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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011

Stress Thyroid

Did you know, too much stress will cause an unbalanced thyroid, strain immune system, high cortisol level, weight gain, toxic blood, racing heart beats, damage heart valves, and blood pressure that's so high similar to a pot over boiling? * Helpful information * Detoxification, Relaxation, Herbals and Vitamins. 7 days of blood cleansing by using raw garlic, ginger root, lemon, cinnamon, honey,a nd goldenseal root 2 times a day (caution: will clean meds out of system). Relax ~ Walking, mediation, massages, making love, yoga, affirmation, extra resting-sleep, giving charity, positive thoughts, behaviors, words and staying calm. Eating healthy foods for balancing the thyroid and eliminating soy, flour, candy, sodas, breads, chips, and sugar. Hebrals ~ Iodine, Seaweed-Kelp, L-tyrosine 500mg 2-3 times daily, Selenium, Rhodiola Rosa, L-Arginine, Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc,Chlorophyll-copper, Red Marine Algae and Coconut oil. Vitamins ~ A, B12, B6, B-17, B-complex, D and Iron.
—Guest Helpful


I recently found out I have Hashimoto's, which I already assumed I did just because my mother and grandmother had issues with the thyroid and the symptoms I have had. I get both hypo and hyper thyroid I feel irritated all the time, migraines, tired, depressed at times, irregular menstrual cycle, irregular bowel movements. When tested my levels were okay my doctor says I don't need medication right now I feel I do because the way I feel is not normal!!! I hate being irritated all the time. I feel like I mean all the time the. I get depressed its effecting everything in my life
—Guest Hate feeling this way


I felt that it was my duty to post this. I agree with Colleen. I too had many symptoms, foggy mind, dizzy, weak, rapid heart rate, palpitations, anxiety, and more. I was sent to a cardiologist, a neurologist, and many other specialist. All of my test came back normal (except they did find that I had a slightly high ESR, which indicated that I had some kind of infection in my body). I was on antibiotics which eventually cleared up the infection, but the other symptoms where still there. I began to take a multi-vitamin, probiotic and fish oil which seemed to help some although I still had anxiety, heart palpitations, dizziness, foggy brain and issues sleeping as well as an enlarged thyroid. I came across a web site that said that lack of iodine can cause an enlarged thyroid while thyroid hormones continued to remain in normal levels. I began taking an iodine supplement and within a month my symptoms have gone away.

I Am So Confused

Almost 8 years ago I was was told my thyroid levels were very low. I got my medications and do regular blood tests. In February, I was found almost dead on my sofa. It was then where I found out that my pituitary bled out during childbirth and has not been functioning. It is flat and just laying against my cranial wall. Went in to do the test and came back with my TSH is 19.81 and my T4 free is .5 and my DHEA is 1.5. My doctor has ordered more blood test, MRI and 24 hour pee tests. Then I get a letter from my insurance today saying they refuse the MRI and that after a conversation with my doctor they are concerned is for a tumor of the pituitary. What does all this mean?
—Guest Candie

Depressed, Fat, Tired...the List Goes On

I never had a problem with my thyroid, then all of a sudden, I was so tired all the time and have been slowly gaining weight. No matter what I do, it doesn't change. Since I go to a pain management doctor for my back pain they caught my low thyroid in routine blood work. I have been on Synthyroid for approximately 2 years now. About 6 months ago ,I switched to a new PCP and through more blood work determined that I have Hashimoto's disease. They upped my Synthyroid and with that and working out daily (I walk 5+ miles a day), I have managed to keep my weight the same. I still have days that I just want to sleep all day and have a hard time even staying awake, nights that I can't fall asleep even with medications, multiple days I will be annoyed, irritated and just want to be left alone and I don't know why. I am feeling depressed over a lack of control over my own body.
—Guest mommieof4kids

Constipation andHypothyroidism

I have hypothyroidism. The worse of all my symptoms is constipation. It does not matter what I eat, I do not get rid of the problem with going to the problem. I would love to find out what to do as probiotics do not help.
—Guest monsie

Medicine never Right

I totally get you, I'm always changing my medication dose. It's super high and my moods are scary. :) I'm depressed and then at times very anxious. I've been on medication for underactive thyroid since I was a child.
—Guest bridgett


