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Oprah Winfrey's Thyroid Condition: Background, Information & Articles

In the fall of 2007, talk show host Oprah Winfrey announced that she suffers from a thyroid condition. Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon has covered Oprah's announcement, as well as the subsequent coverage, and the talk show maven's discussion of her own approach to resolving her thyroid problems.

Oprah's Last Shows, and Thyroid is Still Not an Issue for the Daytime Diva
In the thyroid world, the end of Oprah's daytime show brings to an end a quarter-century of hopes that the influential talk show host -- who announced several years ago that she herself suffers from a thyroid problem -- would help raise awareness of thyroid disease.

Oprah Winfrey Kicks Off Last Season: Will She Champion the Thyroid Cause?
In September of 2010, Oprah Winfrey kicked off the 25th and final season of her syndicated talk show. We are still left wondering: What is Oprah doing -- if anything -- about her thyroid, and is this the year that she might finally become a genuine advocate for her fellow thyroid patients?

Health Articles in Magazines Often Get Thyroid and Hormone Information Wrong
Popular magazines often misrepresent information about thyroid disease and hormones. Examples include Good Housekeeping, Health and O magazines.

Why Health Advice on Oprah Could Make You Sick
More backlash against Oprah's health coverage, this time from Newsweek, which says that some of the health advice Oprah and her guests share is just plain bad, and that in the area of health -- and especially hormones -- Oprah can't seem to tell the difference between useful health information and utter nonsense.

Oprah's Bad Medicine: Oprah Winfrey's Disservice to Thyroid Sufferers
Writing at Salon.com, physician and writer Rahul Parikh, MD, says that given her influence, it's a shame that Oprah Winfrey offers unbalanced health and medical advice. He touches upon the thyroid controversies, as well as bioidentical hormones. I also felt it was important to add the following additional perspective regarding Oprah and the thyroid issue.

What Millions of Women Have Learned About Thyroid Disease from Dr. Oz
As he leaves Oprah Winfrey's daytime television show to start his own daytime show, what legacy is celebrity doctor and Oprah protege Dr. Mehmet Oz leaving millions of thyroid patients who have relied on him and Oprah for thyroid information and advice?

Is Oprah Winfrey Planning a Secret Thyroid Surgery to Save Her Life?
In May 2009, tabloid newspaper the National Enquirer reported that talk show host and thyroid sufferer Oprah Winfrey was planning a secret thyroid surgery to save her life and help her lose weight. Here's a look at the possibility that the tabloid story might be true.

Oprah Winfrey's Thyroid Problem Wasn't Actually Cured
Oprah's thyroid mystery is solved...or is it? She clarified what she meant when she said her thyroid was cured. To her, that means her thyroid levels are in the normal range and her doctors have taken her off thyroid medication. Meanwhile, she's overweight, tired, and puffy-faced. Here's what I'd tell Oprah, or anyone in this situation.

Could Oprah Winfrey Really Be Cured of Thyroid Disease?
Oprah Winfrey has claimed her thyroid problem was "cured." But thyroid patients want know how. If she really is "cured," how did she do it? Did she have a real thyroid problem in the first place? Could she have a thyroid problem in remission? Is she getting and giving bad advice? Without details, we are left to speculate: What really IS going on with Oprah and her thyroid? Here are my theories.

Oprah Winfrey is Falling Off the Thyroid Wagon: Claims She's "Cured"
In her 2009 Best Life Week kickoff show, Oprah Winfrey talked about "falling off the wagon" as far as her recent weight gain. But Oprah has fallen off the thyroid treatment wagon, and may be bringing millions of women with her, says patient advocate Mary Shomon.

Should You Stop Thyroid Treatment Like Oprah Did?
Should women with thyroid conditions stop taking thyroid medication, as Oprah Winfrey reportedly has done? Good Morning America health correspondent and patient advocate Dr. Marie Savard has some thoughts about how perimenopausal women can meet the challenges of thyroid disease.

The Six Reasons Why Oprah Winfrey Doesn't Have to Weigh 200 Pounds
In December, 2008, Oprah Winfrey revealed that she is again battling a weight problem, and has reached 200 pounds. Oprah gained 40 pounds in the two years since a thyroid diagnosis. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are six key reasons why Oprah Winfrey doesn’t have to weigh 200 pounds — and why the millions of other women with thyroid problems don’t need to similarly suffer.

