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Mary's Six Beauty-Saving Secrets for Thyroid Patients


Updated December 11, 2007

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Help for Eyebrow Emergencies
Mary's Six Beauty-Saving Secrets for Thyroid Patients
Even with proper treatment for a thyroid condition, there are some health and beauty problems -- hair and skin for a start -- that we just can't escape. Here are the six things I just can't live without.

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Before I was diagnosed, you should have seen my Brooke Shields-like eyebrows. When I became hypothyroid, my brows became sparse, and looked awful. (Loss of eyebrow hair, especially the outer edge of the eyebrows, is a classic sign of hypothyroidism).

My eyebrows have mostly grown in since then, but have never been the same, leaving me with some patchy areas that never quite look right. So a great brow product is essential for me. I like Sephora's Arch It Brow Kit -- it not only helps fill in the sparse patches, but it helps you shape the brows as well.

The Sephora brow kit is available online, or at a Sephora store near you. (And, if you want something inexpensive and portable, and easy to get at the drugstore, check out Revlon's Brow Fantasy Pencil and Gel.)

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