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Readers Respond: Your Top Thyroid Signs and Symptoms

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Updated April 28, 2011

Hashimoto's is Caused By Wheat

Medical tests now confirm that Hashimoto's is caused by a wheat intolerance. Usually genetic, you will test positive for the Celiac DQ2 or DQ8. Go on a gluten free diet and start taking 1 drop every morning of Iodine (Lugol's solution). This will stop the Hashimoto's antibodies from attacking. Other grains you cannot eat are oatmeal (unless gluten free), barley and rye.
—Guest NaNa

Neck Glands, Weight Loss & Chest Pain

In January I started to feel a gland in the lower part of my neck after 4 to 5. I had another under my jaw. In May I had a fever and got a hoarse voice for 3 days, but after that I realised I lost some weight, but I was eating normally. I had no problem eating and in a few weeks after my fever I started to feel the chest pain and had a problem swallowing. So I was wondering if I have a thyroid and how am I gonna get help.
—Guest ziningi

Sick of Everything

Wow! I know someone with the exact same symptoms as you even the h pylori. With that being said it ended up being Lupus. I just saw him yesterday and he look amazing he looks like a new man.
—Guest Ginger

Guys Have Thyroid Problems Too

Hi. I went misdiagnosed with hypothyroid for years. I am a 29 year old male. My symptoms started out as having to go to the bathroom all the time. Then progressed to lethargy, jt pain, cloudy memory, depression, really dry skin, and cholesterol and weight had been tracking up for years. Started Synthoid .5 and feel better for first time in years. :) Doctors should really be checking everyone's thyroid in physicals.
—Guest Brett

Joint Pain

I'm taking the generic brand for Synthroid and I have terrible joint pain everywhere.
—Guest liz loggins

Run Down

I had my thyroid completely removed due to cancer about a year ago. My endocronologist has me on 250 mcg of Levothyroxine. They told me I needed another body scan to make sure I am still cancer free so he had to taker completely off the medicine. In less than a week I have severe headaches sluggish and worn out shaking all the time moody having trouble breathing dizzy and having trouble with my vision. He was going to leave me off for a month but with my recent trip to the ER he learned that I couldn't hold out that long. I am glad he is being thurough with the cancer but it seems like there should be a better way. Hypothyroid issues can affect the heart and I already have heart valves that will need to be replaced ( hereditary). I just hope this whole process doesn't speed uptime need for heart surgery.
—Guest Just want to feel good

Thyroid, Depression, Panic Attacks...etc

I use to struggle with panic attacks and all types of disorders. Every doctor would diagnose me with something different and give loads of prescriptions. Nothing worked! I started looking into naturopathic and hostolic meds...it has done wonders in my life! Ive given my life to God and pray daily and take my daily dose natural medication that are not harmful and have no side effects. But actually work!!! Now I only see the doctor once a year for a yearly exam. Its amazing!!! Please look into it, it really works!!!!
—Guest claud

Worst Symptoms

I have this gurgling in my throat in the area of my adam's apple, and my thyroid hurts. I take an Iodine tablet and it stops gurgling and doesn't hurt anymore. I will be going to the doctor very soon to find out more about what I need to do, but it probably won't be an MD. I have many of the sympton's and been to ER twice. They tell me I'm fine.
—Guest Desiree Kassab


I have been losing weight and my current weight is 47kgs. I am worried that I may have a thyroid problem.
—Guest Audrey Abayasundra

I was told my "symptoms aren't really

Just want to say that if you are in the Alabama Gulf coast area, you are limited as to picking an endocrinologist. There is only one near me, doctor, Judson Menefee. I went to him desperate for help with my utter exhaustion, thin brittle nails, hoarse voice, panic and anxiety and depression, and history of thyroid disease in both parents. He informed me that my "symptoms weren't really symptoms, now are they?" And told me I should be seeing my psychiatrist instead. He also "doesn't believe in" chronic fatigue syndrome. And although my serum sodium and serum chloride had been low in my last five years worth of labs, they happened to be borderline on the one he took (at my insistence only). So he told me "they aren't low. Here's proof." He is a polite sweet man, I think and means well. But maybe a refresher course would be in order. Does anyone out there have an alternative to suggest?
—Guest Marsha

Thyroid and High Blood Pressure

Since my thyroid operation, my blood pressure has sky rocketed and I am constantly tired. Dizzy, lost weight and cannot function. Doctor says its all in my head, but it's not. I use to go out all the time but now I don't have the energy to leave the house. I need help.
—Guest Joan

Tired of Struggling

I was on thyroid medications 13 years ago and they worked great, when Armour got reconfigured I went downhill. I am currently about 50 pounds overweight, exhausted, emotional, having tons of symptoms. Was just recently diagnosed wtih Fibromyalgia, but not convinced. I work out (water aerobics) three times a week, eat healthy and small portions and am still not losing - gaining as a matter of fact. I am so desperate for help.


My thyroid glands were already removed but as years past. I'm still experiencing palpitations and lack of energy. I'm just worrying because I feel I'm dying and it's not good for us. I have 4 children that need my guidance and support. Please help me. I'm single working mom that can'tsupport all financial expense.
—Guest Dimple


I was sluggish with a low body temperature of 96 degrees 10 years ago before I went to a holistic doctor. With no blood tests, he said I had hypothyroidism. He gave me Armour Thyroid. I was against bovine thyroid medications, so I asked a new doctor to switch me to Levothyroxine (Synthroid), which I took for 10 more years (50 mcg). I recently learned that Synthroid demineralizes the bones and causes osteoporosis, so I stopped Synthroid and waited to see the blood tests. The TSH is normal even though I am not on Synthroid. My advice is if you are on Synthroid, or a like medication for hypothyroidism, see an Endocrinologist and be checked once a year. I feel I obviously didn't need to spend 10 years taking a medication that could possibly cause me thinning of the bones. It is Sodium Levothyroxine is the full name. I now take kelp to help my thyroid and... so far so good. I am trying to treat this with supplementation instead of taking a thyroid medication. I think its working. I have no hair loss and the blood tests are good.
—Guest P. Linton


I have had my thyroid tested since I was 18 and recently found out that my thyroid levels are slightly high. I'm now 26 and when I asked the doctor if it's a thyroid problem he said yes it could be, but it may not be that serious. I am skinny and underweight. I lose a lot of hair everyday and my underarms constantly smells even with deodorant. I can't tell you how many deodorants I used. I'm gonna go back to the doctor and get it tested again and see if I could be put on the right medications. For those of you still suffering, don't give up! Keep the faith. God knows and understands your pain. Trust in him and he will answer your prayers. He will give you blessings you never even imagined.:)
—Guest sarah

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