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10 Things You Can Do to Prevent A Thyroid Condition


Updated June 23, 2014

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Ask for a Thyroid Collar When X-Rayed
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Thyroid disease affects as many as 59 million Americans, and many experts believe that the number of people affected is only going to rise further in the 21st century.

The thyroid is the master gland of metabolism and energy, and problems with the gland affect everything from weight, to mental health, to fertility, heart disease risk, and many other important aspects of our day-to-day health.

Are there ways to reduce your risk of developing a thyroid condition? Definitely! Here are 10 suggestions that can help you reduce your risk.

Ask for a Thyroid Collar When X-Rayed

When you get dental x-rays, or x-rays of the head, neck, or collarbone area, does the x-ray technician use a lead collar on your thyroid?

Most likely, your answer is no.

And that means, your thyroid is being needlessly exposed to radiation. The thyroid is particularly sensitive to radiation, and excessive radiation exposure is a known risk factor for various thyroid conditions.

So, the next time you're getting an x-ray, ask for "the thyroid collar." It's a small collar that looks a bit like the neck part of a turtleneck sweater, and it's heavy and lined in lead. The dentist or technician can place it around your neck before x-rays are taken.

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