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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011

Thyroid Symptons

My thyroid symptoms began about 4 years ago. I started gaining weight, about 18 lbs. before I went to the Dr. I was also very tired. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. Since then I've gained more weight (another 25 lbs.) and luckily have just lost 22 lbs. with the help of hcG. My hormones were going crazy too so I got on Prempro and it helps a lot. The worst of the symptoms was when I was on too much thyroid medicine and began losing strength in my legs; to the point that I couldn't squat down and come back up with holding on to something. I have been doing some Yoga and it seems to help with strength and calmness.

WORST symptoms

From 2001 to 2007, I acquired virtually every single hypo symptom in the book. Yes. It would take a while to list them all but I will name the worst. Fatigue: I was up to sleeping 15 hrs a day at one point. What did I do when I got up?..laid on the couch. Unfunctional. Panic attacks: 2-3 a day. (Scary thing is, I'd lost my self-assessment, so I simply thought this was the way I was, the person I'd become.) Hair loss: the one thing I took for granted my entire life. From 50 (?) thick layers to nearly bald, a few patches in early 2007. For those years between onset of symptoms to when I was prescribed Armour, I was told: It's stress; You need therapy for your hair loss, you're fine; You're just getting older; etc etc. To this day I wonder what was worse, these horrible symptoms of my illness, or the lack of caring and care from so called professsional doctors.
—Guest Donna

Thyroid symptoms

The first sign was brain fog and forgetfullness, I was told for 3 years it was depression ,then my leg hairs and ends of my eyebrows stopped growing. The worst sign was the exhaustion. I spent my life asleep. I felt constantly unwell and down . I felt like life wasn't worth living. The doctor wouldn't listen he thought it might be menopause signs. He wouldn't have it that it could be my thyroid.
—Guest valanita

Finding an Endocrinologist

I am in the process of trying to find an endocrinologist who is knowledgable of the most recent procedures, guidelines, who will listen to his patients! From my experience, the doctors who are the least secure in their knowledge are the ones who dismiss anything you say even though you have been through 25 years of suffering and studying this disease. Their answers are "well, all your blood tests are 'normal', but they are not considering all the symptoms that the patient tries to tell them about--most of which they do not listen and refuse to do anything but blood work. This is really exasperating and this doctor is missing out on so much they can learn if they will just listen to their patients and think more about healing them than hiding the fact that they do not keep up with current guidelines and procedures. This could make one wonder how many people have died while trying to find an acceptable doctor who will work to heal them.
—Guest Carolyn


To Everyone who has or thinks they have a Thyroid problem, there's a site on fb called "Coalition for a better Thyroid" The site saved my life! Answers every question there is to all Thyroid Diseases Check it out its well worth it!!!!!!!
—Guest Carla

Look into Fibromyalgia

A lot of people's experiences on here sound like they could possibly be fibromyalgia. Please, please research all options and be pro-active with your doctors!
—Guest Keep pushing for answers!

Can't Breathe !

I had a near total thyroidectomy 8 days ago and am having serious breathing problems. I was told surgery left me with an obstructed airway. I may have to go on supplemental oxygen during the day as well as wear a cpap mask at night. I am terrified as it feels like my life is slipping away.
—Guest Can't breathe !

Born without thyroid gland

I had an excellent Endocrinologist in Philadelphia and I'm willing to fly north to find good doctors. The ones in NC just don't seem to understand my condition. I've laid off salty foods , tea, and soda and stuck to a bland diet. It was hard but I'm still not feeling normal. I take double doses of my medicine just to feel good.
—Guest Debbie

Tired, Tired Always

For 13 years I have been feeling tired. Tired always and muscle aches, I went for thyroid test 3 years back and it was negative. Thinking of being retested.
—Guest Ann


My mother passed away today. The ICU doctor believes it was her thyroid. She had been treated for this before, but was taken off the medicine. July 31 I tried to have her admitted to hospital, medicare would not okay it. Two weeks later she went in an ambulance and never came home. Her urine was dark brown, she did not eat for eight weeks. Felt like she had to urinate all the time, but did not go. She began to lose her voice and could not move. I am curious if this does this sound like thyroid disease. We infomed doctors that she had been treated for this before.

Thyroid Has Pulled My Hair Out

I'm 48 year old and I have thyroid problem I was diagnosis back in 1998 had my first surgrey in 2000. Then I had surgery done in 2008. My doctor has been trying to find the right medication for me to take. I have been on many differnent doses. Now I'm on a high dose and It really thinned my hair out. In the middle it is bald and the back is short . My hair use to be long and now I deal with frizzy hair breaks and dry skin.
—Guest Delores

I Think My Naturopath Has Saved My Life!

I have been battling ever since my second child was born. My blood test came back normal but I have been depressed, achy, no sex drive etc. My doctor said I had depression he prescribed antidepressants and counseling. Finally I saw my naturopath who said that blood test often come back "normal" and one of the best ways to test thyriod function is basal temprature. If it is below 98.6 taken 3 times a day for several days and averaged then there is a thyriod problem.
—Guest Carla

Generic Thyroid Medication

To those of you who have problems with insurance, you should know that once you've gotten a prescription for generic Synthroid, the cost is about $8 a month at Walmart's. I hope this helps those of you without insurance.

Hashimotos Flare Up

I have Hashimotos and recently had a flare up. It was not fun and I felt both tired, anxiety, depression, tired, tired, tired. Finally some one suggested that I take an extra Synthoid pill and that did seem to help me get back to "normal". I am wondering how others handle Hasimotos flare ups.

I Feel Like a Hypochondriac!!!

Over the past 4yrs, I feel I have been going mental. I have visited the Doctors on numerous occasion about my tiredness. I have had two blood tests done for thyroid that came back negative but recently I've been really bad sleeping all the time, forgetting what I'm doing, and not being able to concentrate. My muscles also ache even when I first get up in the morning. My partner thinks I'm going nuts!! I've just been for another blood test and am hoping something will show up, I just need someone to say you are not going mad. I don't feel depressed but do feel my life is being wasted away because I'm always too tired to do anything, this is making me feel upset and irritable!!!
—Guest Claire

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Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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