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Soy and the Thyroid

Soy's ability to affect the thyroid is a key controversy in the health world. Find out more about the potentially negative effects that overconsumption of soy foods and isoflavones can have on thyroid health and function, including the particular dangers of soy baby formula for infants.

Soy and Thyroid Health: What You Need to Know
Soy, often promoted as a healthy food, becomes controversial when the subject of the thyroid is involved. For more than a decade, there's been a continuing debate on whether soy can negatively effect the thyroid, and this debate continues. Here's a brief recap of the debate, and some Dos and Don'ts for soy consumption, with thyroid health in mind.

Five Reasons Your Poor Thyroid Health Could Be Your Fault
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Soy and The Thyroid: Thyroid Patients Share Their Own Stories and Exp…
Some thyroid patients find that soy foods and/or supplements have a negative effect on the thyroid. Other thyroid patients happily consume soy regularly without any problem. But the research is inconclusive either way, and experts disagree over whether soy is safe for thyroid patients, or a toxin that is dangerous to the thyroid. Here, thyroid patients share their own soy stories and experiences …

The Downsides and Thyroid Dangers of Soy Products
The risk that soy products have for adults with thyroid disease, and particularly for infants on soy formulas, is discussed, including how much soy is safe to eat.

All About Goitrogens
A look at goitrogenic, cruciferous vegetables and other foods that can cause a goiter, slow down the thyroid, or cause hypothyroidism.

Soy Online Service
The web's best, most in-depth scientific discussion and evidence of the negative health effects of soy products.

Concerns Regarding Soybeans
Discusses issues regarding soybeans, and the safety of these products, including the benefits of fermented soy products. [Rheumatic Diseases Website]

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