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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011

Hashimotos & Gluten Free

I'm on week three of a gluten free diet. A few important things to remember is: high protein, green leafy veggies, NO processed sugar diet, low glycemic fruit diet. If you like caffeine and juices, sorry! Juices are full of sugar and caffeine messes with your adrenal glands. Always remember to not eat sugary foods before bedtime because if you have Hashimoto's you most likely are hypoglycemic as well. Having Hashimoto's is not all bad :) You're actually eating a healthier diet! Remember, protein and veggies are your best friends. Every meal eat protein!!!! I'm much more knowledgeable now my with disease. My doctor is concentrates his practice on the treatment of chronic neurological and metabolic conditions. Just going to a family MD and getting your TSH Levels checked is not enough if you want to be healthy! Seek out doctors who specialize in whole body health because Hashimoto's affects every cell in your body! Good Luck and stay positive!! :)))
—Guest Jen

Thyroid Symptoms

In August 2011, I was diagnosed with severe hyperthyroidism. Having gained 5 kilos in 4 months and being a very light eater with daily yoga and other exercise, it did not make any sense. I experienced a headache every day for a month and feeling nauseous. Then, I found that I had no thyroid function. The unfortunate thing is that you don't know! You are so confused and so tired. The best thing about my 2011 diagnosis is finding out that you have to be in control of your own health.
—Guest Samantha McNamara

Thryoid /Grave's Signs and Symptoms

My first sign was the intense heat. I couldn't bear it. It was winter and we had snow on the ground and I had to have the windows open because I was overheating. Then followed a sudden collapse with a dangerous heat rate of 125 beats per min. Even now, 4 years after having my thyroid removed, I am still suffering from symptoms from the Grave's disease. It has attacked my eyes and now my legs, causing lumps and burning rashes. I do feel very alone with this and I feel if the symptoms will at some point kill me, which probably has more to do with the fatigue. You just do not feel like you can do very much in your life when you are this tired. I am willing to talk to others if I can help them, I will.
—Guest lesley

Thyroid Symptoms

I had symptoms for months, but I did not know what was causing them. I had quit smoking and by the fourth month I had gained 15 pounds, was totally exhausted and was freezing cold all the time. I was very irritable and could not concentrate. Finally a co-worker recognized my symptoms & harassed me every day until I went to the doctor! T he doctor DID NOT want to do the blood test and insisted it was just that I was getting older (46) and had quit smoking. I begged her to just do it! The results came 2 days later, my TSH was 95.67!! I've been on medication now for 1 year and I am finally starting to feel normal!
—Guest triciaguest

Thyroid Symptoms

I have tried several options for losing weight and still seem to gain. One moth I actually gained 4 pounds! I have been having trouble swallowing and sometimes choke and then can't regain my breath for what seems minutes. I told my doctor so they tested my blood during my 6-month check up for blood pressure. I am on Linsinopril and throat swelling is a side effect. I was switched to generic Diovan for 2 months with no improvement and due to my insurance ending had to go back to the Linsinopril as it is cheaper. I sometimes do have depression and hair thinning/loss. My weight is of great concern I feel almost like I inflate with every breath, that sounds comical, but so true.
—Guest Tina Cooke


It began with muscle aches in my legs. I thought nothing of it at the time. I just thought maybe I just overworked them. Then, it all started to go downhill. I started out at 260 pounds and went down to 179 pounds in about 2 months. In the beginning, I just had slight muscle aches, but then the aches turned into my body just shutting down. I would be walking and would just fall on my face! People would think I had a stroke and they would completely freak out about it. My skin broke out with acne, my hair started to fall out, I experienced heart palpitations and my blood pressure was ridiculous! The last straw was walking down my driveway and falling face first on the street. I went to the doctors for a check up and my doctor had to bring in a specialist because she couldn't take my blood pressure. I got diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism at 25 years old. I did the radioactive iodine treatment twice to fix it. I was put on levothroid for a few months and I seemed fine. I'm now 27 and have a new doctor he just told me that my lab work shows my thyroid 2x the normal level.
—Guest Mule

My Doctor Never Listens to Me

I am about to lose my job because I have been so sick and my doctor won't give me a note for work. I have been to the hospital 3 times. I have been in ER for shortness of breath, throwing up, ears ringing, chest pain, ribs hurt (like the feeling of someone standing on me). I have been choking on food, choking in my sleep and waking up to not being about to catch a breath. This has been happening since last year and now every time I go into my doctor's office she says I have a sinus infection and I am depressed. I'm so tired of being this sick! The hospital did a cat scan on my heart and happened to find thyroid nodules, but did not tell me! I went back to my doctor even more sick and told her I was at hospital twice. She told me I had anxiety again! I told her I did NOT! She looked at the ER records, sent me down for thyroid blood test and now I have been diagnosed with an overactive thyroid. I had thyroid ultrasounds done and they found 5 nodules and a goiter. After all of this, my doctor will not believe I am sick. I've missed a week of work, am experiencing very bad nausea, headaches, shortness of breath and my doctor doesn't care if I lose my job.


