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Share Your Story: Fatigue-Fighting Secrets for Thyroid Patients

By rowlyn

Updated October 04, 2011

Tell Us About Your Thyroid Condition and Your Fatigue

I've had hypothyroidism for maybe 20 years now. In the process of getting the right dose of Synthroid, I gained over 50 pounds. It was horrible. I've battled fatigue AND depression ever since.

What Are You Doing to Deal With Your Fatigue

Getting daily exercise helps a lot. Even brief bursts of cardio off and on through the day helps if I don't have time for a full-on work out. Example: if I'm dragging it helps to put on some fast, fun music and get moving for a few minutes! Things like varying my daily routine, getting enough quality sleep, and taking time out to 'create' help to boost me mentally. I find that if I'm doing things that keep me motivated, it also lessens the fatigue. Creating seems to use a part of my brain that makes me happy.


Get some exercise every day and vary your routine. Do 1 thing different today. Get enough sleep, find a way that works for you. Create! Scrapbook a page, or even elements for a page; bead some fun jewelry; write a story and share it with a friend; create a new recipe; carve out at least 10 minutes to do something you don't have to do... something that's fun... and share it with someone! You might be surprised how much that helps!
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