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Lost 100 Pounds on the Atkins Diet

Reader Reviews: Pros and Cons of the Atkins Diet for Thyroid Patients

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By bmccoy830

Updated June 16, 2011

Lost 100 Pounds on the Atkins Diet

I was the one in the middle in blue 2000.

Lost 100 Pounds on the Atkins Diet

Me in 2005

The Atkins Diet and Atkins-Style Low-Carb Diets

Name of the Diet/Weight Loss Program or Service: 


When did you follow this diet/weight loss program?: 

2000 -2005


Did you successfully lose weight on this diet? 


ow much weight did you lose so far? 

51-100 lbs

Pros for Thyroid Patients? 

done, Atkins causes all blood levels to go to normal. Reading the book is basic. After three days the food addictions leave the body and cravings stop. You eat lots of salads ( up to 3 cups a day) and with the proteins you are completely satisfied. Protein snacks are good!

Cons for Thyroid Patients? 

One must read the book and learn to take advantage of proteins and green and yellow vegetables. Carbs do not work with fats. In fact, carbs are sugar and are addictive. Good vitamins are a must.

My Review 

I have an extreme case of Hashimotos Disease and metabolic resistance. It took five years, but those five years felt good; I felt in control finally. I read everything that I could get on Atkins and it paid off! The mind is a foul enemy! People fail for lack of knowledge. I lost 100 lbs. !

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