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Thyroid-Related News, Lawsuits, Recalls, and the Latest Controversies

There are new developments all the time related to thyroid disease. New research, information about class action lawsuits, drug recalls, and ongoing controversies are regularly in the news and medical journals. Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon helps you find this important information that all thyroid patients need.
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Thyroid Patients Share Their Thoughts About the Top Stories of the De…
About.com Thyroid Guide and thyroid patient advocate/writer Mary Shomon put together her list of the top ten stories for thyroid patients this decade. But thyroid patients in the U.S. and around the world have their own thoughts about what developments, stories and happenings have been most important during the decade of 2000 to 2009. Share your stories and experiences now.

Fluoride and the Thyroid: The Controversy
FFluoride and the Thyroid: The Controversy - a look at the controversy over fluoride and fluoridation of water, and the health effects on the thyroid.

What to Do When Your Thyroid Drug Isn't Available
What should you do if a doctor or pharmacist tells you that Armour Thyroid has been discontinued? Patient advocate Mary Shomon has some eye-opening advice.

10 Signs That You Need a New Doctor
How do you know when it's time to send your doctor packing, and find a new one? Here are 10 signs that you need a new doctor, from Mary Shomon, Thyroid Guide, patient advocate and author of a number of books and guides on thyroid disease and autoimmune disease

Virus Epidemic Affecting U.S. Pigs, Natural Desiccated Thyroid Prices Rise
A viral epidemic is affecting the pig supply in the U.S. and causing prices of pork to rise. At the same time, the cost of some thyroid drugs made from pigs is also experiencing dramatic price increases.

Thyroid News Roundup 2013 - Part I: The Positives
A look at positive developments in thyroid disease in 2013, including increasing respect for T3, natural desiccated thyroid, greater celebrity advocacy, including Gena Lee Nolin and Sofia Vergara, and greater advocacy from HypothyroidMom and Thyroid Change, among others.

Heterophile Antibodies Can Cause False Positives on Some Thyroid Tests
Heterophile antibodies can cause falsely elevated TSH thyroid test results, which can result in overdosage or medication-inducted hyperthyroidism in some thyroid patients.

AlterNet Gets it Wrong on Thyroid Information
In criticizing unbranded consumer-oriented campaigns by big pharma, website AlterNet and writer Martha Rosenberg present incorrect information about thyroid disease.

Thyroid Cheers and Jeers: 2012 Edition
2012 Thyroid Cheers and Jeers: A Look Back at the Key Thyroid News - and Negative Developments - for Thyroid Patients and Thyroid Disease in 2012

Fireworks and Your Thyroid: The Controversy
A look at the environmental and thyroid impact of fireworks, which contain a thyroid-damaging chemical called perchlorate.

Sofia Vergara's Thyroid Drug Campaign: A Reality Check
A look at the pros and cons of Sofia Vergara's new role as paid spokesperson for AbbVie's Follow the Script campaign promoting Synthroid brand levothyroxine, a drug used to treat hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid condition.

Thyroid News Roundup 2013 - Part I: The Positives
A look at positive developments in thyroid disease in 2013, including increasing respect for T3, natural desiccated thyroid, greater celebrity advocacy, including Gena Lee Nolin and Sofia Vergara, and greater advocacy from HypothyroidMom and Thyroid Change, among others.

Why Some Doctors Are Threatened by Knowledgeable, Empowered Thyroid Patients
Why are some doctors so threatened by empowered and knowledgeable thyroid patients? Why do some endocrinologists and thyroidologists target patient advocate and thyroid guide Mary Shomon, or say that she's crazy, or too alternative? The answer is, she's making more work for them, because patients are now demanding proper thyroid diagnosis and...

Fighting the Dogma of Dr. Guttler and the "Real Thyroid Experts"
Dr. John Lowe has published an eye-opening and irrefutable critique of the prevailing dogma of hypothyroidism treatment, as espoused by self-identified real thyroid experts, including Dr. Richard Guttler realthyroid

10 Things to Know About Thyroid Doctors
A look at ten things to know about thyroid doctors, endocrinologists, and practitioners who provide care for thyroid patients.

Why a Low TSH Means Your Doctor Lowers Your Dose, And Other Confusing Issues
Why "Low TSH" means "Less Medicine" and Other Confusing Thyroid Issues

The High Cholesterol Thyroid Connection
The High Cholesterol/Thyroid Connection, and How Undiagnosed Thyroid Disease May Be the Reason for Your High Cholesterol, from Mary Shomon, Your Thyroid Guide

An Open Letter to Brooke Burke-Charvet And all Newly Diagnosed Thyroid Patients
An open letter to Dancing with the Stars' host Brooke Burke-Charvet, who has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

2011: The Thyroid Year in Review
2011 The Thyroid Year in Review: A look at key thyroid developments in 2011, including Fukushima nuclear tragedy, Chernobyl 25th anniversary, Baywatch actress Gena Lee Nolin thyroid advocacy, death of advocate Ric Blake, Good Housekeeping controversy, chiropractic in thyroid disease, and other thyroid developments

Self Magazine Gets Thyroid Wrong, Says Hypothyroidism is Rare
Self Magazine's February 2012 issue provides misinformation about hypothyroidism and weight issues.

