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10 Healthy Holiday Season Tips for Thyroid Patients


Updated May 15, 2014

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Just Five a Day Keeps the Pounds Away...
10 Healthy Holiday Season Tips for Thyroid Patients
We all know the "five a day" rule about fruits and vegetables. But how many of us are actually achieving that on a daily basis? Not enough, I'd guess. Holiday foods tend to be starch and sugar laden, and when faced with rich and tempting holiday fare, sometimes the last thing you want to eat is a boring salad or a piece of fruit.

But starting today, let's shoot to make sure that we're getting those five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day -- with emphasis on the higher-fiber, lower-sugar -- known as low-glycemic -- vegetables if you can. (Five bananas, for example, doesn't cut it, folks!!)

Vegetables and fruit have fewer calories than most other foods and are much more nutritious. (Remember, though, a piece of apple pie, or candied yams with marshmallows do NOT count as a fruit or vegetable!!) Aim for the higher fiber fruits and vegetables -- that will help you feel full, and fiber helps blunt the effect of carbohydrates. Fiber is also great for thyroid patients, who may need more roughage in the diet.

So, promise yourself that before you'll indulge in any holiday "goodies," you'll first eat your five-a-day.

Get a list of the highest-fiber vegetables and fruits now, for reference.

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