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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011

Weight Loss

I think I had hyperthyroidism for quite some time and did not recognize it. I am a trained nurse and went to the doctor (age 65) as I was losing weight, had trouble sleeping, problems with digestion and had muscle wasting. I asked for a full blood test (they often do a blood test that would not diagnose hyperthyroidism). I was diagnosed with multi nodular goiter and I thought I had cancer. I had had a tumor on my kidney and had gone through a few full cat scans and wondered if that had tipped the balance with my thyroid.
—Guest Eleanor

This July I Found Out I Am Hypothyroid

A blood test found it! I've maintained same weight (110 since my 20's). I have exercised since my 30's - jogging, now spinning. Never experienced any of the "risk factors' connected with the thyroid and I had no idea!!
—Guest Guest Maria

Trauma of Thyroid

My OBGYN doctor put me on a thyroid supplement. Four months later I thought I was dying. My heart was pounding out of my chest and my body would not stop shaking! I felt I could not breathe and everyone said you can't be sick, it must be in your head. Very long story short, I went to another doctor who immediately sent me to a endocrinologist. My uptake was 92! 6 tapazols a day and a seeing the doctor every week for 6 months to slowly decrease my dosage I am now thyroid problem free! No medications and I hope I NEVER EVER feel that way again! I do believe it was the L-Thyrosine supplement the original doctor put me on, but I could never prove it. No one will ever understanding the horror one goes through with this disease until they experience it themselves.
—Guest Louise DiGangi


I have had my thyroid problem since 2010 and have undergone several tests (T3/T4, TSH, thyroid scan and ultrasound). My doctor just gave my medication (Neomercazole) for my nodule, but still I'm suffering dizziness, choking and numbness.
—Guest sarah


I take 1.25 mcg of my thyroid medication and still have intolerance to cold when everyone else surround me is normal. I shake all over from freezing and I hurt deep inside my ears. My hands go to sleep even after I warm them, mainly my fingers. Breathing cold air or drinking cold drinks make me cough and hurt my chest. I have also had lung cancer.
—Guest marilyn dalton


I was diagnosed since the ae of 12 yrs old, My grandmother on my fathers sude had it also, my sister has it , now my daughter has it. In 1991 I became very ill, I was under alot of stress working 60 hrs a week, dealing with an alcholic husband and three children having babys. My youngest son having surgerys due to CMT. So I was always in a stressful situation. I came down with MONO, it then went into Chronic fatgue, then ebsteinbar syndrome.I felt like I had the flue for yrs.Dr said, not much they can do for me.At that point I could not work. I had many part time jobs since 1991 till 2009. I was taking 3 grains armor thyroid then now in 2011 I an at 2.5 grains armor thyroid. Always tired aches n pains,Had total hip replacement n I weigh more now then I ever have. stave myself, eat all the right things, gain weight. Im considering the lap band. Going to chiropactor so I can walk. Lower back pain is severe at times..As long as I stayed active i could lose wt,back n hip prob slow me down
—Guest Kim Banks

Hyperthyroidism Diagnosis

I had complained about being so hot. I mean, I was so sweaty with soaking wet, hair dripping from sweat. I was told it was menopause because I was in my late 50's. I also experienced fast heart rate, especially when I tried to sleep. I could only sleep every third day, but no one would give me sleeping pills. The doctors said I must be depressed and worrying so they gave me Zoloft, which didn't help. I felt scared and nervous all the time. I didn't know why my hands were shaking. I started eating like it was going out of style and didn't gain any weight!! Eating made me feel better, but boy would I sweat and get out of breath whenever I ate, or did anything! Every time I did eat I had to have a quick bowel movement. My shins and the tops of my feet had neuropathy really bad as well. I thought I had Parkinson's Disease or MS. I was sure I was losing my grip on life. I saw a neuro guy who finally tested me for thyroid problems. My uptake test number was 59 for Grave's Disease.
—Guest MaggieMudPies

Get Checked

I urge anyone who has recently quit smoking to have their thyroid reevaluated! I have pretty much all symptoms listed and I'm already on thyroid medication! Doctor had to double my dose after I quit smoking!
—Guest Colleen Grady


I'm 20 years old and finally after 6 years of specialists, psychologists, practitioners, and family doctors, I realize I'm not insane. I have hypothyroid which took 6 years to diagnose. There went my teenage years! I hate being obese and feeling like death. I'm young and I want a life. I will soon see my endocrinologist for the first time in about 3 weeks.
—Guest kambria

The Problem I Have

The biggest problem I have is being hot. I do not like to be cold, but I can deal with that; heat and swimming in my sweat - it is the worst.
—Guest violet

Stupid Non-Diagnosis Nearly killed Me!

