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Reader Submissions: Thyroid Surgery Scars -- Your Photos and Stories


Updated May 11, 2011

Thyroid patients often want so share with others what their thyroid surgery scars look like, because of the prominent location -- on the neck -- of these scars. Share photos and stories about your thyroidectomy scar, and see what other people's scars look like.

Thyroid Removal

I was suprised at the size of my scar, as the only ones I had seen had been part removals or very old scars. I was told the insision was tiny these days and therefore, I did not bargain for the size …More

Thyroid Surgery Scars

My surgery was just two weeks ago and my scar is healing nicely. The ugly scab section came off about one week or so later. Now that I'm 2 weeks out and it's looking a little pink and is a little sen…More

My Partial Lobectomy

As you can see my scar is barely noticable, most people don't even notice my scar unless I point it out. It took a few weeks for the pain to ease up and the doctor used staples instead of sutures as …More

My Scar - Total Thyroidectomy

It is approximately 1.5 inches in length, it is a fine line on the crease of my neck. I used to joke that my neckline is the only part of my body I like....it is very minimal. I was very worried and …More

My Total Thyroidectomy

i didn't have stitches. The doc closed me up with tape. It looked and felt a bit strange at first, and I scared the neighbor kid when he came around asking if he could shovel our driveway (it didn't …More

Thyroidectomy and Neck Dissection

I had a total thyroidectomy and neck dissection in 2005. They did another neck dissection surgery in 2006 because I still had elevated Tg levels. I remember the glue being really hard to come off. Lo…More

Three and Five Weeks Later

My first scar was very sensitive to cold for the first year. I live in New England and turtlenecks were not comfortable. I really didn't do anything special like massage or extra lotion. This new sca…More

My Smiling Scar

It was large and uncomfortable the first week or so but I never had any pain. The doctor removed the steri strips and I used Mederma and Neosporin. Key is keeping it moisturized. I don't hardly notic…More

After Two Surgeries

I was never really self-concious about the scar and now barely even realize it is there. It is a reminder of all that I have been through, but it is not blatently obvious to most. My scar is only abo…More

Great Surgeon!

It's been seven years since my diagnosis of thyroid cancer; and just over six years since treatment. I have cherished every moment.My scar is an inch long and you can hardly see it. My surgeon had re…More

One Month After Surgery

The scar was surprisingly small (especially considering the size and locations of my goiter). It was just a thin red line about 2.5" long at the base of my throat. It healed very quickly --within day…More

Surgery at Age 18

I don't really remember how long it took to heal because for probably the first year I was really self-conscious and tried not to think about it. I wore scarves for a really long time, sometimes even…More

My Lost Scar!

My scar extended from one side of my neck to the other. The surgeon who performed the surgery did a wonderful job and made the incision along an already existent fold in my neck. It actually took abo…More

Four Years Later

My scar seemed huge at first. I used Mederma for a few weeks. Now, it's almost invisible and no one notices it. I do use sunscreen when in the sun for very long because it will show up if I get a tan…More

Five Days Later, Three Years Later

I was told by the surgeon that I should be pleased that he only made a 2 inch scar rather than the typical 3-5 inch scar. I am certainly glad that he opted for the shorter version, but there is liter…More

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