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Conditions Common in Thyroid Patients or Related to Thyroid Disease

There are a number of conditions that are more common in thyroid patients, or that are related to thyroid disease. From carpal tunnel syndrome, to mitral valve prolapse, to depression, thyroid disease patient advocate Mary Shomon has assembled information about conditions that may remain unresolved after diagnosis, or may point to a thyroid condition. Find important information about these related conditions.
  1. Fibromyalgia & CFS/CFIDS (?)
  2. Adrenal Conditions (?)
  3. Fatigue / Low Energy (?)
  4. Depression/Anxiety (?)
  5. Osteoporosis (0)
  6. Boils/Hidradinitis (?)
  7. Heart Disease (?)
  8. Hair Loss (?)
  9. High Cholesterol Link to Thyroid Disease (?)
  10. MTHFR Gene Mutations and Polymorphisms (?)

Information for Thyroid Patients About Flu / Influenza
If you're a thyroid patient, or have the autoimmune thyroid conditions Hashimoto's or Graves' disease, you may have questions about flu / influenza, the risks and benefits of flu shots, and the swine flu risk posed by pork/porcine thyroid medications. These and other questions, as well as helpful resources, about flu for thyroid patients are...

The Link Between MTHFR Gene Mutations and Disease, Including Thyroid Health
MTHFR Gene Mutations and Polymorphisms Explored, Including the Link to Thyroid Health, with Dr. Ben Lynch, exert on methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, and founder of MTHFR.net

Do Thyroid Patients Need a Flu Shot?
Whether or not thyroid and autoimmune disease patients should or should not get a flu shot -- the influenza vaccine -- each year is always a controversial question. Here is a look at some of the considerations, from thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon.

Baywatch Star and Thyroid Patient Advocate Gena Lee Nolin
A Question and Answer Session with Baywatch Star and Thyroid Patient Advocate Gena Lee Nolin

Autoimmune Disease Awareness Is a Year-Round Mission for Virginia Ladd and AARDA
A look at the work of Virginia Ladd and the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association.

Cough & Cold Medicines and Decongestants: What Do Thyroid Patients Need ...
Cough & Cold Medicines and Decongestants: Why Thyroid Patients Need to Know? Why do some over-the-counter cough medicines, cold medicines, and decongestants say do not take them if you have thyroid disease? What can thyroid patients safely take for cold and influenza? And what natural treatments are available to help thyroid patients with cold and flu.

Lithium and Thyroid Disease
Thyroid problems are a common side effect of the drug lithium, which is a treatment for bipolar disorder. Lithium therapy can cause a goiter -- an enlarged thyroid -- as well as hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, and hyperthyroidism.

The High Cholesterol Thyroid Connection
The High Cholesterol/Thyroid Connection, and How Undiagnosed Thyroid Disease May Be the Reason for Your High Cholesterol, from Mary Shomon, Your Thyroid Guide

Dry Skin Tips for Thyroid Patients - Dry Skin Remedies and Tips for People...
Thyroid patients -- including people with hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and autoimmune thyroid conditions -- often experience dry skin. Here is a collection of ideas from thyroid patients about their best dry skin tips and ideas, products that have helped, and approaches to deal with skin issues.

Women's Thyroid Levels Linked to Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
Researchers have discovered that women with low or high levels of the hormone thyrotropin, also known as Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, or TSH, have an increased risk of AlzheimerÂ’s disease. The findings were reported in the July 28, 2008 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, and are explored here by Mary Shomon, thyroid patient advocate.

Cold Hands, Cold Feet, Sluggish Thyroid?
A feeling of cold in the hands and/or feet -- or sensitivity to the cold -- is a common complaint in people with hypothyroidism. But while thyroid treatment resolves these symptoms in some patients, others should be evaluated for Raynaud's syndrome, in which blood flow to fingers and toes is blocked, causing tingling, pain and other symptoms.

Checklists You Can Take To Your Doctor
Risks and symptoms checklists you can take to your doctor, including checklists for thyroid disease, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia.

Smoking and Thyroid Disease
An in-depth look at the relationship between smoking and thyroid disease, including a look at whether smoking triggers or worsens thyroid problems

Constipation: The Thyroid Symptom No One Wants to Talk About
Constipation is a problem that can be particulary troublesome for people with hypothyroidism -- an underactive thyroid. Hypothyroidism slows down many of the body's systems, including digestion and elimination. And unfortunately, chronic constipation can result. Here is a look at conventional, alternative and herbal approaches to constipation that can help thyroid patients.

