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Top Ten Thyroid Stories of 2006


Updated December 20, 2006

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Keeping Hypothyroid Mothers -- and Their Babies -- Safe
Top Ten Thyroid Stories of 2006
Pregnancy and postpartum are times when thyroid problems are more likely. Here are some important developments for mother and baby.

Asymptomatic Thyroid Problems in Mother Can Harm Newborn
Researchers, reporting in the January 2006 issue of the journal Pediatrics, found an increased risk of neurological problems in infants when the mother was hypothyroid early in the pregnancy, even if the mother had no symptoms. Find out more now.

What Are The Normal TSH Ranges During Each Trimester of Pregnancy?
Thyroid disorders during pregnancy are associated with potentially dangerous pregnancy complications and serious health implications for both mother and child. Researchers published the normal ranges for TSH during each trimester of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, or thinking about having a baby, this is essential information you need. Read it now!

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