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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011

I Am Worried!

For 7 years I have felt bad. I would get very angry when somebody provoked me about my thin body. I feel terrible! I can't sleep, I feel suicidal, I can't concentrate. Even when I do the things I always love I will hate them. I experience weight loss, a worried mind, I forget easily, have tightness in my ribs and I get palpitations. I feel like fainting sometimes. I work with impulse and am disorganized. I can't sleep. I get so scared and I will go to the doctor and do blood tests but they always tell me I'm fine. I don't feel fine and wonder what really is the problem? I don't know what to do. I am 32 years with a 4 year old boy born after an emergency Cesarean operation. Six months ago I was diagnosed with a severe sinosis but I can't take the antibiotic medication because whenever I take it I feel my heart is not beating properly. I will vomit and feel more sickly than before. I wish I knew what to do.

Possible Grave's Disease

I have these symptoms: nervousness, irritability, increased perspiration, thinning of your skin, fine brittle hair, muscular weakness especially involving the upper arms and thighs, shaky hands, panic disorder, insomnia, racing heart, more frequent bowel movements, and massive weight loss. I'm 21 years old, my mom, aunt and great aunt all have Grave's Disease. I'm scared I'll get it too, because I take medication that may have possibly jump-started this whole mess. I got tested today to see if my thyroid is the problem. It's scary being sick and not knowing what is wrong.
—Guest Rebecca Jeanne

Thyroid Issues

I'm a 21 a year old and I'm experiencing a lot of the same symptoms I am reading about on this site. I would think I am too young for these problems.
—Guest thandeka


My feet, hands, nose, etc are cold all the time. I eat once a day just because that is what I'm used to doing, but I eat really well. I'm losing inches but not weight and I'm tired all the time. I wonder if this is the beginning of a messed up thyroid . My weight does yo-yo. I've gone from 208 to 170 to 190 to 180, etc. I don't do soda, sweets or fast food. My blood pressure is 100/50 at times though it is usually 116/ 80 and as high as 130/80. I'm 38 and wonder if should I be worried.
—Guest Shawn campbell


I had normal blood tests that went up and down tests for years. recently I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's after a scan.
—Guest Jennifer


For over 2 years I have suffered high blood pressure resulting in collapse, foggy head and memory loss. I can't think. i have blurry vision, palpitations and muscle cramps in my arms. I also experience loin pain, dry skin and insomnia. I have had loads of cardio tests, which have all turned out fine. No one knows why my blood pressure frequently goes up to 229+. I hope someone figures out what is going on with my body to improve the quality of my life before I have a stroke.
—Guest Patricia Evans

Get a Second Opinion!

I should have gotten a second opinion when an endocrinologist recommended a thyroidectomy instead of any treatment at the first sign of goiter. Surgery should be a last resort, not a first. To compound the error, the surgeon failed to inform me he uses metal clips to tie off the blood supply, which are old school and possibly the cause of my current chronic pain in my neck and throat. I have learned this is what is termed a 'bad outcome'. I should have been better informed to avoid this - instead Lyrica, Levoxyl and Cytomel now inhabit my medicine cabinet and about 3 dozen titanium clips are embedded in my neck - against my wishes.
—Guest clipped


I went to my general practitioner in 2010 and told her I was losing my mind. She checked my thyroid but, never told me the levels said I was bi-polar. Two years later I felt like I was dying! My oxygen was 93. I experienced leg pain, sweating, fast heartbeat, high blood pressure. I found out my problem was thyroid-related at the ER. The ER doctor told me to go to general practitioner for medicine. She refused to treat me. I had to get my OBGYN to treat me and find a new doctor. My thyroid needed medicine back in 2010 and all of this caused severe problems. I now have acid reflux, c episodes, hypothyroidism that they cannot get to a good level. I also have severe Vitamin D deficiency, allergies insomnia and asthma. I have to take medicine for each health problem. The new general practitioner I have now has not once checked my thyroid even though I have seen her 4 times in the past 5 months. I still let my OBGYN treat my thyroid condition and she just found the Vitamin D deficiency because I typed her a page and a half of my problems in the past year. Shame my OBGYN has taken care of me better than the general practitioner. Push for doctors to treat you, there is only one you.
—Guest Dana Johnson


