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10 Things You Can Do to Prevent A Thyroid Condition


Updated June 23, 2014

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Watch Out for Fluoride: What's Good for Teeth May Be Bad for The Thyroid
10 Things You Can Do to Prevent A Thyroid Condition
Fluoride used to used as a drug to treat hyperthyroidism, an overactive thyroid, because it makes the thyroid underactive quite effectively.

This is why you need to be particularly careful in today's over-fluoridated world, where water supplies, plus toothpastes, plus dental rinses, and other treatments all want to put more fluoride into our systems.

Some experts recommend you avoid fluoridated water -- try a bottled water that you've verified is fluoride free, and avoid fluoride treatments and fluoridated toothpaste.

For more information, see: Drs. Richard and Karilee Shames' discussion of the issue of fluoride and thyroid disease, as well as other Thyroid/Fluoride Links.

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