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Readers Respond: The 0.3 to 3.0 Range or Outdated .5 to 5.0 Range: What's Your Doctor/Lab Using?

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Updated March 04, 2011

I Don't Know!

I have been extremely fatigued and have been experiencing anxiety, muscle weakness - the list goes on and on. When I finally had a bare minimum "thyroid" test my TSH was at 0.36 within a range of .35 to 5.60. You would "think" they would further investigate. NOPE! I am still undiagnosed and MISERABLE, but trying to stay hopeful!
—Guest OverIT


I have TSH level is 22.8. I don't know what to do or what I should eat.
—Guest arockia

TSH Is Not A Reliable Test

My TSH tested a normal 1.0, but it took a long time and many doctors before one discovered I had very low FT3 and that my TSH was faulty. I needed full thyroid replacement, after which my body pain (dx'd as rheumatoid arthritis) disappeared.
—Guest Amy


My doctor uses 0.450 - 4.5 range. I have been hyper for 3 years on .75mcg. New test for TSH was 2.58 -within range, but I am very symptomatic with severe fatigue. They did not test T4 and now determine I'm anemic. RBH and Hemo are below normal. Change of diet and increased iron not helping. Also, may be looking for new doctor.

Low TSH, Low FT4, Low FT3

If you feel horrible even when your TSH is normal or low, have the FT4 and FT3 tested. I felt horrible for 9 years and could never get my medications increased because the TSH was normal or low. Finally, I switched doctors. The new doctor tested me 3 times (TSH, FT4, FT3) over 6 months and now says I have Central Hypothyroidism!!! No wonder I felt horrible. My body does not produce enough TSH. Now taking 175 Synthroid, 10 mcg Cytomel - 2 tabs 2 times a day. I don't feel perfect, but maybe closer to being 80 percent myself. Now if I could lose the 40 pounds I gained! I am a fitness instructor so I get enough exercise. I can limit calories to 1200 a day and still not lose. I have tried every diet. It is horrible to be the pudgy instructor. I want to wear my size 6 again not size 12. I have even added vigorous walking at up to 140 miles a month and I have not lost a single pound. Very discouraging.
—Guest oddball


Went to the doctor to retest my TSH. Feeling exhausted, weak muscles, losing hair, cold all the time, sluggish, weight gain, poor sleep at night, etc. They increased my dosage of Synthroid. It's been 5 weeks and my symptoms are getting worse. Now, I have awful muscle aching like a flu all over my body. I can barely function. I went to my chiropractor who told me about Armour natural hormone replacement if the Synthroid wasn't doing the job. So far it isn't. My doctor is retesting in two weeks. If I'm not improving, going to ask my doctor to try Armour.
—Guest Sharon


I have been hypothyroid for 12 years and have been on a very high dose of .3 mg of Synthroid a day for years. About a year ago started having hypothyroid symptoms: tired, weight gain, hair loss, wacky menstrual periods. My gynecologist ruled out fibroids/polyps and had my thyroid tested. Results: TSH was 11. Should be 3-4 range. So now my doctor wants me to wait ANOTHER month, get labs done AGAIN, then follow up with him. I'm frustrated...obviously something is wrong! Especially since I am taking such a high dose of Synthroid already. What's next...thyroid surgery??
—Guest Dorene

TSH Is .49 I Feel Horrible

So my doctor changed me from Armour to Nature Thyroid as my TSH is .49, T4 is 6.6 and T3 is 94. I feel horrible and exhausted. I am experiencing weight gain and brain fog. According to my lab my levels are very low. Going back on Armour, but wondering if Synthroid would make me feel better...
—Guest Mary


I think .5 to 5.0 are so old school all the doctors have to do is listen to us. I dont feel good my TSH had to get to 7.0 before they would do anything. I went through a year of pain meds and people thinking I am a drug head.

Guest Tara

To Tara: I too have ex fatigue and it took 15 years too find thyroid problem. My TSH is 7.0 and I feel horrible. When a doctor cant find a problem they blame it on depression or give you 50 different medications. I was seeing an old doctor and he acted liked it was no big deal. I am now going to a younger doctor and he is doing a thyroid ultrasound again because of nodules. Try too find younger doctor!

Outdated Range - Frustrated

My doctor is actually saying that she wouldn't consider mine out of range until I am over 6.0. I am currently at 5.8 and went to my doctor 9 months ago complaining about being tired, sore, weight gain, etc. Now, I have swelling in my hands and at times wake up not even able to make a fist. I'm scared to drive (travel over an hour each way to work) because I'm so tired, even on the way to work after I've just slept. I fall asleep as soon as I sit down. If 3.0 is the new medical number I wonder how I get my doctor to recognize it.
—Guest Wendy Murray


0.3 to 3.0 both of my doctors. I was sent to my endocrinologist because he was suppose to be one of the best, but now I must wait sometimes 12 weeks or more to get an appointment.
—Guest Marie

Hypothyroidism to 3rd Power!!!

My hypothyroidism is just totally out of control. My TSH has been 0.1 not changing for over a year. I'm on Levothyrozine .125 mg and Cytomel 5mg. I can't even figure it out. Neither my endocrinologist or doctor don't have a clue. No results I've gained 40 pounds within the pass 18 months. I've heard of this new DNA Diet, but I don't know about it. There are supposed to be supplements made just for me and include hormone replacement. I need help. I've done everything. I walk at least 2-3 miles 3 times sometimes 4 times a week and I can't lose a pound. This is depressing and sometimes I feel almost suicidal, but I am a child of God and I just believe he won't allow me to continue to suffer. My family's unkind remarks don't help. The average person doesn't understand Hypothyroidism and like most doctors they don't take it seriously.
—Guest Marie

4.884 TSH

My doctors lab uses the old range .5 to 5.0. I am going to see an endrocrinologist anyways. I feel crappy and not like myself - something needs to change.
—Guest Teresa

Old Range

I had my thyroid checked in 2007 and it was 2.5. I had it checked again in 2009, it was 2.9. Then I had it checked in 2010, it was 4.95. I was told then to keep an eye on it. I went to the doctor and had him check it. It is 4.6 and he says it's fine. Both of my parents and my two older sisters are on Synthroid and one of my older sister's level was 4.3.
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