Hashimoto's Encephalopathy / Steroid-Responsive Encephalopathy Associated ...
Latest information on Hashimoto's encephalopathy, also known as steroid-responsive encephalopathy associated with autoimmune thyroiditis -- SREAT -- and nonvasculitic autoimmune meningoencephalitis -- NAIM. These conditions all feature steroid-responsive encephalopathy that is associated with autoimmune thyroid problems and other autoimmune diseases.

Hemochromatosis and Hypothyroidism: Identifying and Treating This Iron ...
Hemochromatosis -- also known as genetic iron poisoning or iron overload disease -- is an inherited disorder that results from excessive iron absorption from food, and is more common in hypothyroidism.

Winter Blues
What do you suggest to beat the "Winter Blues?". Winter begins the mood swings, the hibernation effect and the lack of everything. I try really hard to be upbeat and positive but I slowly fall into the abyss... Mind-body columnist C. Geraghty explores some thoughts.

Thyroid Hormone May Treat Multiple Sclerosis
In a study published the Nov 16, 2004 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers reported on studies that looked at use of thyroid hormone as a potential treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Hair Loss With Thyroid Disease
Some inside tips on how to overcome hair loss as a symptom or side effect of thyroid disease and its treatments.

Celiac/Autoimmune Thyroid Connection: A Major Breakthrough
Major new research! Medical journal reports on major connection between the intestinal condition known as celiac disease/gluten-intolerance, and discover how diet can eliminate antithyroid antibodies in celiac/thyroid patients.

Do You Have an Autoimmune Condition?
Find out whether your symptoms such as fatigue, weight changes, and depression are pointing to an undiagnosed autoimmune condition, including the Autoimmune Disease Symptoms Checklist, a handy tool to bring to the doctor to aid in getting diagnosed.

Endocrine Disease Information Center
Comprehensive information about common diseases of the endocrine glands, including: Addison's Disease, Cushing's Syndrome, and endocrinology organizations, support groups and resources.

Hashimoto's Encephalopathy/HE
Hashimoto's Encephalopathy is a very rare condition associated with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and is frequently associated with neurological symptoms, and may even be misdiagnosed as dementia, Alzheimer's, stroke, or mental illness. Find out more about this underdiagnosed condition.

Hypothyroidism is Heart Attack Risk for Older Women
New research finds that older women with subclinical hypothyroidism are almost twice as likely as women without this condition to have blockages in the aorta and twice as likely to have had heart attacks.

High Cholesterol & Thyroid Disease
How undiagnosed thyroid disease may be the real reason behind your high cholesterol.

Hypothyroidism and Iron: Anemia and Hemachromatosis
A look at the connection between conditions of iron imbalance iron deficiency anemia and hemachromatosis (iron overload) and hypothyroidism.

Interview: Alan Cohen, MD on Depression & Thyroid Disease
Alan Cohen, M.D. talks about the relationship between depression and hypothyroidism, the need for T3, treatment for hypothyroid patients with depression, and more.

Thyroid Disease and Sexual Dysfunction
A look at the prevalence of sexual dysfunction in the U.S., and the link to undertreated or untreated hypothyroidism.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Hypothyroidism
The latest findings re: the relationship between the painful wrist/forearm/hand nerve compression problem known as carpal tunnel syndrome and hypothyroidism.

Depression and Thyroid Disease
A look at the relationship between depression and thyroid disease, and conventional and alternative treatments to help.

Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
A look at the strong relationships among chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromylagia and autoimmune thyroid disease. Looks at diagnostic methods beyond TSH tests, and treatments including T3, nutritional, and other therapies being used.

Heart Palpitations? It Might Be Mitral Valve Prolapse!
Do you still have fatigue, low tolerance for exercise, intestinal problems, and shortness of breath? You may have mitral valve prolapse (MVP) syndrome, a heart valve defect more prevalent in people with autoimmune thyroid disease.

Candidiasis (Yeast), Allergies, & Thyroid Disease
Irritable bowel, inability to lose weight, and brain fog can be symptoms of candidiasis (yeast overgrowth) or allergic responses. In this article, I discuss my own experience with what was apparently a candida problem, and how I resolved it.

Beat Sugar Addiction Now! By Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
Sugar addiction is a growing health issue, and Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum has identified the four common types of sugar addicts, along with signs and symptoms, and has put together a workbook with practical suggestions for how to treat, resolve and eliminate sugar addiction, including dietary changes, natural therapies, lifestyle changes, and...

Needle Phobia: No Ordinary Fear of Needles
needle phobia needlephobic afraid of needles, phobia of needles, afraid of shots, needle-phobia, geri rybacki, Dr. James Hamilton, Needle Phobia: A Neglected Diagnosis, vasovagal reflex

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