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Five Days Later, and a Year Later

Submit an Entry: Thyroid Surgery Scars -- Your Photos and Stories

By loriar66

Updated May 12, 2011

Five Days Later, and a Year Later

Five days after surgery.

Five Days Later, and a Year Later

Now almost a year later you can hardly see it.

My Surgery Story

I had a multinodular goiter--about 6 nodules on each side and a couple of them had been growing. The endo and the surgeon felt there were too many to adequately monitor and about 5 of them were big enough to require regular biopsies. I agreed to surgery largely because I hoped they might do a better job regulating my medicine if the thyroid was gone. I was so tired of being tired! I had endoscopic surgery. I stayed overnight in the hospital and they took excellent care of me. The end of July 2011 will mark one year since my surgery and I think we have finally found the right dosage of medicine for me.

About Your Scar

At first the incision was kind of gruesome to look at--for me anyway. They covered it with clear tape instead of a bandage. There was a fair amount of swelling too. But now, almost a year later you can hardly see it. I tried to remember to put lotion on it like Mederma, but I kept forgetting. I went to an outdoor party about a week after surgery and this wasn't really a good idea. I ended up having to be horizontal a while in my hostess's bedroom.


  • Do get pain medicine prescription filled, but you may only need it for a day or two.
  • Give yourself at least a week before you do anything energetic.
  • I had my Blackberry with me in the hospital room so I could listen to soothing music when I was awake.
  • Have someone to help you around the house for the first week. You won't feel like taking out the trash or doing dishes!
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