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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011

Thyroid Medication Intolerence

I tried Synthroid for a while, but no matter how much I lowered the dose it made me race inside. I take Armour now and it's a bit better, but the medication still makes me speed. I have engery anyway! I don't have insurance so I can't afford a lot of testing and doctor appointments. The one endocrinologist who I was with said I should take more, but I just can't. I am thin, but at my normal weight. The last blood was normal, but I think the numbers were borderline low. i have no symptoms of low thyrois. i lost weight when i quit other meds, been the same since.
—Guest elf

Body Allergic to Thyroid

I was 28 when my symptoms started. I had a year of blood work to no avail. I also had wolf parkinson white syndrome. I was told later my thyroid was agitating the heart arrythmial. I am now 67 years old and still having issues. I had 2 small children and a husband not believing me. I was told to see pyschiatrist. I hope this helps anybody reading. This disease ruined my marriage.
—Guest Sue

SO Tired

I had been getting so tired and short of breath. I had a attack and then a 5-way bypass. I was left with 4 stints. Two years after all this I was still so tired I never left the house. I experienced thinning hair and I was depressed all the time. The blood work showed low thyroid. So, I started on Levo. I am still as tired when I get up as I am when I go to bed. I stay locked in a lot and experience weight gain. I would just love to be my old self again.

Long Suffered Before The Right Diagnosis

I am 28 year old man and was diagnosed with Hypothyroid last November in 2011. I know I have had the symptoms for far longer than that. Symptoms included extremely moody/irritated, depressed, highly lethargic, extremely absent minded (so much that others would laugh at me). I have felt stupid for not understanding simple things that I would have grasped easily otherwise. I could not stand the air conditioning in my office and had to wear a sweater - the only person to do so. I have had weight fluctuations as well. Finally in March 2011, I gained about 10 kgs extra. My ankles and my face swelled. Further, I noticed that I could not walk more than 10 minutes. If I did I would get terrible leg cramps. I would even get cramps if I tensed my jaw muscles. The situation continued. I also had extremely loud snoring until, finally, my neck started to ache. I went to a ENT doctor who diagnosed me as hypothyroid. I lost my girlfriend due to my stupidity, lack of decision making and paranoid and lethrgic behavior during this condition period. I cannot blame her. :(
—Guest Fellow sufferer

I Have All The Symptoms

Thanks so much! I thought I was going crazy. Now, I know something must have changed with the growth on my thyroid!
—Guest Valorie

I Am So Tired!

I'm 12 and my parents are convinced that I have a thyroid problem. I sleep for hours after school even though I do sleep for 8-9 hours at night. When I do get up from my long naps I am not hungry and go without dinner. Today I started feeling very nervous for no apparent reason and had an awful belly ache. Not to mention the flym running down my esophagus 24/7.
—Guest Anslee

My Medication Is Never Right

I am now 23 and have had thyroid problems since the day I was born. I am on a very high dose of Levothyroxine, but doctors are forever increasing my daily dose as tests show my levels are still strangely abnormal. I suffer with spouts of depression, feel tired, loss of breath and anxious a lot. I don't think people quite realize how much this tiny gland affects their lives.
—Guest kylie

Signs and Symptoms

I have adrenal fatigue, candida and several food sensitivities. My doctor is running tests for hypothroidism. I am SO exhausted; I hardly get out of bed. I am cold all the time, cry alot, irritable and have alot of muscle cramping going on.... just not myself.
—Guest cwpraisinJC

Blood Test Positive

I had a full body scan in 2003. The doctor noted something in my neck and throat. I thought it was the large pills I had taken an hour ago. They sent the report to my person doctor, but it was never addressed. At the time of the body scan, my weight had dropped from 140 to 119 pounds. I am 5'7 tall and my weight has never went over 135. I had a hystomracomy in 2003 and everyone said I would gain weight, but i kept losing. Then, the fatigue and being cold all the time started. I experienced chronic pain and weakness. I have fibromyligia and assumed that what was causing the weakness and body coldness. After a blood test, my doctor ordered a ultrasound to check for a growth. I had a tumor on my salvatory gland at 25 and it was removed. Now, I am afraid there were no large pills stuck in my throat or neck and this thing has been going on since 2003! I have never weighed more then 125 within the last four months! I have no appetite at all! I hope I did not blow it when I had the full body scan.

