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Readers Respond: Thyroid Patients' Experiences with Thyroid Surgery and FNA Biopsy

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Updated May 11, 2011

What should a thyroid patient expect before, during and after the thyroid biopsy procedure known as fine needle aspiration, or FNA? What about a thyroid sugery? What is it like, first-hand from thyroid patients who've been through it? Share your story about FNA and/or thyroid surgery, and read other thyroid patients' accounts of their own experiences with thyroid biopsy or thyroidectomy. Share Your Story

Bad Experience Inconclusive Results

This was my second FNA in 1.5 years. The first one was ok. This one had/has me all over the place: swollen throat, pain, feels like something is always in my throat, earache out of this world, extreme fatigue and dizzy. My doctor says it's anxiety and dehydration. Yes I'm under stress and the FNA bad experience didn't help it at all. Now it must be repeated a month later! UUHHGG! I've been having bad neck muscle and throat issues since the FNA. What gives? Test results for autoimmune factor was POSITIVE ANA. No additional tests were ordered. Worried! As my mother went through the same process for over 3 years and goiters the size of a newborn's head grew out of her neck and the test results (the same few test they take all the time) said she was in normal range. A surgery later for complete thyroid removal and she's still feeling yucky. She said they told her she has tested positive for autoimmune disease. But which one? Go Figure!


FNA biopsy. I had a needle aspiration on my thyroid and was told they did not get enough cells. I refused to have it done again. It was extremely painful. Since the nodule I have is large enough, pressing on my carotid artery and I suffer with hypothyroidism, I am having thyroid gland removed... another awful experience I'm facing.
—Guest janice


I just had my FNAB done 4 hrs ago. The doctor and staff at Lafayette General Hospital were amazing! My doctor gave me Lidocaine which did burn a bit but once the procedure started, I felt no pain. They came back in 10 mins later to get more samples (stuck in total 6 times). Now since Lidocaine is wore off, It does hurt quite a bit but not bad.
—Guest Hershey’s 11


I was unprepared for the pain this caused. I cannot understand how something could be so brutaly painful. I would never do it again. If there are other options I would avoid this like the plague. HORRIBLE.
—Guest ann

thyroid biopsy

I had a uptake scan done last year and it was fine. Now that grew a little that suggest a biopsy. I'm so scared to have the test and scared of Thyroid cancer.
—Guest Rhonda


I had my biopsy done today and what PAIN. They had go do it twice the nurse mucked up, horrible horrible thing having a needle poking around in your throat. I felt very uncomfortable all night hope I feel a bit better tomorrow. Fingers crossed! xx
—Guest Tracy

Thyroid Needle Biopsy

I had a 4 needle biopsy a week ago. I was nervous, the doctor and assistant were great, but it was not without pain. It has been a week with no results yet... and I am still pretty sore on that side of neck.
—Guest cpete

After Surgery

I haven't felt right since my Thyroidectomy last year. If I could do it again, I would have got a second opinion. Constant headaches, body over heating, medicines have been switched 8 TIMES!!! Just over it all.

Never Again

It hurt so bad my whole body was shaking even after the Lidocaine. I will never do it again - need or not.
—Guest Janet


I had a needle aspiration on my thyroid and was told the did not get enough cells. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen? Now I have to wait a month and repeat procedure with no insurance. It was a $1000 procedure.
—Guest nancy


I had mine 10/29/13. No anesthetic with 4 passes into my right sided mass. First 3 weren't bad, but by the 4th he hit a nerve and I got hot and nauseated. No results until 11/11/13.
—Guest mimislim

Post FNA

I just had mine this morning - 3 samples taken. It was fine but I don't mind needles much. I do find that swallowing is a bit difficult (it's like having a bad sore throat) and the area feels a bit tender. I should have brought soup for lunch instead of solid food!
—Guest Kyeismum

FNA Biopsy

I have to disagree with a lot of people on here. I have never experienced such pain in my whole life as I did going through this test. I wouldn't do this to my worst enemy. Thank God for such a wonderful staff of medical people in the room with me, for if it wasn't for them I don't think I would have been able to finish the test. I was given 2 shots of lidocaine and I felt every tug and pull there was. I have had a headache for 2 days since and just want to sleep all day. I would recommend being put to sleep for this or don't do it.
—Guest Barb


I had my thyroid biopsied yesterday and had the normal local anesthetic. I have an extremely high pain tolerance, mind you, and due the depth of my nodule, the dr couldn't obtain an adequate sample. He could tell I was in a large amount of pain and stated it was best to sedate me. Working in the medical field as a nurse, I had never heard of this before. Today is the morning after and I could barely sleep due to the pain, and I cannot turn my head to either side of lift it up. Swallowing was difficult before but it ten times worse now. Anyone been through this before??!?
—Guest Jamie

Thyroid Biopsy

I had this procedure done August 26 2013 and it hurt...so much that I asked the doctor to stop.
—Guest ms.vee

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Thyroid Patients' Experiences with Thyroid Surgery and FNA Biopsy

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