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Top Ten Thyroid Stories of 2006


Updated December 20, 2006

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Why the TSH Normal Range Controversy Is STILL Continuing
Top Ten Thyroid Stories of 2006
Since early 2003, I've been covering the raging controversy over the normal range for the TSH test -- the test that many doctors rely on to diagnose and manage thyroid disease. The test has been in the spotlight, because experts have recommended that the "normal range" be substantially narrowed, while at the same time, many doctors and labs still use the old range. How can doctors tout the TSH as the so-called "gold standard" thyroid test, and yet disagree about something as fundamental as what's normal? I had an opportunity to hear from one of the nation's leading endocrinologists, Dr. Jeffrey Garber, who was speaking to me on behalf of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. My objective: to find out why there is still a controversy, and why everyone hasn't just adopted the new range. The answer: it's not as simple as we think. Don't miss this exclusive look at the controversy, direct from the eye of the storm! Read it now!

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