just said they don't know well how could they not know?
—Guest Kristina

Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid

My recent thyroid results are: TSH 1.56 T4 10.4, Free T4 2.5, T4 free 1.0, T3 free 2.8 T3 total 155, T3 uptake 24. My weight has gotten up to 185 - the highest ever - and I can't get it off no matter how hard I run/walk/jog/diet. I feel like I'm not getting oxygen because I can't say more than 2 sentences without yawning. I experience daily, anxiety, fatigue/exhausted, constipation, difficulty sleeping, dry skin dry brittle hair, weight gain, racing heart/palpitations, mood swings, lack of focus/concentration and my memory is significantly low. I can't remember anything. I sweat a lot - hot flashes. My voice has deepened and is sometimes hoarse. I now have carpal tunnel AGAIN. I had surgery for right ulnar nerve decompression in 2003. My menstruation got so heavy for a few years that I ended up in the ER for hemorrhaging and was put on birth control pills. The doctor I have said I was depressed and gave me sertraline which I don't need!
—Guest Mildred

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The 0.3 to 3.0 Range or Outdated .5 to 5.0 Range: What's Your Doctor/Lab Using?

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