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Kay Sheppard Recovery Food Plan

Reader Reviews: Diet and Weight Loss Programs for Thyroid Patients: Pros & Cons

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By OA53

Updated July 25, 2010

Diet Programs From the Thyroid Patient Perspective

Name of the Diet/Weight Loss Program or Service: 

Kay Sheppard Recovery Food Plan

When did you follow this diet/weight loss program?: 

Started 2-22-08



My Review 

This program is for recovery from food addiction. It is a sugar-, flour-, wheat- and caffeine-free food plan that totally eliminates cravings and restores physical and mental sanity. I started this food plan on 2-22-08 and have been 100% abstinent since then. I have lost a few pounds however the most significant thing about this program is that I am free of the cravings that caused the emotional issues associated with the toxic foods entering my body and wrecking havoc with every aspect of my life. I feel full of energy, have mental clarity and peacefulness. I am nutritionally satisfied each and every day. I am never hungry between meals and have restored my health to optimal for my age (late 50's). I will live this way for the rest of my life. It takes some work to get through the detox (about 7-10 days) and then the total feeling of wellness takes over. I encourage anyone suffering with overeating, undereating, bulimia, and the insanity that goes with these disorders, to try this program for 90 days. If you don't see and feel incredible positive changes, you can gladly have back your misery. If your body needs to lose weight, you will. If you need to gain weight, you will. If you need to maintain your weight right where it is, you will. Trust you body, it knows what it needs.

Did you successfully lose weight on this diet? 


Pros for Thyroid Patients? 

I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and have been on Armour for over 30 years. This program allowed me to feel my best everyday with no negative effect on my thyroid whatsoever.

Cons for Thyroid Patients? 


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