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Readers Respond: The 0.3 to 3.0 Range or Outdated .5 to 5.0 Range: What's Your Doctor/Lab Using?

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Updated March 04, 2011

My Lab Using 0.4 - 4.5

My TSH is 3.48. I am a 53 year old female. I have many symptoms and my doctor (PA) will only use the Lab's range, so won't treat me. I also have nodules that are being investigated, which is what started me reading up on Hypothyroidism. I wonder if I should see a specialist.
—Guest Vicki

Not Getting It!

My doctor and lab are still using the outdated range. In 2010 my TSH came in at 3.5. In January of 2013 it was at 39.8.
—Guest Deborah


My TSH is 4.68 and I'm always tired and forgetful. I'm on antidepressents and have been treated for low Vitamin D levels.

Kaiser Range

Kaiser's standard range is 0.10 - 5.50. That's outdated.
—Guest ABee

Sick and Defeated

I am: tired, depressed, insomnia, weak, carpal tunnel, anemic, weight gain, swelling, constipated, eczema on palms, diagnosed with a thyroid nodule, ANA positive, very high CRP, family history of autoimmune issues (mom-psoriasis; cousin-hashimoto's, cousin- chron's; aunt-Rheumatoid arthritis). Since my TSH is 3.3 I have "no problems" according to my doctor. He refuses to do antibody testing or free T3/T4. I guess he wants me to wait until something major happens before he treats me? In the meantime, I suffer. My cousin killed herself over Chron's.


I just received my results and my TSH level was 20.69. I would like to know what you would you do. I have 2 nodules, but this is crazy!!
—Guest Joanne Frederick

Still Using .5-5.0

My TSH is well over 150. I feel fine. I have even have lost 40 pounds through diet changes and exercise, recently. I am back on Synthroid, .25 mcg, and I feel like garbage now. I want to find out more about Armour.
—Guest Carron


Unlike most of the responses here, I have 'normal' levels, but I have many symptoms of Hypothyroid. My General Practitioner, of course, won't treat for 'normal' results. I'm trying therapeutic grade essential oils, and will be supplementing with iodine. I am interested to read anyone else's natural remedies suggestions.
—Guest sheilaoh


05/03/2013 - My lab uses .36-3.74 as the standard range (mIU/mL). My TSH =11.32. My most prevalent symptom is, for lack of a better word, lethargy. I'm tired (exhausted, really - sluggish - drowsy) much of the time. I could close my eyes and fall asleep right now. But I won't sleep long. It takes a bunch of caffeine to get me through a day. This is not me. The normal me works from early morning to early morning and lives on 4-5 hours sleep each night with no caffeine intervention. I'm a go getter who can't stand lazy people and now I feel like I am one. I'm anxious, moody and depressed and can't get my act together. My speech pattern at times is slow and slurry. I'm scatter brained and can't seem to focus (which makes me anxious and depressed). In a way, I am happy to see there may be a root cause. Maybe they can fix it with some drugs. In the mean time, this really sucks.

Use T3 andT4 Medications

I had a 7.5 TSH level and went on T4 medications only. That did not work. When a doctor at a cancer center added a T3 medication in 5 mcg dose 2 times per day along with 25 mcg of generic levothyroxine is when I began to see real results. My TSH is currently at a consistent level. It has been UNDER 2.5 for past 2 years. I feel the best I have and all because a doctor got it right by adding T3 to the T4 medication, which is also generic. Try to convince your doctor to add T3 medications. That has made a world of difference for me and all of my symptoms are all gone. These old reference ranges are so, so out of date! Do your research AND convince your doctor to possibly lower your T4 medications and start out with lower dosage of T3 meds. I hope they will make a difference in your symptoms. If your doctor refuses to use T3 meds, then FIND another doctor.
—Guest KC

TSH Range

I've had thyroid disease for 4 years and Fibromyalgia for 17 years. Our lab uses the old scale, as did the only endocrinologist I went to. My family doctor said the thyroid blood tests were first created 25 years ago. Before the tests, all treatment was judged by SYMPTOMS! A recent TSH of 0.2 elicited the question, "how r u feeling?" For the first time in 4 years I was full of energy! Then we lowered my Armor. I can't wait to get some energy back. My sleep doctor was the first to test my Vitamin D levels, which were also below normal. D regulates bone and thyroid health AND sleep and serotonin levels. You need high levels (10,000 for 4-6 wks) to raise it. Vitamin D sits in the liver until it's needed, but stop taking it 10 days before blood work for accurate levels. I have also been recently diagnosed with celiac and have I learned that most of my symptoms/diseases can be blamed on celiac, not thyroid, fibro, fatigue,etc. The top 10 misdiagnosed include: thyroid, fibro, IBS, crohns, depression, migraines, gall bladder, lymphoma and dental issues. Be sure to get the genetic (not serum) test-HLM DQ2 and HLM DQ8. It's the only disease cured by food only.
—Guest Basya

Thyroid Tests

My doctor has told me my thyroid is fine. I am14 with a TSH of 3. I don't understand that, but I feel awfully tired all the time.
—Guest lisa

TSH Level is 9.35

I am 6 weeks pregnant and my TSH level is 9.35. The doctor suggested thyronorm (100 mcg). I wonder if anyone knows if there any risks to pregnancy? Our doctor told us that there will be risk for baby’s life due to my current thyroid level. I am so scared it will cause harm to my baby.
—Guest nandhana


I was told I have a 5.78 TSH level but I feel great and have no symptoms. I do not want to take medications and then feel sick. I am extremely active and 57 years old. All my other bloodwork came back fine. I don't know what to do.
—Guest Gail


My T-3 and T-4 are normal but my TSH is 9.0. I want to know a natural treatment for TSH.
—Guest Sushil Kumar

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The 0.3 to 3.0 Range or Outdated .5 to 5.0 Range: What's Your Doctor/Lab Using?

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