I have been taking Synthorid for 35 years, antidepressants for 24 years and Xanax for 30 years and now my nerves are going crazy. I wonder what is happening to me.
—Guest bonnie

Thanks for Not Making Me Feel Alone

I too have had thyroid cancer (filular) and more times then not doctors make me sound like a crybaby. My levels are all over the place and have been for almost 10 years. I am always depressed and tired. I take medications for sleepiness and depression, but I think they are doing worse damage. Today my leg, arm and face are all swollen and I don't know what to do, especially when my husband and kids tell me its all in my head and I'm just lazy!!!!! Someone out there please have the answer I need.
—Guest finallyimnotalone

Can't Tolerate Thyroid Meds

I've recently been diagnosed as hypothyroid (although I knew it was coming), but am having a terrible time tolerating even the smallest dose of medication. I've tried Synthroid, Armour, naturopathic thyrosine, and currently a homeopathic thing. I start out slow, but as the drug builds up in my system, my skin burning (which I have anyway) starts getting worse, and then I break out in hives itching. I'm talking about as low as 1 mg. compounded pill. Most recently, I took 10 mg. of Doxepin (prescribed by my allergist) for itching and it totally caused urinary retention, to the point of being scary. I used to be able to tolerate this when I'd have itching from changes in other types of hormone prescriptions (I take a very small amount of estradiol (pill), and very small amount of natural progesterone). Right now I have pain in my upper left side of back near my kidney, although I just had a UA and there is no bacteria. This is frustrating. I'd love someone to post their experience.
—Guest Robin1252

Untested for Over 50 Years

I had a sub-total thyroidectomy when I was 16, also had a goiter. My parents were told that this was the best solution, so that I would not have to be on medications for the rest of my life. Now at 65, believe it or not, my new family doctor, asked me how are my thyroid numbers, I told him I had no idea. He could not beieve that after all these years, no one had ever tested it. My number was 15.1. Am on thyroid medications now, the lowest dose for a little over a month. Am going in a few days to see how my numbers are now. God knows how many things that have gone awry with my health, over the years, were caused by an unmonitored thyroid. Every time I saw a doctor, over the years, and the paper work that you have to fill out, under list of surgeries, I always listed that surgery almost 50 years ago. Had to believe no one ever questioned this before. Wish me luck.
—Guest judie


Most hyperthyroidsm is caused by copper deficiency. In fact almost all of it. Take copper for a week then start taking iron or else u will become anemic. Stay away from sodium and iodine. Eat 2 or 3 bananas a day. You need the potassium. Take calcium everyday with magnesium. The calcium will not work without it.
—Guest tito

Hypo is a Trip

I totally feel ya guys. This is a real drag. I just got diagnosed 3-4 months ago. Pretty much all the same symptoms. Some days are miserable. I'm maintaining weight, even lost a few pounds. But, it's difficult. I would also just love to regain some energy. Trying to be patient while dosages are adjusted. Good luck to everyone on a good connect with a doctor. I think I have a pretty good one.
—Guest Theresa

Tired of Not Knowing

52 years old and 12 years since hysterectomy. I cannot lose weight. Have headaches. Snore when I never did before. My breast went from a 34B to a 38DD. I have bad hot flashes. My mood switches from good to bad to sad and on and on quickly. I cry where i am not a crier. I have swelling in my legs and they ache especially in my Knees and Feet. My legs itch so bad sometimes and no matter how much I scratch I can't ever really get to the itch because it feels like it is just below the surfs. My circulation is terrible. I have had terrible Back Aches. My back hurts so bad that it is hard for me to get up from a sitting position. My feet and fingers will freeze to death. I feel as if I can go on and on. I am so frustrated most of the time with just about anything.
—Guest Guest Donda

Do I Have a Thyroid Problem?

I have lost weight and am down to 99 pounds. I have diarrhea now everyday. I lose sleep and can't concentrate. I am freezing all the time. Last year at 105 I went to the health department. The first blood test was lost. The doctor who I had never seen, said the second one showed nothing wrong. When I explained what was going on, he wanted me to see a psychiatrist. I eat. I'm not anorexic. It has now gotten worse. Winter is unbearable, and I just started my first job that I've been looking for for several years. Does anyone know what this can be? I have no insurance and don't know what to do. My mother and grandmother both had their thyroids killed. I would appreciate any suggestions you can give me. Thank you.
—Guest Valarie

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