Bipolar Disorder Connection

My sister, who is 31 years old, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 4 years ago. It has been a shock for each member of the family dealing with her mood swings, depression, suicidal attempts, maniac states, etc. There are no mental illneses running in either side of the family. The doctor has been treating her illness with lithium, among other medicines. She had some lumps around her neck for about the same length of time. Finally, it turned out to be thyroid cancer (the doctors thought it was inflammation was nothing to worry about) and the psychiatric doctor had been treating only her mental symptoms. Now, she not only has hypothyroid, but she has undergone 2 surgeries and iodine. The cancer spread to her lungs and we still don't know if it might be late for her. Please, if your mental health is compromised, do a thyroid test before taking any medicines!
—Guest Kathina76

Me Too!

I just want to cry with all of these stories I am reading on this site. I am just like all of you. I suffer from a thyroid disorder. I am on a 130 dose and am also anemic with low blood cells. I am only 21. I used to have hair extensions, but I am losing all of my hair and I have gained 50 pounds without any explanation. I eat 1 time a day and I am always tired and dizzy. I forget things and I sometimes feel as if my brain doesn’t have enough oxygen. I wear glasses now. Every day I pray to God that I can stick around for my 3 children.

Mom's Late Diagnosis

I can't believe this is so widespread. My Mom was another poorly treated older female patient. She struggled with all the symptoms for around six years and had the same experience with harmfully, neglectfully inaccurate diagnoses and treatments. It is heartbreaking that on top of legitimately miserable symptoms, thyroid problem sufferers also have to bear the dirision of judgmental and unprofessional doctors. I hope the medical community has taken notice.
—Guest Lara

Hypo Hell

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid disorder in January of 2012. My TSH was 64. So they put on 75mg of Synthroid, which took some getting used to, but I felt better. I had more energy. I started taking digestive enzymes before each meal because the medicine did cause some constipation. So all was well... then, I had my 8 week check up... my TSH was 1.4 - Perfect! Then, about 3 weeks later, my symtoms were back! I felt like I was walking through a swamp everyday. I was feeling angry because fatique is a mother!! I had symptoms of brain fog, leg pain, ect. So, I go to see my doctor and he says, " Well you were just tested 3 weeks ago." So what???? I feel crappy now. The thing I hate about being hypothyroid is that I feel like we are treated as cry babies and lazy people. Doctors and even family who love me say things that hurt. I often hear people ask me if I was napping if I don't get to the phone in time to answer! Arggggh!! Yes, I do nap a lot because I never feel rested. It's not my fault! I wish I could find a cure and feel normal again.

Unknown Symptoms

I'm 30 years old and married. The last 15 days I have gotten tired easily, aggravated and depressed frequently. I am now from 4 days feeling sick and experiencing body aches in my back and lower abdomen. I got my urine culture today and tomorrow I'll get my thyroid checked . My mother has had a thyroid problem for 5 years. It may be this or may be that, but there is definitely something wrong happening in my body. I was also diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 2 years ago. I wish to be healthy and enjoy praying to God to achieve enlightenment. All who are suffering with ill health, I wish them a good healthy life soon.
—Guest Beni

Questioning Hypothyroidism Diagnosis

I was experiencing tremendous stress in 2006 (divorce, new job, loss of two family pets and much more). I saw my doctor for help with anxiety and was diagnosed with underactive thyroid. I started on 25 mcg, then 50 mcg and settled at 88 mcg for the last 4 years. Over those 4 years, I would occasionally experience bloating, headaches and feel tired all the time. The last 3-month prescription was the worst, I was tired, my eyes hurt, I experienced breathlessness, body aches, dizziness, racing heart and no balance. I didn't realize that was my last refill so basically ran out until I could make a doctor appointment. With each day that passed, I felt better not on the Levothyroxine. When I finally saw my doctor I was told to wait one more month and then get lab work. When I did, she said she definitely wants me to start taking my medication again. I don't understand how I feel great without the medication and horrible on it, but my doctor says I am still out of normal range. I have heard some of these drugs have potency problems and some recalls. This knowledge makes me unsure of what to do.
—Guest hypothyroidism misdiagnosis
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