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I'm Tired, I'm Frustrated, and I GIVE UP!

How to Move Forward


Updated May 16, 2014

I'm Tired, I'm Frustrated, and I GIVE UP!
It's introduced me to many fascinating and pioneering practitioners, I've made lifelong friends of amazing and caring fellow thyroid patients. I'm learning how to treasure the days and weeks and months when I DO feel well, and to never, ever take my health or the health of others for granted.

As for my friend, his thyroid cancer may not be cured, but with his love of life and people and his refusal to focus on the negative, he is certainly healed in his spirit.

He is constantly moving forward, while living in the moment, and not looking back.

And he is truly so much happier than so many people I know who enjoy far better health than he does.

Struggling to feel well may always be a challenge for those of us with lifelong hypothyroidism -- or any chronic disease for that matter -- but there's one thing that no pill or endocrinologist or herb can change, and that's how we choose to live our lives, and whether our health controls us, or vice versa.

Can you find a way to focus on moving forward, without being pessimistic or optimistic, but neutral?

Can you stop viewing your health as a huge project hanging over your head that must be resolved?

Can you find some things that may help you live more in the moment, without giving up hope in the future?

Truthfully, I don't know if you are the one person with hypothyroidism who can't be helped in any way. It's possible you may be the one person who can't lose a pound no matter what you do. You may have left no stone unturned in your efforts.

Only you can decide if you have indeed done everything you can do -- and more importantly, want to do -- to feel better. Only you can decide if you have actually given it enough time, tried enough different thyroid medications, seen every practitioner you can, explored diets from low-carb to low-fat to low-cal, dealt with the mind-body aspects of chronic disease, and so on. If you want more ideas and advice in this respect, I'm here to help.

But if you have truly done everything you personally can do, then the next step is acceptance, and moving on. It's deciding that it is time to focus on being healed, instead of being cured.

The only person who can give you permission to let go and move on is you. But please do know that as you move on, there are many of us moving on right alongside you.

Stop by the Thyroid Forum, and I promise you'll have company on your journey!

Live well,


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