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My Partial Lobectomy

Submit an Entry: Thyroid Surgery Scars -- Your Photos and Stories

By Memie

Updated October 04, 2011

My Partial Lobectomy

Thyroid surgery scar

My Surgery Story

I had a partial lobectomy in October of 2000, due to a few nodules and a large goiter that was cutting off my airway. Even my endocrinologist is impressed with the results that she has seen and has recommended her patients to seek out the services of my surgeon.

About Your Scar

As you can see my scar is barely noticable, most people don't even notice my scar unless I point it out. It took a few weeks for the pain to ease up and the doctor used staples instead of sutures as he felt that the scar would heal a lot quicker and have less of a chance to become infected. I am completely happy with the results in the way my neck has healed.


    To make the scar less visible, the doctor suggested I use vitamin E oil after surgery twice a day for a few months to help the area to heal quicker.
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