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I Have the Energy to be Creative Again

Share Your Story: What Important Life Lessons Have You Learned by Having a Thyroid Condition?

By ellenwhiteweir

Updated October 04, 2011

I Have the Energy to be Creative Again

I Have the Energy to be Creative Again

What Important Life Lesson Thyroid Disease Taught You

Do your own research. Don't count on traditional doctors except for emergencies and taking blood. Find a doctor that looks at your whole picture, who is somewhat humble, and who is not afraid to use alternative therapies.

How Has This Lesson Changed Your Life?

I feel like my self again and believe with the will, there's a way. But, I also know that i am lucky because I had the resources and time to pursue what turned out to be a full time job... recovering my health.


Don't doubt yourself and don't give up until you feel good.

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