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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011

Most of the typical lists of signs and symptoms of a thyroid problem focus on weight changes, fatigue, depression, and neck/throat symptoms. But what were the signs and symptoms that you personally experienced...the ones that made you suspect something was wrong? What signs and symptoms did you go through that pointed to your thyroid being involved? Share you story now about your own top signs that you had a thyroid problem. Share Your Experiences


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From Hypo to Hyperthyroid

I was diagnosed with hypo many years ago. I've been taking Levothyroxine, levels were tested regularly. 3 years ago I registered with different doctor having moved house. After a time I told him I was getting fatigued very easily, achy muscles etc, but he never took any notice, putting it down to nerves or age. I began getting tremors in my arm and leg, agitated and losing hair... these symptoms have been worsening up to present. Meanwhile he had diagnosed high BP which responded passably to treatment. He never once sent me for a thyroid function test; when I saw another doctor by chance he did... it was found I was on too high a dose. This was nearly a year ago. Recently I asked for a thyroid test as I'd been feeling worse and worse. It turned out my levels were once again too high! I have reduced the dose 4 days ago and am feeling a bit better. I now realise long term overdose caused these worsening symptoms (even my high BP?), something my doctor had entirely neglected to investigate.
—Guest Patsy

I Can Swallow

I'm 32 years old. I couldn't breathe one night and I went to the emergency. They told me the my thyroid was so big it was wrapped around my throat and I could have died.
—Guest the surgery works

I Have All the Symptoms

I have read almost every story on here and one of the stories that I can relate to is the one "9 years of being sick". I have spent so much money on doctors visits. I need help with all of this and to be completely honest it sometimes makes me to want to end it all. I wont do that but that is how I feel because all these doctors want is money. Please for the love of God i wish someone would just help me. NOBODY CARES IT SEEMS LIKE AND I HAVE ALMOST HAVE HAD IT UP TO MY NECK and not sure where to go from here.
—Guest Dee

I Don't Feel 100% Confident to Recommend

I had radio iodine one year ago and my symptoms were cool for about 4 months!! Now, I'm having problems with my thyroid as we speak!! Is there any home remedies anyone can post?
—Guest nick


I am walking dead. For the last three years I have been treated by a popular "non traditional" thyroid doctor. But in August all my symptoms returned with a vengeance. I am miserable, I have gained 50 pounds. My joints ache and I am constantly exhausted. After repeated pleas for help this dr said I need to see an endocronologist. Of course endocronologist wants me off armour (NO. WAY). Endocronologist also wants to biopsy my thyroid. I so weary. Family keeps encouraging me to have thyroid removed.
—Guest Sunny jo

Hasimotos and Gluten

I would like to know why no one talks about a gluten free diet in treatment of Hashimotos.
—Guest sg

Praying I Don't Have a Thyroid Problem!

I'm 21 and just had my second born almost 3 months ago. I breast feed, but lately I've been having shortness of breath, dizziness, sudden panic, hard to lose weight, fatigue even after 8 hours of sleep and I can't even go outside without having panic attacks or feeling like I wanna pass out. I need to see my doctor, but unfortunately his office closed down now. I'm scared to go to any of the other doctors in town. I feel horrible and I pray, even though I have these symptoms, that I don't have a thyroid problem. I miss feeling strong and free for my kids. I hate this!
—Guest Isabella R.

I Understand - Eliminate Gluten!

I have very high antibodies with a normal TSH. I've been diagnosed and medicated for everything that had nothing to do with Hashi's. I understand. It's beyond frustrating. Doctors didn't listen to me when I said that I was out of energy, even after something so simple, like after taking a shower. Our diet lacks essential trace minerals and nutrients. This is why eating organic is crucial to our survival. Stay away from anything with gluten (I found gluten free pasta, yay)! And look into taking the purest form of vitamins and minerals. Selenium, magnesium, and primrose oil added to your reigning will help. Good luck. Remember- it's the bad food we eat, stress and lack of exercise that is killing us. You can fight it! In spirit with you all. Amira
—Guest Amira

Graves for the Past 15 Years

For the four past weeks I have had unexplainable times where I feel short of breath, have a headache, my skin is burning on my face... I may start to cry. Doctors keep saying that I have anxiety. I have a thyroid problem and I've had 98% of it removed 15 years ago. Since then, I have had days of weird intermittent symptoms of pain, stiffness, nadeau, sweating, heat and cold intelorance and I also get weird allergies. Lately feel I feel like sobbing... my blood pressures spikes sometimes. My chest hurts and my liver has been recently off. I I have a new kidney stone and I pee all day long. Yet, they think I have anxiety. My TSH, T3 and T4 are normal, but my TPO is 78.5!!!! I wish I had somewhere to turn for help, but they don't seem to be able to. They put me on Ativan which does help some but this is not normally for me.
—Guest Beth Graves for the past 15 years


I get pain in my left and right arms every once in a while... then it goes away. Along with my upper right breast area, I get a strong puncturing pain that often occurs like a heart palpitation. I would usually get medical check from a doctor and they would report to me that my bloodwork is fine, my heart is good, my pulse and every thing is all working okay. Nothing to be worried about or getting checked over for. Every time they did ECG's an every thing comes out good. It may be the thyroid causing all of this to happen. I'm also taking my morning Synthroid 75.mg pill daily.
—Guest Gail

Fibromyalgia and Thyroid

I have had Fibromyalgia for years and have had a interactive thyroid since I was a teen, maybe younger. I'm on Tyrosine 200mg. Both of these cause all of these problems: I woke this morning at 1am feeling faintly sick with painful finger tips, my legs have swollen If I poke my finger in them a hole stays (for weeks) due partly to the medicine I take for my fibro. I have had a serious flare up since I had my spine screwed last year. I can't function everything is hard work. I'm so bloated now, but I used to dance 5-6 Times a week. I worked as a makeup artist now... nothing. I'm scared this is it for life! It takes so long to diagnose anything. I get sent away when things start to go wrong. I have numb fingers typing this. I have arthritis in my right arm and I'm having physical therapy treatment. I just had another scan Thursday and I collapsed in hospital. I was sent to wrong end of hospital by a stupid nurse and my legs gave up. I even got told when I had cancer, "Go away - you're making a fuss over nothing!" It's so hard to get help.
—Guest shencat

Hyperthyroid Symptom

I feel like I am going crazy. My thyroid was removed in 1993 and I have had trouble since. Tsh .01.
—Guest Betty

I Think I Have Thyroid Symptoms

I want a natural medicine rather than a prescription.
—Guest ann stolden


Could I have both Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism? I have symptoms of both, but not at the same time it like it almost changes.
—Guest connie ray

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Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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