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Top 12 Thyroid Stories of 2004

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Updated December 16, 2004

Updated December 16, 2004
12. Thyroid Dangers of Perchlorate: The Word is Getting Out

Whether it's milk, lettuce, or even the water you drink, perchlorate has been all over the news this year. Finally, people are starting to learn about this by-product of rocket fuel production, and how it is contaminating water -- and, by irrigation, produce around the country -- and even the milk of cows who eat the contaminated produce! In certain quantities, perchlorate is linked to a variety of health problems, including thyroid disease. Find out about how there is now evidence of perchlorate contamination in even more common products like milk, lettuce and bottled water, and check out the many articles here at the site on the perchlorate issue.

11. Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist

In October, it was announced that Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist has thyroid cancer. While few details have been released, it's clear that Rehnquist is likely to be suffering from a serious form of thyroid cancer, and his prognosis is uncertain. Read the various articles and the follow the story, including the evidence, which was first discussed here at the About.com site, that Rehnquist likely has the rare and particularly lethal anaplastic form of thyroid cancer.

10. Finally: Help for People With Thyroid Conditions Who are Trying to Lose Weight

In August, my book The Thyroid Diet: Manage Your Metabolism for Lasting Weight Loss, was published by HarperCollins. The book spent weeks in the Amazon Top 100 before publication, and in the weeks after publication, enjoyed several weeks on the New York Times best-seller list. As of early December, the book had gone to 7 printings, and was named an Amazon Top 10 Pick for 2004 in both Health and Paperback Nonfiction. It's the first book to outline the unique challenges thyroid patients face in losing weight, and the only book to offer a variety of approaches -- including dietary changes and information on supplements and exercise -- that are specific to thyroid patients and their metabolic problems. It's also critical for people who can't lose weight because of an undiagnosed, untreated or improperly managed thyroid condition who need to get well before they can successfully lose weight. You can read the first chapter online, and see a book review by patient advocate Deanna Goodson . Also, for a variety of articles featuring help with weight loss and diet for thyroid patients, visit The Thyroid Diet & Weight Loss Information Center. And if you want to pick up a copy of the book, compare prices now at various online vendors.

9. Patients Continue to Find Terrific Thyroid Doctors

Thyroid patients from around the world continue to recommend their favorite practitioners for treatment of thyroid conditions at my Thyroid Top Doctors Directory. Hundreds of new doctors were recently added in December 2004 -- and some doctors were removed -- so it's a good time to check out the directory to find a new doctor, or see if your current doctor is listed. Doctors are recommended by patients, and listings are in your own words, so you'll hear what your fellow patients have to say about particular doctors and practitioners. You can also add your favorite practitioner if he or she is not already on the list. Also, tap into a specialized list of hard-to-find doctors who prescribe Armour Thyroid and Thyrolar. Visit the Thyroid Top Doctors Directory now.

8. New Food-Based Supplements in the Weight Loss Battle Available

If you haven't heard about the supplement hoodia gordonii, there's no doubt you will very soon. Hoodia, a natural appetite suppressant, is earning attention as a potentially powerful weapon in the war against obesity and the American focus on losing weight. Find out now how hoodia could help you in your effort to lose weight. Find out about hoodia now.

And, if you think cinnamon is simply something to sprinkle on your holiday cookies or cappuccino, think again. The popular spice, once considered more precious than gold, has medicinal value that is making dieters take notice. Find out more now about how cinnamon may be an aid in the battle of the bulge..

7. FDA and Manufacturer Warn About Potential Dangers of Levoxyl

Jones Pharma, maker of Levoxyl, issued a letter to healthcare professionals, warning about the potential dangers of their product if not taken properly. Learn all about the specifics of this warning, and read the actual FDA letter detailing the concerns now. Levoxyl Warning information.

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