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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011

Nine Year Old Diagnosed with Hashimoto's

My daughter was extremely symptomatic for months and nobody would listen to me. She had extreme insomnia, heart palpitations, shaking, hair loss and fluid retention. Her pediatrician refused to run the simple blood test to check her thyroid, even after he was told her father and aunt had Hashimoto's. He said it was one in a million in children and a waste of time. She ended up collapsing from exhaustion and ended up in the ER, where they ran the blood test. Then properly diagnosed her. It took 9 months and three doctors to get her treated properly!! It has been a nightmare! She still goes through periods of serious symptoms and is constantly having her medication adjusted. She currently takes 88 mcg of Synthroid- she can't take any generics, as they cause seizers. Her endocrinologist is wonderful and stays on top of the situation. She treats her symptoms, not just the blood work.
—Guest Heather

Thyroid Problem Possible

My vein in neck buldges out. The side of my face has pain all the way around to the back of my head. I also have very bad depression, fatigue and bad constipation.
—Guest kathy

No Resolve Yet

This essentially happened to me overnight in Feb. 2009 and I have been sick since. Having antibodies for both Graves and Hashimotos I have been on a ride since. I am mostly hypo these days but I live each day as if I have the flu with flu-like body aches in the muscles, sometimes in the bones, chills, lowgrade fever. I lost 10-12 pounds in less than two weeks and have kept it off since with no dieting or increase in exercise. I flip back and forth between tenderness and buzzy in the neck, night sweats, joint pain in hands and feet, loose bowels, peeling nails, etc; The fatigue I experience is out of this world. I am really just scratching the surface with that I have mentioned. I take a small dose of Armour.
—Guest Kelly

Top 7 Signs of Possible Thyroid Problems

1)palpitations, 2)fatigue, 3)muscle pains, 4)loss of breath, 5)weight gain, 6)high or fast pulse, 7)dizziness. I under went a series of heart tests. I was found to be fine but the symptoms still persist. They get worse each day. Any information would be helpful.
—Guest Nancy Nyagah

Curious Symptoms

I keep getting tendonitus over and over. I am tired all the time. My hand jerks, and my whole body aches. I am having loss of memory. I get very sleepy in the afternoon. My feet stay cold all year round. I made an appointment with my doctor. I am hoping to understand what is causing these symptoms.
—Guest Karen Smith

Maybe I Need to Have My Thyroid Checked

I am wondering if I should have my thyroid checked. The symptoms I am experincing include, hair loss, night sweats, feet hurt all the time, tingling in feet and hands, anxiety, and panic attacks!
—Guest Jannie

Normal TSH levels

For 2 1/2 years now I have struggled with fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitaions, and feeling "jittery" and "empty" inside. My TSH was 3.72 in Oct 2010. I just had more lab work done. I am told everything is "normal". Now they have me seeing a Cardiologist but I know my heart is fine!...Quest uses the TSH range of .4-4.5. I have seen so many specialists but nobody will listen when I say I feel terrible all the time. They even tried to put me on antidepressants. I told them I am NOT depressed but now IRRITATED!
—Guest TotallyFrustrated

Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism in Children

I guess I never realized how bad I felt. I also have 3 daughters that have thyroid problems. I am worried that they will never have a normal life. My youngest is 10, I know some days she does not feel the greatest. She has been gluten and dairy free since Aug 2010. She is doing better. It is so hard to track the ups and downs in her thyroid to keep her on the right dose of medication. Life is just different now and I am careful what doctors we talk to.


I'm so sorry that it seems so hard to get treated right.I had it for 9 years but the GP missed reading the blood test results. Only when a new doctor came did they find it was not just menopause as all the doctors had told me!

Thyroid Symptoms

I was diagnosed hypothyroid about one year ago. Ever since that time, I cannot seem to get my thyroid regulated. My hair began to fall out, I had dry skin & hair, insomnia, palpitations, weight gain, high cholesterol and yet the doctor tells me that I am "normal."
—Guest sfriedman1952

Diet is the Answer

My sister has Graves' disease and after being told she would likely have to have her thyroid zapped, decided to take drastic measures. She became a vegan and since then, the doctor has consistently decreased her medication. She now takes hardly anything...but if she wavers from her diet, she notices her symptoms increasing/coming back. I have had my thyroid tested, but was okay. However, I am now having symptoms that sound like Hashimoto's and I am going to get my thyroid tested again. I had a baby two years ago, so I think the changing hormones have also messed my body up a bit. Thank you to people who have written about Hashimoto's. I'd never heard of it, but when I read a description of it, I was like, "ding, ding, ding - all those things that I thought were unrelated, are likely related!". Thank you everyone for sharing your stories.
—Guest J.Y.

Hypothyroid Symptoms

I had a swelling in my neck, loss of balance -- I fell 3 times in 3 months and the last fall resulted in a broken knee cap. Once I was forced to stay on couch, I then could not get up. Exhausted, sleepy.
—Guest KW

My Symptoms

Suffered for 8 months. Thought I was slowly dying. Lost 20 lbs, no appetite, night sweats, weak, shaky and insomnia. Went to the doctor and specialist for almost a year. Got so sick I could hardly function, and all the labs were coming up normal. After a trip to the ER, they found my number was 12, and should have been between a 1 and 2. Now after a month on increased medication, I'm begining to feel my normal self again.
—Guest Lela

Lived with this for Years

I am 36 years old and was diagnosed with hashimotos at age 25. Prior to that, as a teen I was depressed, struggled with my weight, and had only a few periods a year. After starting college I gained 20 pounds in 2 months and slept all of the time. I barely passed my classes that first year. I was only diagnosed because I pushed my doc for tests. Even with a "borderline" high TSH (5 or 6), he wouldn't treat me. I was suicidal after the birth of my second child. He told me I was just depressed and would not treat my hashimotos. Now, 11 years later I am on eltroxin. For the first time in my life my shower drain isn't plugged with my hair. I have fingernails that are worthy of painting and showing off. I've lost 10 pounds and my shoulders quit aching at night. I sometimes weep when I think about the years that I've lost, the years that I was a "bad" mom, yelling at my sons because I was so tired and miserable. I nearly got divorced. Thank God for my new doctor.
—Guest Erin

Thyroid symptoms

I had hand, wrist pain, was put on non steroid meds for a year. I then came down with anemia. I was treated for that for a year. I still felt ill, I couldnt stand or balance. I felt tired. The nurse at the health department tested me for thyroid probems and sure enough it was hypothyroid. I was seen by two nurse practitioners and a M.D. in 6 years not one discovered this. I've been back and forth, high than low for a year now. I feel so sick. My eyes look terrible. I recently read an article on this site, saying to try seletin.I've given it a try. This is my second day, I do feel better. I put myself on fish oil, and vitamin D. I really feel a difference. I've been sick so long, it's very hard to feel happy.
—Guest c2heinen
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