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Did poorly on Medifast and Blood Type Diets

Reader Reviews: Diet and Weight Loss Programs for Thyroid Patients: Pros & Cons

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By dkkw

Updated September 24, 2010

Diet Programs From the Thyroid Patient Perspective

Name of the Diet/Weight Loss Program or Service: 

Medifast and Blood Type Diets

When did you follow this diet/weight loss program?: 

2007 for Medifast and 2009 for Blood Type



My Review 

I was diagnosed with low normal thyroid in 1980 but at that time, it was considered not low enough to treat. I lived on caffeine for years and, of course, gained about 45 pounds. In 1995 I lost 30 of it on diet pills and a low fat, low protein, high fiber diet. I was sick all the time with allergies and colds, took a lot of antibiotics and ended up with a yeast overgrowth. I went to another doctor who finally put me on Armour Thyroid. I felt better and kept the weight off by taking phentermine occasionally and walking for an hour a day. While dating a man who insisted on doing all the cooking, I regained half of the weight (and he ended up with a triple bypass!). I went on Medifast in 2007 and lost about 10 pounds. I got used to not eating so much and kept it off for two and a half years by walking my dog four times a day. Then I went on the Blood Type diet in early 2009 and came down with a horrible case of gout. I started eating lots of cherries and it went away quickly. At the same time, I started getting a lot of colds again, vasomotor rhinitis caused by hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's. I probably made my thyroid worse by eating all that soy in the Medifast diet. From November 2009 through February 2010 I had a cold I could not get rid of. Desperate, I went on the web and found out that a drug that has been around a long time, low dose naltrexone, can really help people with autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's. My doctor is using it with other patients, so she prescribed it and I have not had a single cold since February, even when I have gone to baseball games in cold weather: a true miracle. I highly recommend low dose naltrexone. Recently I went to a site, Inherent Health, and did the genetic test for weight control. My results came back that I need to be careful with fats and needed to do a lot of intense exercise. My doctor checked my results and told me to take ox bile enzymes to help with the fat digestion. I have always felt better and lost weight when I was really physically active, like packing up a house. So I am still struggling, but I would never recommend Medifast or the Blood type diet or a low fat, low protein diet. They have only made me feel worse.

Did you successfully lose weight on this diet? 


How much weight did you lose so far? 

10 lbs or less

Pros for Thyroid Patients? 

Medifast is not good for thyroid patients.

Cons for Thyroid Patients? 

Medifast uses mostly soy-based products, which are terrible for thyroid patients.

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