My hypothyroid signs started with terrible brain fog and depression. Then I started to gain weight, a stone a year. My concentration was nonexistent and I was exhausted all the time. Every afternoon I slept from 1 till 5 and still didn't have the energy to make dinner. My doctor kept telling me it was the menopause causing my symptoms. When I read on the internet that HRT can affect the thyroid test, I insisted I be treated with levo to see if my symptoms disappeared. After taking the first tablet, it was as if I woke up from a fog! I could think clearly for the first time in years and I didn't need an afternoon nap. I did feel quite nervy when I started taking them, but I do suffer from anxiety. So don't just listen to blood tests if your body is telling you what's wrong. Keep going back to the doctor's.


I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm overweight. I cant swallow and I keep having panic attacks. My dad has a thyroid condition. My hair is falling out and I'm so scared. I don't know what doctor to go to. The hospital gave me Zanex to calm my heart rate down but, did not tell me what to do.
—Guest joann

I'm Only 22

found out about my hypothyroid a few months ago. My doctor prescribed Levothyroxin but I've never been too good at taking medication daily. I would start and stop. Now, I'm waking up nauseous every morning along with feeling extremely cold and shaky. My family doesn't know much about the disease so whenever I tell them I feel bad and out of it they assume I'm just lazy and wanna sleep. I'm just so tired.
—Guest karla o

Grave's Disease

I have Grave's Disease. Ten years ago they removed most of my thyroid, not knowing it. Would have loved to have those 10 years I was told I didn't need a replacement. Now the new doctor wants to give me radio active iodine and kill my thyroid completely. I wonder how people feel after this procedure. I'm concerned about doing this procedure, but I am gaining weight and feeling crappy anyway. I wonder if it's worth it or if should I still try to handle my symptoms with Methemezole.
—Guest 2kidscrazymama1

Not Sure What's Wrong

I am 28 years old and I am not to sure what is going on with me. Since Halloween I have been sick like 5 times and 2 of those times has been strep throat once was lung infection other 2 times was the flu. I have now been experiencing extreme hair loss every time I have a shower it is coming out like a brush full of hair . I have extreme fatigue, no energy and mood swings, I am kinda scared have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, but just wondering if anyone has these symptoms. I would love to know what to test for.
—Guest Laura


My daughter is 15 years old! Four 4 years she's been the sickest person I know, constant sore throats, strep, anti-biotoics 8-10 times a year. Legs swelling/painful/sometimes itch bad! Panic Attacks, chest pains, headaches, waking up feeling tired, Feel Sick warn down 3 days at least out of week. Grades Struggling in school, can't focus, concentrate, forget things easily. The doctor diagnosed her with ADHD, but she didn't like the medications, so she don't take them. She has been to specialists of all sorts. I took her to her primary care doctor for depression and suicidal thoughts and the doctor gave her Selaxis. We returned 3 times for a check up and she still had the thoughts so the doctor kept upping her dose. A Hematologist prescribed her something for fibromyalgia leg pains (nerves) cause couldn't find anything wrong in test's with her legs. Both medications risk suicidal tendencies. Last night she tried to take her life. At the ER, the blood work came back and the doctor said she has an underactive thyroid! I'm so angry! Sure would like to talk to others in my situation!
—Guest michelle duke

Is it my Thyroid Still?

After my 2nd child I developed Hypothyroidism and was on Synthroid for 3 years before having issues after baby 3 and finding out I had Grave's. Great weight loss strategy, but due to pulmonary hypertension they recommended I have RAI. After RAI, I put on 50 lbs in 1 year and then another 10 the following year. My levels have been "normal" since 6 months after the RAI. I never stopped having raised anxiety (often around PMS time) and then recently have added dizziness, pounding heart and some arrhythmia (but not enough to be dangerous) and of course the ever present exhaustion/tiredness, moodiness. I have one doctor who wants me to be tested for another autoimmune disorder (I also have Celiac on top of thyroid) but have read that its possible to still have symptoms of thyroid disorder, even though levels are normal. Anyone else experience this? Please post.
—Guest Tiffany

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