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HCG Diet 1200 Calories

Reader Reviews: Pros and Cons of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Diet

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By AJG50

Updated February 16, 2012

HCG / Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) Diets

Name of the Diet/Weight Loss Program or Service: 

HCG 1,2,3,4

When did you follow this diet/weight loss program?: 




My Review 

The company refused to provide the information originally promised when the drops were ordered. They said the information was "on the internet". We had explained prior to ordering that we have a very slow dial-up system and are elderly. I can't sit and read on the computer for long periods of time. The company didn't care and wouldn't send the booklet promised on the phone and shown on their web site. I then ordered 'The HCG Guidebook', by Weiss from Amazon, which I feel was a waste. I'm on Day 8 of the diet and weigh the same as I did on Day 4! I am following every aspect of the diet to a T! I don't use make-up, or lotions, use only Stevia, weigh everything and keep a daily log book. I refuse to go to the extreme of eating only apples for a whole day, when I'm already weak and dizzy from the diet. Not to mention starving! Luckily, I only planned on doing 10 days the first time, with two days to 'get the drops out of my system', followed by 10 days of no sugar or starch. Still trying to find out, what they are calling starches. Starch actually occurs naturally in almost everything including fruits and veggies. I AM NOT LOSING THE 1 TO 2 POUNDS THEY CLAIMED AND I AM OBESE (260). This is/was a waste of a lot of money, time effort and hopefully hasn't adversely effected my health!! This may work fine, for the young, healthy person who needs to drop only a few pounds, like 10 to 20! This is not for the person who has serious health problems(like a thyroid condition)and NEEDS to REALLY lose weight.

Did you successfully lose weight on this diet? 


How much weight did you lose so far? 

10 lbs or less

Pros for Thyroid Patients? 

I really don't see any. Due to concern about loading days, I reduced my calories and carbohydrates (I was using the 1200 calorie plan). For over 30 days prior to starting, I lost 4 pounds. I may have actually gained weight that I now can't lose. I've lost little or none and feel very bad.

Cons for Thyroid Patients? 

Weakness, dizzy, groggy (depressed, tearful) worse then I was befor getting my thyroid medication. Very extreme diet with extreme food restriction. You can't eat just any veggie. You can't eat just 3.5 oz of protein and can only certain ones, but only one at a time!

In what format did you take HCG? 

Homeopathic drops (No Rx)

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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