Researchers Recommend All Women Have Thyroid Screening During First Trimester
Research reported on at the Endo 2012 conference of the Endocrine Society has recommended that all women have thyroid screening during the first trimester of pregnancy.

The Two Thyroid Camps: An Editorial
A look at the two camps in thyroid disease today -- the conventional, Easy to Diagnose, Easy to Treat approach of endocrinology, and the One Size Doesn't Fit All approach of integrative and holistic practitioners.

The Integrative Medical Perspective on Chiropractic Thyroid Programs
Dr. David Borenstein, an integrative and functional medical doctor, looks at the claims being made by chiropractors who say they can provide drug-free thyroid treatment.

Celebrity Thyroid Patients
A look at famous people and celebrities with thyroid conditions including hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, Graves' disease, nodules, and thyroid cancer. Celebrities profiled include George Bush, Barbara Bush, Linda Ronstadt, Catherine Bell, Oprah Winfrey, Rod Stewart, Joe Piscopo, Roger Ebert, Tipper Gore, Kelly Osbourne,...

Review: Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal
Mary Shomon reviews Dr. Datis Kharrazian's book, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal, A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Understanding Hashimoto's Disease and Hypothyroidism. The book offers Dr. Kharrazian's theories on the causes of Hashimoto's and hyothyroidism, and recommended nutritional supplements and dietary...

Guidelines for Iodine Nutrition Before, During and After Pregnancy
A look at iodine nutrition before, during and after pregnancy, based on the 2011 Guidelines of the American Thyroid Association for the Diagnosis and Management of Thyroid Disease During Pregnancy and Postpartum.

Thyroid Patients Share Their Stories and Thoughts on Things They Should Never...
We've all heard recommendations about how to communicate positively and proactively with our physicians. Many thyroid patients have, however, learned the hard way that there are things you should never say to a doctor. Have you ever said anything to a doctor that you regretted? Have you learned to avoid saying or talking about certain things...

The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
Photos from the Chernobyl area, including images of the abandoned classrooms, houses, and ghost towns around Chernobyl, the site of the nuclear reactor that exploded on April 26, 1986 and caused devastation to Ukraine, Belarus, and exposed much of Europe to excessive levels of radiation

Do Americans Need Iodine to Protect The Thyroid From Japanese Radiation?
In the wake of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that damaged Japanese nuclear reactors and caused radioactive leaks, many people are rushing to take potassium iodide, a supplement that can help protect against thyroid cancer in individuals exposed to radioactive iodine from nuclear accidents. Leading endocrinologist Theodore Friedman, MD...

Is Your Endocrinologist "Under the Influence?"
Are endocrinologists with financial ties to drug companies unduly influenced by those companies? Are doctors who receive gifts or money from drug companies able to objectively gauge whether they are being influenced by those ties? Does physician disclosure ensure that patients are not getting a doctor who is under the influence of pharmaceutical company marketing practices? Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon explores the issue.

The Iodine Controversy
Iodine supplementation and iodization of salt are controversial issues. Too little iodine is a health danger, but now researchers have found that too much iodine can also have a negative impact on thyroid health. Find out more from thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon.

Top Ten Thyroid Stories of 2006
2006 was a busy year for thyroid news and developments. Patient advocate and About.com Thyroid Guide Mary Shomon takes a look back at the year's top thyroid-related stories.

Why is Sara Rosenthal Attacking Thyroid Patient Advocacy...And Thyroid Patients?
M. Sara Rosenthal -- thyroid cancer survivor, writer and former advocate -- has, in her new role as bioethicist, apparently turned her back on thyroid patients. Rosenthal's article published in a medical journal suggests that the thyroid information patients get online and in books furthers misinformation about radioactive iodine (RAI) scanning and treatment. Do you agree with Rosenthal that Web sites, books and advocacy materials are promoting misinformation? What really is ethical?

Is Alvidar for Thyroid Conditions Actually a Scam?
Alvidar, an expensive supplement, is promoted all over the web as a remedy or treatment for an underactive thyroid -- hypothyroidism. Alvidar also claims that it can help deal with weight gained due to an underactive thyroid. But are the promotional claims true? What's actually IN Alvidar, and can it help your thyroid? Or is Alvidar actually a scam? Find out more from thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon.

Editorial: Dick Guttler: Museum-Quality Ideas About Thyroid Testing
Richard Guttler is at it again, taking potshots at Mary Shomon and pontificating without any backup for his assertions. Read about why Dick Guttler of thyroid.com would rather you go undiagnosed, then get an effective thyroid test to diagnose your condition.

