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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011


My son is turning 8 in September and is so little that he looks like a 5 years. I wonder if it could it be his thyroid causing him to be small. I hope to get some info. I also have a 2 year old that is half his size and that's not normal.
—Guest brooke


It takes a strong mind to deal with a thyroid disorder. Some days I am good and other days it feels like life is a big struggle. Weight gain, bloating, numbness in my extremities and low energy. The hardest part though is feeling like no one really understands.
—Guest lync

Don't Know

I have just recently gotten a hoarse voice and cough with a little bit of pain. I thought I was sick because I really felt like I had a fever. When I finally took my temperature it was normal. I have been having intense periods of sweating, fatigue and irritability. Before this, I have not had any problems of this sort, but I don't know what to do. Since I don't have insurance I hesitate to just jump up and go to the doctor. I am going to try the at-home test to see if my thyroid is swollen.
—Guest Kim

Have Your Doctor Check Your Pituitary

Have your doctor check for a pituitary tumor, which can also make you have all of these symptoms!
—Guest Sonya

Tired of being Tired

Having Hashimotos is like having a disease that doesn't really count. I know that there are other more tragic, devastating diseases such as cancer, etc. That must be why our doctors don't really seem to understand how miserable it is to be fatigued and in chronic low-level pain day after day, year after year, to watch the scale steal your once slender body when you aren't eating any differently and you simply can't make it stop, to feel like your anger and depression are taking over your once tender and compassionate person. I went to my doctor and begged for him to take my thyroid out yesterday, just as he would a diseased appendix or galbladder. My numbers aren't too bad, but I feel terrible after three years on Synthroid. I am going to try Armor. I'm hoping for a change. I have three small children and need my energy back for them. I feel for all of you. Thyroid disease is an unheard evil that truly takes your life away.
—Guest Sad Mommy


Some of the medication that your doctors put you on might not have enough of the hormones that your body requires. I had thyroid cancer and had to have my thyroid removed. I was put on several different kinds of thyroid medications and I finally told my doctor to change to Synthroid. I found that it was the right choice since alot of my problems that everybody is having were the same with me. Find a endocrinologist and tell them the symptoms that you are feeling. Trying to get you to normal levels is hard, because you feel like your body is like a roller coaster. Up and down! It gets worse if you are going through menopause. I have been cancer free for 9 years and dealing with all of these symptoms. I go to my endocrinologist once a year, but still need to have blood work done in between.I have found out that sometimes it's the dose could correct the problem. Good Luck to everybody I hope this helps!
—Guest donna


My son is 7 years old. Recently, I noticed a small lump in his throat. One doctor said it is a thyroid issue and said it happens in fast-growing kids. Another said if it grows or if he shows signs of weakness, to get an appointment with the doctor right away. He didnt prescribe any medications or tests. My son have been complaining of throat pain for the past few days. I am so worried.
—Guest jane


I've had all the symptoms. I am feeling really poorly. My doctor already thinks my thyroid is overactive but is waiting for the results. I wish I knew what I could do to help myself in the mean time.
—Guest claire white

What Is Wrong With Me?

I was diagnosed 21 years ago with MS. Now they are saying that's not it. In the last 7 months I have gained 70 pounds and can't breathe even when sitting. I still have to ask my doctor over and over if it was my thyroid all along. He said no. I experience pain in the chest and back - upper and lower. I have been constipated for 7 months. I am depressed and hot all the time.
—Guest bigahlou

My Thyroid Problem

I was a small child when my thyroid quit working and thankful my parents paid attention. They caught it and I was rushed to the ER. I've been on thyroid replacement ever since. I' 34 now with 2 kids.
—Guest bridgett

Signs of Thyroid Problems

I have been diagnosed with this disease for the past 3 months and situations have worsened from day to day now. I am currently having some medication prescribed from my doctor, but that does not seem to help too much. I am wondering if I should try looking for another doctor now. Anyway, this website that I found has really good information too that have been lacked out there. Some websites aren't that good the signs are shown here, but I would like to recommend a website where i found that they show how to find the signs in detail and give a precise explanation about thyroid problems. Here it is: http://www.signsofthyroidproblems.org/
—Guest Steve


I too have a lot of the symptoms dies and have been seeking answers for several years. I had to almost die in the hospital before someone would agree to test my TSH levels, of course they were quite high. Even then information was elusive, you have to research and push to get cared for properly. If you are overweight, everything gets blamed on that. High BP, high cholesterol, etc. It is a shame we have such a conveyer belt medical care system. You have to fight to get individualized care.
—Guest Samantha


I had a blood test last Friday after my OBGYN thought my thyroid was to blame for my health issues. My symptoms include: hair loss, dry skin and nails, panic attacks, insomnia, rapid heart beating, anxiety, dry skin, vaginal dryness, dry mouth, etc. They said my tests came back normal. I asked about an antibody test but that was dismissed and I was prescribed Ambien for the insomnia. I have a appointment with a dermatologist for the bald spot on my head. My grandmother had her thyroid removed and was really sure that was the cause of my problems but the doctors say otherwise.
—Guest Nikki

My Symptoms

Im 20 years of age and I'm experiencing all of these symptoms: I feel as if my body cant go anymore. I am weak and I feel tired all of the time. I can't stand being cold. My head feels funny, like my brain is cloudy. I can't stand feeling this way.
—Guest Kenesha


I have had partial thyroid taken out and now I am experiencing so much sweating that I cannot take it no more. Thyroid does control a lot of things such as body weight, body heat and controls the monthly periods. I think it is about time to go and get my other half of one checked out.
—Guest suzanne

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Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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