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The Ideal Protein Diet Was Ideal For Me

Reader Reviews: Diet and Weight Loss Programs for Thyroid Patients: Pros & Cons

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By nancy

Updated July 23, 2010

Diet Programs From the Thyroid Patient Perspective

Name of the Diet/Weight Loss Program or Service: 

Ideal Protein

When did you follow this diet/weight loss program?: 

5 months so far this year



My Review 

I could not lose consistently on any diet and tried them all. My doctors all agreed that I should have a gastric bypass. I have Hashimoto's and Sjogren's so I was at my wit's end and sick of trying. I decided to try for a few weeks and see. Over five months, I have lost 60-65 lbs. It is a very strict diet but it works! I feel much better and I look better too. I am struggling to stay on and lose the rest of the weight but I have kept what I lost off. It is very quick in the beginning and costs about $100.00 a week. I have gone down 3 or 4 sizes and thrown out my heavy clothes. Finally. This works, try it.

Did you successfully lose weight on this diet? 


How much weight did you lose so far? 

51-100 lbs

Pros for Thyroid Patients? 

You will feel better and get your energy back. Your joints will feel better, this diet is pretty anti-inflammatory. You take a lot of supplements but they help too.

Cons for Thyroid Patients? 

I really haven't had any yet. My gallbladder is not great but it wasn't before the diet. I have no appendix so can't tell you about that. I think if you check with your doctor and follow this it seems ok.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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