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Toxic Chemicals As a Cause of Thyroid Disease -- Perchlorate, Etc

Various toxins and chemicals, including perchlorate and pesticides, are linked to thyroid disease. Find out more about these toxins and chemicals that may trigger, cause or worsen thyroid conditions.
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  2. Perchlorate and the Thyroid

Fireworks and Your Thyroid: The Controversy
A look at the environmental and thyroid impact of fireworks, which contain a thyroid-damaging chemical called perchlorate.

New Study Suggests Perchlorate is Thyroid Danger to 44 Million American Women
Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have just released findings that show that American women -- and especially women with low iodine intake -- are at risk of hypothyroidism due to common exposure to the toxin perchlorate.

Is Everyday Pollution Disrupting Your Hormones?
First, the research data, followed by our suggestions for staying hormonally well despite endocrine disruption from pollution.

Perchlorate and the Thyroid: Deconstructing A Questionable Industry-Funded Study
When it comes to perchlorate and the thyroid, unfortunately, there appears to be so much corporate involvement in the research process, that some of the information presented as “unbiased research,” may in fact reflect, consciously or unconsciously, the interests of its sponsors and participants. One study that raises such questions is duscussed here.

Toxic Rocket Fuel Dangerous to Thyroid Found in California Milk
Toxic Rocket Fuel Dangerous to Thyroid Found in California Milk

Chemical in Drinking Water May Create Thyroid Problems
Researchers find that perchlorate in drinking water may be creating thyroid problems in Arizona newborns.

Fluoride: Hidden Danger in Your Drinking Water & Toothpaste
This common water additive and toothpaste ingredient may be contributing to the increased rates of hypothyroidism and other health concerns in the U.S. . . . without improving dental health

Pesticides for West Nile Mosquitos May be a Thyroid Danger
With fears on the rise over the West Nile Virus, New York City and Boston conducted widespread spraying programs to wipe out the infected mosquitos that spread the virus. Key insecticides resmethrin (brand name "Scourge") and sumithrin, ("Anvil") are, however, under fire as potentially toxic chemicals that pose a danger to the environment and health, including the thyroid.

Perchlorate: Thyroid Perils of Our Food and Water
An article discussing the link between perchlorate, a chemical by-product of fireworks production, rocket and rocket fuel production, and used in fertilizers, and thyroid problems.

Antithyroid Agent Perchlorate Found in US Fertilizers
Review of the news that shows the thyroid-damaging chemical perchlorate present in U.S. fertilizers and what this means for our food and water supply.

Thyroid Perils of Our Water & Food
Why won't the Air Force release information to EPA on perchlorate, a chemical in our food and water that can harm the thyroid?

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