Patients Comment on Dr. Weetman's Editorial -- Selected Letters and Forum Posts
Dr. AP Tony Weetman has incensed many thyroid patients and practitioners with his dismissal of symptoms and so-called normal blood tests as evidence of somatoform disorders -- also known as hypochondria. Here, selected excerpts of patients' response letters to Weetman, as well as posts on my thyroid support forums, are highlighted.

Is It All In Your Head? Comments From a Psychotherapist and Thyroid Patient
Dr. AP Tony Weetman has incensed many thyroid patients and practitioners with his dismissal of symptoms and so-called normal blood tests as evidence of somatoform disorders -- also known as hypochondria. Here, psychotherapist and thyroid patient Alice Kelvin shares her thoughts about the idea that thyroid disease can be all in your head.

Commentary on Professor Weetman's Article by Dr. Barry Durant-Peatfield
AP Tony Weetman has incensed many thyroid patients and practitioners with his dismissal of symptoms and so-called normal blood tests as evidence of somatoform disorders -- also known as hypochondria. One of the UK's most beloved thyroid experts, retired physician Dr. Barry Durant-Peatfield, provides expert commentary on Weetman's article.

EPA Standard for Fluoride in Drinking Water Is Not Protective; Tooth Enamel ...
EPA Standard for Fluoride in Drinking Water Is Not Protective; Tooth Enamel Loss, Bone Fractures of Concern at High Levels

Study Shows UV Filters May Disrupt Hormone Production: Can Sunscreen Make ...
Over at the European Congress of Endocrinology in Glasgow, Scotland, this week, they're reporting on animal studies that found that UV filters -- chemicals found in certain sunscreens and anti-aging skin treatments -- may disrupt thyroid hormone production, and may even trigger early stage hypothyroidism. Find out more about this important research, and the current implications for you.

Whose Health is It Anyway, Tony? A Response to AP Weetman's March 2006...
Tony AP Weetman is a conventional endocrinologist who has, in one short editorial essay, summarized everything that is totally wrong with endocrinologists. Weetman arrogantly proclaims in the March 06 issue of Clinical Endocrinology that patients with thyroid symptoms who insist they have a thyroid condition despite so-called "normal" test...

In the Aftermath of Katrina, Do You Need to Take a "News Fast?" Coping with ...
In the aftermath of the Katrina disaster, is non-stop, 24-7 news coverage triggering extra stress and threatening your health? Find out whether you need to take a "news fast," in this article from Thyroid Guide Mary Shomon.

An Open Letter to the Runaway Bride, Jennifer Wilbanks -- Dear Jennifer: ...
In this article, patient advocate and best-selling author Mary Shomon suggests that the runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, get a thyroid test, because her symptoms -- startled, wide-eyed staring expression, erratic behavior -- are classic symptoms of Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid Awareness in 2005: The REAL Issues Thyroid Patients Face
The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and American Thyroid Association believe that the issue deserving national focus in 2005 for thyroid patients is that patients should stay on one particular brand of thyroid drug. Is this really the most important issue facing America's thyroid patients? Patient advocate Mary Shomon doesn't think so, and has some thoughts about far more urgent issues thyroid patients face.

AACE/ATA Launch Questionable Campaign for January 2005 Thyroid Awareness Month
January is Thyroid Awareness Month, and in 2005, as in past years, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) -- joined by the American Thyroid Association (ATA) -- has launched their annual awareness campaign. But patient advocate Mary Shomon says the campaign's focus on telling patients not to change their brand of thyroid medicine is misleading and self-serving, and reflects the financial influence of the drug Synthroid on professional and patient groups.

Five Things Thyroid Patients Should Never Say to the Doctor
Thyroid patients know that communicating with their doctors can sometimes be challenging. With busy doctors rushing from appointment to appointment, short appointments, and differing perspectives on what constitutes good thyroid care, conversations can be unproductive or even frustrating. Here are five things that thyroid patients should avoid...

2004 Thyroid Cheers and Jeers, from Patient Advocate Mary Shomon
Thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon takes a look back at some of the thyroid news and personalities of 2004, along with the highs and lows -- the cheers and jeers so to speak -- of the year

Editorial: Natural Desiccated Thyroid -- A New Day for Thyroid Patients
A look at new research, reported on at the Endocrine Society meeting in June 2013, that found that natural desiccated thyroid drugs were a safe alternative to levothyroxine in treating hypothyroidism.

How to Avoid Getting the Flu
In a year when you can't get a flu shot, here are helpful ways to avoid getting the flu (influenza).

Top 12 Thyroid Stories of 2004
The Top 12 Thyroid Stories of 2004, a review of the top 12 thyroid-related stories covered by patient advocate and author Mary Shomon at her Thyroid website at About.com

The Paleo Diet - A Thyroid Warning

The Latest Thyroid News, Links and Articles
A look at current research, articles, links, and media opportunities for thyroid patients, summer 2014.

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