My heart goes out to the many who have suffered severely with this overlooked and misdiagnosed malady. I don't feel my symptoms are so incapacitating, though they are lifelong and largely emotional/mental with some general physical symptoms; but these determined men and women give me renewed determination to find a doctor who will at least think seriously about my symptoms and who will be willing to do more testing that TSH, T3, and T4. Thank you for your personal experiences!


I have an appointment to have an ultrasound of my thyroid. My doctor says she can feel a lump on my neck. I am sweating all the time, even my feet sweat and can't sleep at night. So frustrated with all the sweating I'm having. Can't wait until January 3rd to have the ultrasound.
—Guest nick

Diagnosed with Slighty Elevated Thyroid

My bloodwork came back with my thyroid levels slightly elevated. Going back to my primary for medication. Runs in my family too. Glad to have found out early on the onset.
—Guest Mary

Doctors Disgrace!!!!

I am a 41 year old woman. I have been going to doctors for over 20 years with fatigue, hair loss, very heavy period and low ferritin and for as long as I can remember I have been told that my test results were normal and I was fine. Then, I began having chronic ear infections, extremely dry skin, skin thickening, yellowing palms, stinging pain, rashes, insomnia, heart palpitations, constipation, bloating, eye pain, low Vitamin D, muscle pains, creaking bones and changes with my teeth/gums (now in braces). I was always told I was fine because the tests came back normal. So, I have ordered a saliva test for hormones and a blood test for thyroid. When I get the results I will chose the best method of treating myself. I am ashamed that I ever paid for health insurance. When I had ear infection they gave me antibiotics for three years and it never helped a thing.
—Guest Becky

I'm Tired

I am 29 years old. I have been living for almost a year ago with fatigue, a little anxiety and I often feel very jittery. I thought it was stress and my job. So, I quit that job and got one a little easier. It has now been over 8 months and I'm feeling the same way. Tired all the time! I sleep a good 8-9 hours every night and I still wake up tired sometimes and definitely feel it in the afternoon. I AM NOT DEPRESSED... though my doctor tried to diagnose me with depression/anxiety.
—Guest Sharon

My Biggest Signs

My top thyroid signs/symptoms are extreme pain and aching. I am 29 and I have always felt like I was very old. I thought it was normal to hurt all the time because I have had my thyroid issue for so long. I remember so clearly the feeling that my joints (knees hips and shoulders) felt like they were falling apart. They would crunch when ever I moved. When I woke up I would be in so much pain I could barely move. I had severe swelling in my extremities, which worsened with any salt consumption. There was extreme brain cloud, to the extent I couldn't remember what I had done five minutes prior to what I was doing. I couldn't function. My digestive system was so abnormal. I had severe anemia that is common with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I had mood swings constantly complete with bouts of anger and irritability. I also experienced a swelling in my throat to the point where I could hardly swallow. If you have any of these symptoms get checked for thyroid issues! I have been treated with Armour thyroid, which has saved my life and alleviated all these issues
—Guest Jen


I have 13 diagnosed auto immune illnesses and I wonder how many of them are ACTUALLY a thyroid problem. I am always having more and more symptoms, four typed pages of symptoms! Lately my blood pressure is out of control, going from being 170/183 and dropping to 65/83. My glucose doing the same high and then extreme drops thing my blood pressure does. My latest blood tests show all my numbers out of range and my TSH jumped by five times the amount, my cholesterol and the other numbers are all out of control! I am on Synthroid, but I asked for some Armour because I need T3. Lately, there is BURNING in my chest and I realize it is my Thyroid area. I have lung and heart illnesses, but they cannot find what is causing the burning I am experiencing. I am thinking it is my thyroid and my nodule could be causing it! I feel at times these episodes will kill me and it would take PAGES to explain it all. I have 12 specialists.

Thyroid Issue?

I am 17 years old. Until about two years ago, I seemed fine but, then got almost 3 dress sizes bigger even though I workout and eat right. My friends are all convinced that I am bipolar and sometimes I get so angry or sad I feel like I'm going insane.
—Guest megan
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