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Readers Respond: How Thyroid Patients Can Relax, Be Mindful, and Achieve Balance and Healing

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Updated October 22, 2012

Much of the time, when I'm focusing on thyroid disease, it's on the practical aspects of coping -- finding the right doctors, getting diagnosed, the best treatments, supplements, dietary changes, and so on. But I also believe very strongly that healing is not just about treating or "curing" a thyroid condition with drugs and surgeries. Our attitude, mindset, and the energy that we bring to dealing with our health challenges has an impact on the quality of our day-to-day life and our ability to cope with chronic illness. What activities or practices do you find most helpful in relaxing, staying mindful, keeping a hopeful and optimistic spirit, and achieving balance and healing in your everyday life? Share your thoughts now. Share Your Favorite Ways

Roller Coaster, too

One lab gives one set of results; another is totally different. I took Synthroid for awhile but I was sick with insomnia and I gained a lot of weight. I was put on Levothyroxine and experienced the same thing - except I gained even more weight! I feel like my ankles and legs are swollen. So I was put on Spiro which just made the swelling worse. I can barely walk, I wear house shoes and I had to buy stretch pants and men's size T-shirts. This is very depressing. I go back next month for an ultrasound. I don't know what the results will be but I hope they find something and fix it. I have tried supplements but most of them have made me nauseous. I have IBS and hyperacidity so I cannot eat a lot of the foods recommended or I have other problems. I know I am a challenge, but after 5 years, I am getting very tired. I pray and have people praying for me, too, but right now I am very down.
—Guest Irish Girl

Never Alone

The Lord God knows every single one of our situations and what we are going through w/ thryoid cancer & treatment! He promises, when we put our trust, hope & faith in Him, to give us His peace which surpasses all understanding. God is creator of all and diligently seeks His children to seek Him. He loves us all very much and His promises are the only truth we can bank on! Thank you, Lord!
—Guest Krista

Finding Space in the Madness

The last seven years have been a roller-coaster of emotions, nerves and physical symptoms. The most relief I have found is through using natural supplements, going to bed early, taking time for myself and eating very health foods always. But most of all avoid stress, and this is done through reading positive books and avoiding anything that makes you anxious. Prayer and getting a deeper knowledge of God is by far the number one thing that has helped me survive going through menopause. I'm still struggling, but it is improving !
—Guest Missy


My doctor's lab still uses a range of .4 to 4.5 as normal. My TSH was 7.7 and I was put on 50mg "levo" and it was still 4.2. My doctor thought that was okay, but I mentioned the new study and he increased the dosage to 60 and that did the trick - it came back a month later at 2.42.

Mind-Body Approaches

I wonder if this has made my thyroid become more underactive. I was put on thyroid medication to deal with a very, very slightly underactive thyroid. It was discussed between me and my doctor and I was prescribed it due to symptoms I was already feeling even though it was only slightly underactive. I was put on a small dose around 2 months ago. I was told it would take about 6 weeks before it started becoming fully effective in my body. In the past week or so, I have noticed stronger symptoms relating to the underactive thyroid, that I did not notice before starting the medication, symptoms such as dry skin and much greater weight gain. I was told that there was a chance in taking the medication that as it may make my thyroid think that it was already getting enough of whatever the hormone is called that it could become much more or even fully underactive. Hope that make sense to you. I wonder if that really is possible in just 2 months of taking the medication considering that it takes 6 weeks to fully work that my thyroid could be reacting in this way. I have an appointment to see my doctor in a few days, but any medical advice FROM SOMEONE IN THE SAME POSITION OR IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION would be very helpful. Thanks.
—Guest XInouxGDfglacb

EFT and Emotion Code

EFT and the Emotion Code are both very effective in eliminating stress that complicates any disease. Clearing the throat chakra with the Violet Flame or any other light is also very good for thyroid patients.
—Guest Clover

YES - Mind/Body feels so good!

I agree and am thankful that you bring it up. I too have Hashimoto's and teach restorative yoga and qigong pranayama and meditation or visualization to women in South Jersey. Namaste!
—Guest M.

Relaxing achieve Balance

Hi Mary, thank you for the article. I am also a cancer survivor so healing is very important to me. I do a combination of guided imagery meditation, yoga, and prayer....I do not know how I would function without it. It has changed the way I see myself. Not so much as the victim, as a warrior, and self empowered with these tools.
—Guest Debbie

Relaxing with Creativity

I have found that tapping into my abilities and talents can greatly reduce my stress and keep me healthy. I pray for God's protection from illness first and foremost. But I also love to do anything with my hands (crochet, cross-stitch, canvas, poetry, drawing, etc) and use many forms together. Creating my own designs and patterns allows me to express myself and is freeing to my soul and immensely rewarding! As I work, I pray and think positively over any negative situation in my life or others around me. The creating process helps me to focus on the "new" or the "good" in all things. I encourage others to find where their peace is and use it to bring 'mind over matter'.
—Guest CreativeIN

Morning Walk / Evening Gym

Great stress buster, 7 days a week of walking at least 30 min and 5 day a week of gym at least 45 minutes for last 3 years - it is addictive :) Better stamina and shape even with zero weight loss , gives you an energy burst.
—Guest Pragati

Morning Walk/Evening Gym

Great stress buster: 7 days a week of walking at least 30 min. 5 days a week at the gym, at least 45 minutes for last 3 years - it is addictive! :) You achieve better stamina and shape even with zero weight loss, it gives you energy burst.
—Guest Pragati

Reiki and Acupuncture

I find Reiki and acupuncture really relaxing and I use it to boost my immune system.

Tai Chi for Me

I can't stand to lay around and meditate, but I did take a great tai chi class through my church, and now I try to do tai chi a few days a week. I feel very relaxed and peaceful, and I think it may have even lowered my blood pressure a bit. It really is a "moving meditation" like Mary said.
—Guest Pat S.

Yoga Breathing

I really love to do yoga breathing exercises that I've learned in yoga class. I can do them anywhere -- in the car, in bed, etc. -- and I find them very helpful in staying calm and focused.
—Guest Ellie G.

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How Thyroid Patients Can Relax, Be Mindful, and Achieve Balance and Healing

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