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Readers Respond: The 0.3 to 3.0 Range or Outdated .5 to 5.0 Range: What's Your Doctor/Lab Using?

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Updated March 04, 2011


My doctor did my bloodwork and the results came back at 4.76(H) TSH level. My doctor said there is nothing wrong with me. I am starting to have stomach cramps. I have had constipation for years. In the last year or so my hair has been super dry and just breaks off. I've gained 15 lbs in the past year and had insomnia for like 14 years. I'm TIRED ALL the time and don't care to do anything. I get irritated so easily, have cramps in the back of my legs and muscle joints ache all the time. I feel like I'm 100 years old. I am going to a nutritionist in two weeks and taking my bloodwork with me. I see the levels of TSH have changed since 2003, if so why is my general doctor. not doing anything about this?

Old Range

My doctor uses the old range .5 to 5.0. I was at a 5.2, but the doctor had it re-checked. Now I am at a 4.6. I don't know yet if medications will be prescribed. My symptoms dry hair and skin, moody, hard to lose weight with irregular periods.
—Guest Deedee45

TSH is Too Low

Hi. My TSH factor is 0.01. I'm losing my weight and I'm suffering from hair loss. I have an appointment with my doctor one month later. I am really worried. What am I going to do until next month?
—Guest nasrin


TSH 0.59 uiU/ml, FT4 15.57 pmol/l, FT3 3.70 pmol/l. I cannot understand my doctor and wish I knew what this means.

Hypo at 51

I have had symptoms of hypothyroidism for most of my life but exacerbated after my pregnancies. I was a nurse but due to my many symptoms have been unable to return to the nursing arena. My experience has been that my TSH did not show any signs of disease until I was 51 and very ill. I believe that if the medical community would consider symptoms in conjunction with family history of thyroid disease earlier they may be able to help at least half of the people suffering from these symptoms at a much earlier age possibly reducing obesity and many other undesirable chronic disease and illnesses. Even though there are many other factors to consider when treating thyroid disease I am under the impression that most of us may have been born with a parent who may have suffered from but was not diagnosed with a thyroid disorder. I believe that if I was placed on low dose Synthroid and a low dose estrogen, in addition to a low goitrogen low carb diet I would not have had as many symptoms.
—Guest Diane Allen

Self Directed Lab Testing

I had a lot of trouble getting tested through my doctor so I ended up just ordering at accesalabs.com/thyroid because I didn't even need to see my doctor. It's great to be able to track my TSH monthly rather than annually.
—Guest John

Thyroid Range and Dose

I am 22 years old. My TSH reading is 0.02. I am taking 100 mcg ELTROXIN. I don't know what is going to happen.
—Guest murli

Soooo Tired

I had a MRI 3 yrs ago that picked up results that only a couple weeks ago my new doctor wanted to see. So I read through results and I went to see the doctor from 3 years ago who found nodule on thyroid. They NEVER told me. Meanwhile I'm sleeping all the time. I'm on antidepressants. I've gained weight and can't remember what I'm doing half the time. I went to specialist my TSH is 8.56. I still feel super lousy and the doctor said we need to up my medications. I'm glad he found out the problem. I was starting to feel crazy.
—Guest tina

LAB TEST 14 NOV 2012

—Guest Daniel oconnell

You Know Your Body!!!!

My hypothyroidism developed during my second pregnancy 3 years ago. My last TSH reading was 5.69 and the only reason I found out was because I asked for a copy of my bloodwork. I was not notified, which means it was not a problem. I also suffer from low iron and low B-12. I recently have gotten advice from a Naturopath and she helped me a great deal. First of all, she said it is very common for people with thyroid issues also to have low iron and B-12 due to a side effect of the medication affecting the absorption. Also she recommended a thyroid support supplement that I could take with my thyroid medication. I feel great!!
—Guest Debbie


I am 38 years old. My TSH 0.09 uIU/ml, FT3 3.7 pg/ml, FT4 1.3 ng/dl. I need advice.
—Guest Kazi shahidur Rahman.


My TSH range is 2.97. What that means. I do not know. I know that I am suffering from thyroidism, but do not know whether it is hypo or hyper.
—Guest shalmili

Need Advice On What To Do.

I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. Finally went to my doctor and asked to have tests run to find out what is going on. I have every one of the symptoms for hypothyroidism. I sleep constantly, even if I've already slept for 16 or more hours and I feel like I'm still exhausted.  I've gained 100 pounds within a year.  My menstrual cycle has been out of whack, have panic attacks out of no where. Difficulty concentrating, dry, coarse hair... just to name a few.   The first TSH test I had done (I was fasting at 10:00 am) the results were 5.32. So, I made an appointment with my regular family doctor to get it taken care of. He wanted to run the tests again to see what the levels were. This time I wasn't fasting and it was at 5:00 pm. The results came back measuring 2.75 I asked to have the tests ran again. This time the levels were 4.68 and I was fasting and at 10:00 am. The doctor said he couldn't treat because they fell within the normal range. I made an appointment with an endocrinologist for 11/13 to see what is going on.
—Guest Janie

TSH Normal Reference Range

My TSH levels have increased over a period of time normal at 8/09 (month/year) to 5.89 on 3/10, 6.620 on 12/10 to 6.85 on 9/11. I don't do anything extra-ordinary. I have the same routines eating, drinking ,sleeping, no hyperactivity, no depressions, not sleepless, nor restless, not thirsty or over-thirsty, etc. No dizziness, no fatigues, no chest palpitations or pains, had triple bypass 1/2008, but no complications since. Never have called for sick day in 15 years. I do however drink a lot of coffee but have for years. The doctor increased my Synthroid to 100mg from 75mg. Before that it was 50mg. I wish I knew what my problem was and how to get my levels down.
—Guest HhnsaEKiDFkfKecapiM

TSH Normal Reference Range

I'm 15, and my mother had a low thyroid problem. She was noticing that I have some symptoms she had, for example: I get headaches easily, my periods are very heavy and last for a good 6-7 days. I have been every 28 days since I started at 13, but last month I was 21, this month it was 23. I am an Insomniac and I have very dry skin, always tired (even after 11 hours of sleep, or more) I have been recently losing a lot of hair too. Also, I am overweight, so I have been doing a 1,000 calorie diet and I run 6 miles, bike 6 miles, swim, and do Jillian Michael video every day since the beginning of spring and I have only lost a total of 20 pounds, and if I stop, I gain. I have recently been very forgetful, and moody. Do you think I have one? Or is it just hormones?So, I'm going to have a blood test done, and if I test positive, will they give me meds since I'm only 15? Thanks.
—Guest bxAXRaTVaSO

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The 0.3 to 3.0 Range or Outdated .5 to 5.0 Range: What's Your Doctor/Lab Using?

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