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Thyroid Surgery Scars

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By thattravelgirl03

Updated December 21, 2011

Thyroid Surgery Scars

My Surgery Story

Back in October, I went to my doctor complaining of shortness of breath. The doctor examined me and felt something where my thyroid was, which prompted him to send me for additional exams (ultrasound and biopsy). They found a hyper vascular solid follicular nodule that was about 4.3 cm in size. The surgeon recommended surgery to remove that half of the thyroid. I had an open incision surgery, with the incision about 3 inches wide. Everything came back benign and now it's so much easier to breathe and I'm not choking on tortilla chips anymore. Win, win!

About Your Scar

My surgery was just two weeks ago and my scar is healing nicely. The ugly scab section came off about one week or so later. Now that I'm 2 weeks out and it's looking a little pink and is a little sensitive to touch, but otherwise it's fine. So far, no one has made a big deal out of how it looks but I don't go out without a scarf at this point in time. When I do go to restaurants I take my scarf off and have gotten a few reactions. One person asked "did you cut yourself?" and all I could think was, "yeah, I accidentally took a knife to my neck and cut myself in a perfectly straight line." My manager looked at it and commented about it's size and then asked if I wore scarfs or something else to cover it. I think he was more curious about how I felt towards the scar than bothered by it though.


  • Invest in a few soft scarves, they help so much when you're ready to go out and about again
  • My surgeon recommended a silicone based ointment to help minimize the appearance of the scar. This same recommendation came from a plastic surgeon I work with as well.
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