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Thyroid Removal

Submit an Entry: Thyroid Surgery Scars -- Your Photos and Stories

By lindakha

Updated April 24, 2012

Thyroid Removal

After Four Months :-)

Thyroid Removal

At 10 days. Day After the Staples Were Removed

My Surgery Story

I had full total thyroid removal due to a multi nodular goiter. The doctors were undecided as to future prognosis, but did not want to do needle biopsy with the gland. I had never had a thyroid function test as my general practitioner had always said I had a weight problem because i ate too much. He just was not interested in checking further and my goiter was nonstandard. It was tiny, but on occasions it would swell. By the time I got an appointment, the swelling would have reduced. My new general practitioner asked for an ultrasound scan as an urgent case. Within weeks I was on the surgery table for removal.

About Your Scar

I was suprised at the size of my scar, as the only ones I had seen had been part removals or very old scars. I was told the insision was tiny these days and therefore, I did not bargain for the size of the cut I was left with. Over the first month I was very distraught by the size and the fact that it had been stapled closed with a "flap " making the most horrendous mess. People would physicaly recoil from the sight of it. I used an olive oil cleansing bar and Vitamin E pads with bio oil to reduce the apperance of the redness and swelling. Within 8 weeks, the scar was barely visible and now 7 months later it is practically unnoticeable.


Keep it clean, but without chemicals. Use natural soap free cleaners. Vitamin E pads/cloths/creams help. Bio oil realy does reduce the scaring.

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