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Winter and Thyroid Health

Few people realize the close relationship between the temperature outside, and the function of your thyroid. Here are a collection of articles and information about winter's connection to your thyroid health, wellness, diet, and fitness.

Winter Thyroid Survival Tips: How people with hypothyroidism, hyperth…
Thyroid patients, sometimes feeling cold even when it's warm out -- and frequently suffering from cold hands and feet already -- may feel that winter is a particularly tough time. But it doesn't have to be that way. Many thyroid patients have found ways to "winterize" themselves, their health, and their thyroid treatment, so they can enjoy better health during the colder months. Share your tips, …

Do Thyroid Patients Need a Flu Shot?
Whether or not thyroid and autoimmune disease patients should or should not get a flu shot -- the influenza vaccine -- each year is always a controversial question. Here is a look at some of the considerations, from thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon.

Put Some Gravy On That
Humorist and thyroid patient Jody LaFerriere shares her the things she's thankful for, which include her thyroid pills, TV, and...storage bins

Great Holiday Gifts for Thyroid Patients
If you're looking to give a great holiday gift for a loved one with thyroid disease -- or you're a thyroid patient who wants to print out a list for Santa -- or maybe you're going to give yourself a little gift this holiday season...here are GREAT gifts that thyroid patients love!

A Letter To My Pal Santa
Some people read Twas The Night Before Christmas every holiday season. Others watch It's a Wonderful Life or see the Nutcracker. But for regulars here at the About.com Thyroid site, it isn't Christmas unless we feature a beloved piece from America's funniest thyroid patient, Jody LaFerriere. Jody was wondering about the big man in the red suit....

0 Healthy Holiday Secrets for Thyroid Patients: How To Avoid Weight Gain,...
10 tips and ideas from thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon about how to avoid gaining weight, how to continue a successful diet, and find time to exercise, and stay healthy during the holiday season.

How Thyroid Patients Stay Healthy, Avoid Weight Gain, and Find Time To...
Thyroid patients share unique own tips, strategies, coping skills, ideas, and other stories about staying healthy during the holiday season. Stories and advice include how to avoid weight gain, ways to combat the stress of a busy holiday season, finding time to rest, exercise, eat well, and take care of health.

Winter and Holiday Help for Thyroid Patients
The winter -- and the holiday season -- can be a challenge for thyroid patients who want to stay healthy, rested, and avoid weight gain. Here is a collection of articles, tips, essays, gift ideas and information to help thyroid patients winterize their thyroid and health, stay on track with diet, exercise and energy through the holiday season,...

How to NOT Get Sick at Work This Winter
As the cold and flu season arrives, many of us use common sense cleaning practices to defend the family against harmful germs, but what about the place we spend most of our waking hours -- work? Here are some practical tips on how to not get sick at work this winter.

Best and Worst Holiday Gift Ideas for Thyroid Patients - gift suggestions...
If you are a thyroid patient, what holiday gift would be the perfect fit just for you? What special gift would be just right for you to find under the tree at Christmas, or during Hannukah? Or, as a thyroid patient, have you ever received a really bad gift, and feel a need to share your story so someone else doesn't make the same gift-giving...

Low-Fat, Low-Cal Eggnog
A recipe for low-fat, low-cal eggnog

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