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Synthroid -- Information on the Top-Selling Levothyroxine Drug

Synthroid is the top-selling levothyroxine drug, and one of the most widely sold medications in the world. Since the majority of thyroid patients take this drug, patients need to know more about this sometimes controversial drug.
  1. The Synthroid Controvers...

Acacia and Lactose in Synthroid Can Cause Allergic Reactions
The ingredients acacia and lactose in the levothyroxine medication Synthroid, used to treat thyroid problems, may cause allergic reactions in some patients who have seasonal allergies and/or hay fever, and lactose intolerance.

Sofia Vergara's Thyroid Drug Campaign: A Reality Check
A look at the pros and cons of Sofia Vergara's new role as paid spokesperson for AbbVie's Follow the Script campaign promoting Synthroid brand levothyroxine, a drug used to treat hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid condition.

Thyroid Patients: Dealing With Your Pharmacy and Pharmacists
One of the crucial players in any thyroid patient's overall path to wellness is the pharmacy. It's important that, as a savvy thyroid patient, you ensure that you have a good relationship with a reputable, reliable pharmacy. Here are a few pointers to help ensure that you are getting the most out of your pharmacy.

Synthroid Lawsuit Settled: March 10, 2000 is Filing Deadline
If you purchased Synthroid between January 1, 1990 and October 21, 1999, you may be eligible to receive almost $200 in compensation for overpayment for the drug. Find out how.

What if Your Synthroid Doesn't Work?
If you're taking Synthroid or another thyroid drug, and you still have troublesome symptoms, you may decide that your drugs aren't working. But that's not necessarily true. Patient advocate Mary Shomon takes a at the specific questions you should answer before you make any assumptions about your thyroid drugs.

Synthroid Lawsuit Settlement Approved
The long-running class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of Synthroid was finally settled in August of 2000, and thyroid patients stand to receive up to a $111 settlement payment.

Thyroid Drug Database
Information about the brand name drugs, thyroid drugs by generic names, and manufacturer names and contact information.

All About Thyroid Drugs
If you want to understand the differences between thyroid drugs, this is the place to start. A review of different thyroid drugs, including T4, T4/T3 and natural thyroid drugs, antithyroid drugs, and more!

Synthroid Manufacturer Settles with 37 States
Attorneys General in 37 states settle with Knoll, maker of Synthroid, over allegations of misleading marketing.

Synthroid Under Siege
The manufacturer of the #1 thyroid medication in the U.S. is taking serious hits from a variety of fronts.

First Levothyroxine Drug is Approved
The Food and Drug Administration has approved Unithroid, the first new drug application for thyroid drug levothyroxine sodium. What does this mean for thyroid patients?

The Synthroid Settlement: Fair Payoff or Patient Ripoff?
A two-part look at whether the proposed payoff of less than $19 per patient in the Synthroid lawsuit is fair, and who's doing anything about it.

Synthroid Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Approved
The long-running class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of Synthroid was finally settled in August of 2000, and thyroid patients stand to receive up to a $111 settlement payment.

Thyroid Drugs: Food, Drug and Vitamin Supplement Interactions
How to best take your thyroid drugs, the relationship to iodine, kelp supplements, goitrogenic foods like kale and brussel sprouts, interactions with antacids, calcium, iron and much more.

Synthroid in the News
The most well-known thyroid drug in the U.S. Synthroid and its manufacturer, Knoll Pharmaceuticals, and the various developments and updates on their lawsuits, stability problems, and other news.

A Quick Look at Thyroid Hormone Replacement
Provides a review of T4, T4/T3, and T3 drugs and therapies for thyroid hormone replacement.

Synthroid, Armour and Thyrolar Update
New Order Form for Armour & Thyrolar info, latest on the Synthroid lawsuit, Can you get Mad Cow disease from Armour, refrigerating Thyrolar, and more...

T3 Drugs Improve Quality of Life!
Major groundbreaking research reported 2/11/99 in the New England Journal does complete about-face on current thyroid treatment! You CAN feel better this research shows how!

The Synthroid Lawsuit and Claims Page
Official page where you can register to receive your share of the lawsuit claim.

Things You Should Know About Your Thyroid Hormone
Latest information thyroid patients need regarding interactions of thyroid hormone with Zoloft and other antidepressants, calcium supplements, and more.

Synthroid and other Drugs Have Stability & Potency Problems
Government finds significant stability, potency and dosage strength problems with levothyroxine drugs such as Synthroid and other brands of thyroid drugs. Find out about the potential serious health consequences you face.

Armour Thyroid & Thyrolar: Alternatives to Synthroid
Information about Armour Thyroid and Thyrolar, their inactive ingredients, how to contact the manufacturer for more information, and how to find a doctor willing to prescribe them.

Dear Dr: Why Do You Insist on Synthroid Vs. Armour?
A thyroid patient shares the eloquent letter she wrote her doctor when the doctor refused to prescribe Armour Thyroid, and instead insisted on prescribing Synthroid. A powerful letter that raises many unanswered questions!!

FDA Notice regarding Problems with Levothyroxine Sodium
Full text of the FDA notice regarding potency and stability problems with Levothyroxine Sodium (Synthroid, Levoxyl, etc.).

How To Take Your Thyroid Medications
Step-by-step guidelines to help you understand how best to take your thyroid medication.

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