Thyroid Problems In Women Are Due to Inability to Express Pain?
With Oprah’s news that she is back to 200 pounds, and blaming her thyroid problem in part, we’re hearing again about how thyroid disease is mainly a problem of women’s inability to speak out. Over at the Huffington Post, “healer to the stars” Deborah King, writes: “Thyroid conditions are rampant among women because most women never vocalize the shame and pain of their lives.” Geesh...

An Open Letter to My Pal Oprah
America's favorite thyroid humorist Jody LaFerriere has decided to "weigh in" on the issue of Oprah Winfrey's thyroid and weight challenges, and has graciously shared her letter to Oprah with us here at the About.com Thyroid site!

Oprah Winfrey Says She Weighs 200 Pounds: Blames Thyroid Condition
Talk show diva Oprah Winfrey revealed in the January 2009 issue of O Magazine that she now weighs 200 pounds. She blames her thyroid condition for causing her to avoid exercise, and changing her metabolism.

Oprah Winfrey’s 21 Day Cleanse Diet: Will It Help Her Thyroid/Weight?
In May 2008, talk show diva Oprah Winfrey is attempting to lose weight and reverse her thyroid-related weight gain by embarking on the 21 Day Cleanse Diet? Will the heavy soy focus of the diet actually worsen her hypothyroidism and weight problems? Find out more.

Oprah's Thyroid Causes Weight Gain, Fatigue: Are You Suffering Too?
Thyroid disease affects as many as 59 million Americans, the majority women, and the majority undiagnosed. So it's no surprise that many women, hearing Oprah's news and experiencing similar symptoms, now wonder if they too have a thyroid condition. Here's a simple Thyroid Q & A that can help you determine if you, like Oprah, are suffering from a thyroid problem.

Why Thyroid Patients Should be Grateful to Oprah Winfrey
Thyroid patients should be grateful to Oprah Winfrey, says thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon. Despite her criticism of Winfrey's approach to thyroid treatment, Mary Shomon explains why gratitude is in order.

Is Thyroid Disease the New Hysteria?
This is the question that online newsmagazine Salon asks in an article about thyroid disease and women. In looking at the story on Oprah's thyroid condition and Christiane Northrup's "New Age" theories of how thyroid problems develop in women, Salon.com's Carol Lloyd views "Northrup's empower-yourself prescription as the politically correct analogue to Victorian treatments for hysteria."

Dr. Marie Savard: Women Must Take Charge of Their Own Thyroid Health
Dr. Marie Savard answers a few questions about the difficulty women -- including Oprah -- face in getting proper thyroid diagnosis.

An Open Letter to Oprah's Viewers: Thyroid Disease is NOT Your Fault
If you watched Oprah and her guest Dr. Christiane Northrup talk about health problems, including a condition that both Dr. Northrup and Oprah suffer from: thyroid disease, then this letter is for you. Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon wants you to know, whether you're not yet diagnosed, or you already have a diagnosed thyroid condition -- it's NOT your fault.

Oprah to Talk About Her Thyroid Issues on October 16, 2007 Show
A look at the Oct. 16, 2007 Oprah show, during which Oprah discussed her thyroid problem, and guest Dr. Christiane Northrup claimed that "thyroid dysfunction develops because of an energy blockage in the throat region, the result of a lifetime of 'swallowing' words one is aching to say."

What Do We Know About Oprah Winfrey's Thyroid Problem?
In her "What I Know for Sure" column, Oprah explains her thyroid problem. Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon takes a look, and tries to read between the lines what it might mean.

Oprah Winfrey Has Thyroid Disease: "I Blew Out My Thyroid" Says Diva
Oprah revealed on national television that she has struggled with thyroid problems.

Gallery of Celebrity Thyroid Patients
Oprah is one of a number of celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, politics and sports who have thyroid conditions. Here is a gallery of famous thyroid patients.

Oprah's Thyroid Disease: Is Soy Milk to Blame?
Dr. Kaayla Daniel, author of the book, The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food, says that Oprah Winfrey's frequent consumption of soy milk and other soy products may be the cause of her recent hypothyroidism diagnosis.

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