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A Story to Tell

Submit an Entry: Thyroid Surgery Scars -- Your Photos and Stories

By Stacia

Updated May 12, 2011

A Story to Tell

My Surgery Story

I was diagnosed with Graves' disease during my fourth pregnancy...was on the highest dose of medications possible and it just wasn't working. So at 14 weeks pregnant I underwent an open incision total thyroidectomy.

About Your Scar

My surgeon was wonderful! You could see the scar a few months after surgery but it was not very noticeable at all...I used vitamin E oil on it as well. At first people were concerned and would comment on it but I didn't mind to tell them all about it. Today, there's hardly anything there.


  • Vitamin E oil is always a good thing
  • Don't sweat the scar even if it's noticeable
  • You have a story to tell, tell it! :)
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