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Reader Reviews : Pros and Cons of the Atkins Diet for Thyroid Patients

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Updated October 06, 2010

The Atkins Diet is a popular weight loss program, and one that some thyroid patients are turning to when they want to lose weight. It's no secret that many thyroid patients end up hypothyroid, with an underactive or non-functioning thyroid, a slower metabolism, and other hormonal imbalances that contribute to weight gain, or difficulty losing weight. Here are reviews and stories, including pros and cons, from the unique perspective of thyroid patients who have personally tried the Atkins Diet and similar low-carbohydrate or other low-carb and carbohydrate-controlled weight loss programs.

Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress

I have been feeling all the usual hypothyroid symptoms for many years. Steadily gaining weight, depressed, so exhausted barely able to lift my arms. After the first 4 days into eating this way and it…More

25 Years Plus Succesfully Following Atkins

Many of us hypothyroid patients also have celiac disease and this diet is perfect for us as long as we always read labels. I am very active at 74, travel alone internationally 6 times each year, and …More

Lost 100 Pounds on the Atkins Diet

I have an extreme case of Hashimotos Disease and metabolic resistance. It took five years, but those five years felt good; I felt in control finally. I read everything that I could get on Atkins and …More

Atkins Worked for Me

I try to stay on the diet as much as possible, but I do get off of it around the holidays. I have found some creative recipes and have found that not drinking soda has helped alot. It's hard to think…More

An Atkins Fan

At one time I followed Atkins to the letter and lost 20 lbs in a month but also had a big rebound in weight after I went back to normal. My body does not metabolize carbs very well. I think it is con…More

My Atkins Report

Lost about 60 lbs in 4 months. Definitely going back to it if I need to lose weight, you do get a 3 day headache that is mild when you first start on it. This is the induction phase where you go thru…More

Atkins Advantage for Me

I tried Weight Watchers and gained 6 pounds. I then tried low carb and found that it worked for me. It's difficult because of the lack of fruit (high carb), although even prior to my diagnosis of bei…More

Atkins Diet Thoughts

I think the Atkins Diet is hard to get used to. No flour, no sugar, and no wheat. But it REALLY works. It gets easier as you learn what kinds of food you can have. You can go to their website and req…More

Atkins Diet

I did the Atkins Diet two years ago and it really helped me lose more than 40 pounds. I was not hungry all the time. Unfortunately, I somehow got it in my head that I could not possibly do this the r…More

Atkins Diet

I started Atkins about ten years ago. I lost 25 pounds on Atkins and have kept most of it off, except for gaining 3 pounds which I have been maintaining for the last six years. Previous to starting A…More

Atkins Diet

I followed the Atkins Diet and lost 84 pounds, very quickly. After 5 months something happened: my hair started falling out and the weight loss STOPPED. I'm still eating low carb but not as strict as…More

Atkins Diet

Having hypothyroidism, I decided over a year ago to become gluten-free, which has been successful. There are so many products that are gluten-free. The first two weeks was hell. I am a chocolatehoali…More

Atkins Diet

I had some success with Weight Watchers, but I always seem to plateau at 20 pounds lost! I'm presently on Atkins and I find it much easier for me to stick with. So far I have lost 18 pounds. It seems…More

Atkins Diet

I lost 130 pounds on Atkins. I actually lost too much and had to put about 25 pounds back on. I went from a 26 down to a 4, and back up to a healthy size 12. I am currently using the maintenance diet…More

The Atkins Diet

I gained about 20 pounds after I quit smoking and developed Hashimoto's disease. I tried Weight Watchers for a year and actually gained weight. I am very active, golf, run, bike, swim, yoga. I then s…More

My Atkins Diet Experience

My husband and I did Atkins. We did it right and followed it to the letter. We were able to go to Hawaii (in the midst of losing) and lost weight there, too! We got creative (steak with sauteed mushr…More

The Atkins Diet Works for Me

I have tried South Beach, went vegan, a hospital weight clinic, and was told it was impossible to drop weight. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism pretty late in the game. I kept telling the doctor t…More

The Atkins Diet Approach

I have known that I am hypoglycemic for many years, and was on a low carb diet most of the time, which helped a lot. When I started taking antidepressants, I gained 35 pounds. I have been on the Atki…More

A Modified Atkins Diet Approach

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and diabetes on the same day. I quickly learned that the key to feeling good for both diseases was to keep my blood glucose levels low - which meant either low car…More

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