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Is Everyday Pollution Disrupting Your Hormones?


Updated June 19, 2006

Is Everyday Pollution Disrupting Your Hormones?
6. Scrupulously avoid tap water, replacing with well-filtered (especially reverse osmosis) water when possible (reverse osmosis and distillation are the only ways to avoid fluoride if you live in a fluoridated community).

7. Stop paying pest-control companies to spray your house and lawn; there are a great many natural and non-toxic alternatives for various types of pests.

8. Direct your immune system to help your glands function well. Visualize your system restoring balance throughout the day.

9. Become more politically active at your workplace, and in your local community as well as nationally, to educate others, to help groups make more informed decisions that will preserve our collective well-being.

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Richard and Karilee Shames are authors of ThyroidPower and Feeling Fat, Fuzzy and Frazzled? In addition to their best-selling books and patient advocacy, the Shames team offers personalized coaching to help you live more chemical-free and hormone-balanced, especially as pertains to your thyroid, adrenal, and sex gland balance.

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