I have a story to tell but will take up far too much space here. Reader's Digest version; Undiagnosed 15 years, brain dead, weight gain then loss, 'in range' levels by Aussie standards, sleeping 18 hours a day, severe rashes, flooding periods, depression, kids had to leave me, no life no fun no anything. Finally almost choking to death I insisted on help. Left side removed, Severe Hashimoto diagnosed along with benign nodules. 5 months later I again insisted I felt worse than death, this time it was cancer. Right side taken out. 4 years later my medication still will not let me level out to a decent range. Even 3mcgs is a massive swing up or down,over reaction in my body to thyroxine. Can not get any doc here in Oz to understand the issue. Those 15 years of hell of being undiagnosed are a dark place I never want to repeat. INSIST, kick, scream, gouge to be heard! I nearly died due to the lack of education by general practitioners on basic thyroid information. Wishing you all happiness!
—Guest rianumnum

Doctors Tried to Kill Me.

Tachycardia. High blood pressure. High cholesterol. Asthma. Mental confusion. Depression. Peripheral Neuropathy. Multiple vitamin deficiencies, anemia, exhaustion, anxiety, hopelessness. You name it. I lay in bed every night scared because my doctor of 10 years, my OB/GYN of 12 years, an endo, and a respiratory M.D. all told me to loose weight, take Lipitor, take Diovan, take amitriptyline, take drugs. They treated every symptom but ignored the cause. It wasn't until I found a new doctor that said to me "You're too complicated" and gave me the number of my current M.D. that is a rocket scientist and an angel on earth that I was able to slowly regain my sanity and my health. I am going to survive this in order to educate future victims of the medical system that they can beat this thing but it'll take them firing a lot of uneducated medical professionals along the way. They can thrive once they get the right treatment.

Never Had a Clue it was Thyroid Related

For years I had issues but never knew the reasons. Coughing violently and scratching the skin of my throat because it itched so bad, and horseness.constipation,bloating,fuzzybrain,tiredness,sleepiness, and a deep sense of depression setting in, chest pains, One day I said ENOUGH. I went to Dr. she listened to me and touched my skin and that was all it took for her to say. I think you have a goiter. Then the tests began. They found a nodule, non cancerous and took out part of the thyroid.I am on Levothyroxin and Cytomel. I felt better right away but that was 3 yrs ago. I have since had some days where I feel terrible and I do have a steady weight gain. I dont know if its from the thyroid or just getting older but once I educated myself somewhat on the thyroid I do understand it is the little butterfly that needs more understanding as it is the gland to a healthy life. I think more people are sick with it than they really know. We need more doctors to care.
—Guest Teresa


Everything started after I gave birth to my daughter. Immediately after birth, swollen neck. Insomnia- I would wake up (having NO clue why) every two hours or so and need to urinate. Lump in throat. My t-shirt felt like it was tight around my neck. Trouble swallowing, morning allergies (never had allergies in my life) Lost all pregnancy weight without dieting in a week or so. Woke up drenched in sweat. Freezing when others were comfortable in weather I used to love, frequent urination, frequent sore throats, a nine day heavy period, very dry hair- hair was so dry that my entire head would turn into huge knots and get totally matted every time I shampooed it, lost more hair than normal and got bald spots on my temples (my hair dresser suspected it was my thyroid), skin was very dry and peeling, fatigue, hoarse voice, high heart rate, starting losing 1 pound a day without dieting, etc! My insomnia got increasingly worse and I had trouble falling asleep.
—Guest Krissy

I Could Write You a Book!

I became hyperthyroid when I was 14, and was one of the first people my age put on clinical trials of PTU. I took it for a year. I was told I would likely be hypothyroid when I got older. They found my hypothyroid condition when I had the initial bloodwork for my third pregnancy. Started Levoxyl and immediately started losing hair and having severe muscle cramps. One morning, I woke up and couldn't stand up, no matter what I did. The pain was so severe. I had a full bladder, but couldn't go. I had to have an ambulance take me to the hospital and the spasms were so severe, they feared I would break my back, and my bladder had completely stopped working. I had to be catheterized every few hours for three days, and was on demoral and vicodin for several weeks while I started physical therapy. They accused me of laziness and being unfit, even though I regularly walked several miles/day and rode several more on my bike. Fatigue, and gestational diabetes round out that time in my life.
—Guest Hugabugs
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