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Thyroid Drug Potency is Being Tightened: FDA Changes Specs for Levothyroxine

Synthroid, Levoxyl, Levothroid, Unithroid, and the Generics Are All Affected


Updated October 04, 2007

Thyroid Drug Potency is Being Tightened: FDA Changes Specs for Levothyroxine
Ultimately, however, in 2009 when the new specifications go into effect, the narrowing of the potency range for levothyroxine should result in more consistent results for patients. When you switch brands or dosage size of levothyroxine, there will be less of a gap in effectiveness, and your medication should, in general, more reliably deliver levothyroxine in a dosage closer to -- and no more than 5% more or less than -- the stated dose.

And if you, like millions of Americans, take a generic levothyroxine, the narrower range will reduce the possibility of wider potency fluctuations -- and thus, overdosage, underdosage, or poor suppression of your thyroid levels -- that can occur after prescription refills. When you refill a generic, you typically receive levothyroxine from whichever manufacturer your distributor has available at that time, so potency fluctuations have been a particular concern for patients on generic levothyroxine. (Read more about concerns about generic levothyroxine based on potency standards.)

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FDA Acts to Ensure Thyroid Drugs Don't Lose Potency Before Expiration Date," Press Release, October 3, 2007, online

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