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Troubleshooting Your Thyroid Hormone Replacement Drug Treatment

Overmedication, Undertreatment, Generic Drugs, and Potency Problems


Updated February 11, 2008

When thyroid hormone replacement doesn't seem to be working as well as it should, there are some factors to consider, including the possibility of overmedication, undertreatment, problems with generics drugs, or potency problems due to heat. Here are some issues to troubleshoot in your thyroid hormone replacement regimen.

1. Could You Be Overmedicated?

Thyroid hormone replacements drugs generally have few side effects, and for those who are hypothyroid due to disease, surgery or radioactive iodine, there are generally few risks to taking thyroid hormone replacement drugs -- levothyroxine drugs like Synthroid, one of the combination drugs like Thyrolar, or a natural desiccated thyroid drug like Armour. The most common risk or side effects of these drugs, however, is overmedication, which is discussed in this article.

2. Is Undertreatment Preventing You From Feeling Well?

If you're on thyroid hormone replacement, have a TSH level that's in the normal range, and are still having a range of thyroid-related symptoms, you may be one of the millions of thyroid patients suffering from undertreatment. This article looks at how to optimize your treatment.

3. Should You Be Concerned About Taking Generic Thyroid Drugs?

If you are taking generic levothyroxine, you'll want to know why the major endocrinology and thyroid organizations recommend against the generic thyroid drugs, and believe that you should take a brand-name medication.

4. Hot Temperatures May be Hazardous to Your Thyroid Medications

If you take any prescription drugs, you need to be aware that summer's high temperatures -- for storage and shipping -- can degrade the potency and stability of many medications, including thyroid drugs. Find out whether hot temperatures could be affecting your thyroid medication and your treatment.
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